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02-02-2009, 11:40 PM
So what in my chart could suggest the aspects of my health? I haven't been sick (not counting minor colds) in almost a decade so I wonder what in my chart could imply such a solid immune system. Since I believe everything in nature has a balance, everything positive has to have a negative. So I would also like to know if my chart suggests anything about what could possibly be a negative aspect towards my health. What I do know is that the abundance or lack of elements can attribute health. I have an abundance of air, followed by a good amount of water, a couple planets in fire and an extreme lack of earth. So would this mean my psychological and nervous system health would be in good condition? And I'm not sure how earth or fire relates to physical health.

My Chart:

02-06-2009, 11:33 PM
I would also like to know if my chart suggests anything about what could possibly be a negative aspect towards my health.

I don't know what ideas you have regarding astrological interpretation; whether you believe everything in a chart is 'fated' to begin with, or if you make your own fate.
The houses associated with physical health are the 1st and 6th houses. Both are empty in your chart, so you could say that at least you entered life with a clean bill of health.:) However, when the rulers of these houses are found in difficult aspects and the potential within the aspect is not met, there is an idea in medical astrology that such energy will then work inwards and effect the part of the body associated with the ruling sign or the sign in which the planet is situated.
Both rulers of your 1st and 6th houses make difficult aspects.
Ruler Asc. is Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house, making a semi-square to MC and square to Jupiter.
Ruler of the 6th house is Mercury in the 11th house, tucked between Sun and Venus and square Moon-Pluto also in Scorpio.

How do these aspects reflect how you live? Can you fulfil what they suggest? If you do, there is no reason for your physical health to suffer.
A simple example; Mars as ruler Asc. is significant of a very active person. Jupiter can refer to excesses. The square aspect could suggest watching out for the danger in going to extremes in all you do to gain recognition of your prowess.
Virginal Mercury in that Aquarius stellium may require and enjoy the aesthetic unattached and platonic friendship of groupie associations, yet Moon-Pluto in Scorpio is suggestive of a deep and passionate need to feel emotionally involved ... and a persuasive attitude to get one's own way. Mercury also rules 3rd house; it needs to talk things out, get things off its chest. Moon-Pluto aren't talkers.
Can the two sides work things out together?

There is a thread on this site in which the physical disorders pertaining to each planet/sign is listed. You might care to take a lok at it.
Forewarned is forearmed.;)


03-02-2009, 11:00 AM
Ah totally forgot I posted this :) Is absent-mindedness a sickness? ;) Thank you for your thoughts. Oh to clear things up, I somewhat believe that nature is reflected in the body, and vice versa. I forgot what the Greeks called it but I do believe it to an extent, but I don't believe every single thing is controlled by a given destiny, we can choose to stay on the trail or stray. Be that as it may, I still believe there are things beyond our control, things that don't just randomly happen.

Note that my Mars is also in the 29th degree, the critical one. That makes for a very badly aspected Mars, aside from it residing in it's natural sign (one of them). I can see how I've sometimes managed to going to extremes to gain recognition in some way. Moreso however, and I'm not sure if this goes with what you said, I have more problems HIDING things, things that should not be hidden and it's taken its toll psychologically. Since Scorpio likes to hide things, I'd say this aspect does have alot to do with it.

I believe these two sides exist, maybe not as one, but as seperate beings. Not like split-personality but for example, I'm very intimate with my girlfriend, passionate, deeply concentrated in emotional feelings. However, with friends, it's lighthearted, unattatched freedom, absolutely no drama. Just having fun. This does include when my girlfriend is WITH me when I'm hanging out with friends, but we still kiss in public, hold hands and whatnot. Sometimes however the two sides come out...I can be the happy go lucky guy and have fun and laugh but as soon as someone has a problem, if they wanna talk about something deep than I become serious and listen. Afterwards I give advice. It can be strange sometimes, feeling emotional one minute, becoming detached the next, but all in all it makes for a very interesting personality :)

I will definitely check out that link, thanks!

03-04-2009, 08:45 AM
Eesh, pardon my ignorance but whats the L's like L8 and whatnot. Something interesting about the arm and leg...I did break my arm once. It never quite healed perfectly and the bone kinda does this weird shift thing sometimes. Doesn't hurt at all tho. So far so good but I am only 23. I can see something going wrong in my knees. Sometimes they get sore for no reason. Must be something to do with Aquarius. Glad to know my mercury won't be my downfall. A tad bit worried about the loss through partnerships tho...although worry doesn't last long around me, I'm the kinda guy that thinks, when it happens it happens, no use making it worse by worrying.