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12-24-2008, 04:04 PM
As a child, from the age of two or three, I began to suffer mild epileptic seizures from time to time, which grew even less as I got older. When I was about 11 or 12 they stopped completely and I 'knew' I would never have another. This seemed to coincide with Uranus passing through my Sun sign of Virgo, sign of physical balance/health and it appears that the seisures ended around the time that Uranus left Virgo and entered Libra.

Plutonian Persona
12-24-2008, 05:09 PM
I started having seizures when I was 22 and they lasted 3 years non-stop; I had both petit and grand mal seizures. I have Uranus conjunct Mercury in my natal, which is square Mars. Aries is on my 6th house. My seizure activity coincided with the transit of Uranus in Aquarius, square the natal Scorpio conjunction and opposing Leo Mars.

12-24-2008, 08:41 PM
Maybe this has some further info....http://www.astralis.it/epilep.htm

12-28-2008, 10:37 PM
Would just like to add that there is a lot of evidence pointing to Mercury's 'consciousness' and association in cases of epilepsy, also with harsh aspects to Moon. Although out of sign, this would coincide with Charm Virgo's Moon square Mercury aspect from the 6th house, heated up by Mars.
I notice that the horoscope shown uses Equal House system. It would be interesting to see if Gemini or Virgo is placed on the 6th and 9th house cusps, or Mercury in the 9th house (associated with health patterns), in any other system. If the birth time should put Capricorn on the Asc., the house cusps would be much more in synch. with an epileptic disorder. Mean Black Moon Lilith opposing natal Saturn could still account for the lack of Capricorn qualites Charm Virgo mentioned.;) :)

I have Virgo Asc. and Mercury retrograde in 9th house. Uranus is ruler 6th house in Gemini 10th. There is a trine between Moon-Mercury and a Moon BQ Uranus. An acquaintance born several days earlier (no birth time) shares a very similar chart to my own EXCEPT there would be possibly a Moon-Mercury opposition and Moon quincunx Uranus. There is no aspect between Mercury-Uranus in either chart.
Guess which one suffered from epilepsy?


12-29-2008, 10:03 PM
My mother suffered from epilepsy - the petit mal kind - where she would just "blank out" and not know what happened for minutes at a time. I think hers started in mid-life, though. I remember the biggest danger was that she would catch her clothes or the house on fire when she had them, as she invariably had a cigarette in her mouth.

She had Uranus at 9*Taurus (r) in the 9th, trining her ASC at 10*Virgo. Her Mercury was at 12*Virgo, so conjuncted ASC, and trined Uranus (r), as well. She also had a exact Mars/Moon conjunction at 3*Leo/11th, which loosely squared her Taurus Uranus(r) in the 9th.

I'm not sure if this is possibly indicative of an "epilepsy signature" or not, but thought I'd mention this, as it seemed somewhat similar to other aspects listed on this thread.

12-30-2008, 11:01 PM
Hi again Charm Virgo,
The charts discussed appear to show the relevance of a harsh Mercury in cases of epilepsy, which is what I meant by my previous post. I by no means discount the validity of the influence of Uranus (the jerky movement) and, possibly Neptune (unconsciousness), that could add more information regarding the form the condition takes.

At this 3.35pm birth time and with placidus houses, Moon and Mars stay in 6th, the sign of Virgo is intercepted in 8th house (8th cusp at 13o Leo) and Mercury is in 9th on the 9th cusp.

I saw too late that the birth data is on the chart provided.:o As the houses do appear to move forward via Placidus, I am wondering if this would put Gemini on the 6th house cusp, which would strengthen the influence of a 9th house Mercury to Moon-Mars already in the sign in the 6th house. I'll draw up a chart to check.;)

Perhaps you could be susceptible to epilepsy also, if there were some trauma to the head/brain?
In my case there was thought to be brain trauma suffered from a childhood vaccine. Has your acquaintance suffered any head or brain trauma?

I know nothing of her life other than what I learned through someone else.
The interesting thing is, that we both share a Mars semi-square Uranus. Hers is exact by degree, mine is within 1.5 degrees orb of Mars' separation from it.
Whatever her birth time her Moon would trine Mars. Intense emotions that found no outlet through the possible Moon opposition to 'matter of fact' Mercury in Taurus?

