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Beverly Hennager
10-21-2008, 03:25 PM
My daughter needs help choosing a career. She is 24 years old.

Ninth House - 29.03 Scorpio
Mercury - 0.28 Sagitarrius
Uranus - 12.05 Sagitarrius
Venus - 21.21 Sagitarrius (conjunct tenth house cusp)
Tenth House - 21.57 Sagitarrius
Neptune - 29.33 Sagitarrius
Jupiter - 9.51 Capricorn
Sun is conjunt Saturn in the Eighth house

These are her talents:
Singing (has karaoke business)
Compassion (works with mentally disabled)Moon trine venus 2 degrees
Equestrian - rides and trains

She is not satisfied with her work and confused. She wanted to be a lawyer when she was a child. I am encouraging her to check out paralegal.

Currently progressed Jupiter is Sextile the sun and will be sextile her ascendant in one year. Also progressed Mid Heaven will be conjunct progressed Jupiter and trine Ceres around May 2009. Progressed Mercury is conjunct Neptune, remaining stationery for 7 years.

10-21-2008, 04:31 PM
censoring my private mail now Radu?

10-21-2008, 05:50 PM
Wouldn't it be nice if we all had mothers who helped us with our career confusion at the age of 24?

It would also be really helpful if you could post an image of the chart. Most people on here aren't 'data' people: reading numbers and degrees doesn't give as good a picture as an actual chart. Somewhere on here there are instructions on how to post a chart.

She needs to decide what makes her happy; but more than that, what fires her up. That's the first thing. What did she 'play' when she was a kid? If it was law, chances are high there's something still 'there' for her. What programmes does she like watching on television? What, when she sees or hears something about it, gives her a 'feeling'?

If she thinks too much about it, she'll only get more confused. 24 is very young; she has ages still to figure this out.

Notwithstanding her natal chart, if I were her, I'd take a year off, go sit on a beach somewhere warm for as long as she can, and THEN see if she has any inspiration. I'm serious about this, btw. At a time in my life when I was very confused about...well, everything, I went to Thailand for three months, sat on beaches, read Gandhi's autobiography, made long lists of everything I could possibly imagine I wanted out of my life (a vegetable garden, a baby, a job with flexitime where I could wear jeans, etc.). At the end of three months, I was so BORED I couldn't wait to get back home and 'get started'. I had the most productive year of my young life (I was 27!) and did EVERYTHING on that list. It was great.

It looks from the data like she has a loaded 9th house; in which case, law might actually be a very good bet. With Scorpio on the cusp