By coincidence my son-in-law's sister's birthday (time unknown) was the day before that of the acquaintance. His sister had a Saturn-Sun-retrograde Mercury conjunction in Taurus. Moon-Venus-Mars in Gemini squared the nodal axis across Virgo-Pisces NN. As a baby she almost suffered a cot death. Although she was revived, the lack of Mars ruled oxygen to her brain affected her mental abilities. She could not add 2+5 but could do a 1000 piece jigsaw within a day!!! She suffered from epileptic fits when mentally aroused.
Sadly she died in her early 30's from a bacterial infection that effected her brain. That year Sec. progr. Mars in Cancer was exact degree square natal Uranus, sec. progr. Saturn exact degree conjunct Sun. Prog. Moon would have conjoined SN during the year.

I remember previously you have said BML was a negation of something - according to whatever its placement. But being in 7th, as it would be with either chart, would that not mean a negation of / to / by others rather than a negation of myself? I definitely DO have a negation of relationships!

Those who have BML in Cancer in harsh aspect have mentioned experiencing difficulty with the qualities inherent in Cancer on a physical level. There is a lack of feeling nurture(d), feeling need(ed), 'belonging' anywhere; an 'I don't care' attitude that is really an act put on to cover the deepest inner longing for exactly that which does not appear to physically exist. Women can feel a lack of femininity about themselves, men may try to ignore their feminine side...or women in general. BML in Cancer can possibly be hurt more deeply than Moon in Cancer. Moon in Cancer has difficulty hiding such feelings (moody, pouting etc.). BML is an expert. It will turn off or turn away from anything/anyone who may show a sign (no pun intended) of bringing the feelings it tries to ignore to the surface. It has as rich an imagination than Moon but sometimes the inner images it creates can work against rather than for a person. The opposition to Saturn is therefore the manner to distinguish between any negative/positive imagination and giving it form in outer reality.
Cancer is a subjective sign even though it is in an objective house (7th). It's what YOU inwardly hide from expressing (deep inside I DO care) in your personal relationships that can create any difficulties yu may experience within them. On the other hand, by being able to disconnect from personal feeling in any one-to-one client relationship, you can allow that active imagination to surface in the images your present to them that you can translate in a manner they will understand.
I can't prove it but firmly believe there is a lot of 'tribal ancestry' inherent in BML in Cancer. Ways that were considered extinct or nearly forgotten and are gradually being given form again through Saturn, which is strongly associated with the past anyway.

BML, as the unexpressed natural nature, has also been found to be linked with aspects associated with physical disorders. From your chart details, however, it doesn't appear to have a connection with epilepsy.;)


01-03-2009, 03:10 AM
Just thought I'd hop in here since it's my kiddo with the epilepsy! :) I'm just curious though how you guys are pulling her chart since whenever I get it, it shows Mars in the 6th too and not the 5th?! I can see the whole 6th and 12th playing into the epilepsy, but I was wondering about the 3rd as well, seeing as that communication plays a HUGE part in her type of epilepsy. Especially with Saturn and Jupiter there. Currently she's doing pretty good... she's been on another steroid regimen and will be on it for another year at least. But it's gotten rid of the seizure activity and her communication is coming back slowly. I would be very interested in knowing the cause of her seizures, but I haven't figured that one out. At first I thought it may be due to vaccinations as well, but I don't think anyone will ever get any answers to that one. How many parents of autistic children are waiting for the CDC to release THAT info!?! Ya know? We had her tested for allergies to see if that was the cause, but nothing came back from that either... She did suffer a pretty good bump to the head once, but nothing serious that I would think would do it.. Not to mention her MRI's and CAT's have come back normal. The last idea... and this one may seem slightly odd, but kinda makes sense... A few years back, just as things started with her was we were renting my aunt's house... Which was haunted. And I'm not talking like the kinda spirits that just let you know they're there, but the ones that actually try to scare you. My son had told me numerous times that he had seen a scary lady with red eyes. I'm wondering if she wasn't tormented into it?! We have psychic tendencies, so it wouldn't surprise me if it got to be too much for her. There were nights I would be plagued with the most gruesome images before going to sleep!! According to my aunt there was a woman who had committed suicide in the house.

But anyways, just thought I would hop in on the conversation too. I'm working to get the chart info of a few other kids that have the same condition so I can compare them. I'll let y'all know what I find!!

01-03-2009, 11:31 AM
I have charts of a number of epileptics, and have posted up the data on other threads on this topic.
I've noticed a distinct relationship between mercury and uranus in these charts. In one case, mercury square uranus (and mercury on cusp of h12-so confinements in hospitals associated with it).
In another,uranus square a saturn/neptune conjunction (houses 6 and 9 with saturn ruling h12, again hospitalisations.
Should a head injury be associated with the seizures,I'd expect to find mars involved in the hard aspects, or in the first.
In one case, when transiting uranus opposed a native's natal pluto, he almost died as a result of his seizures.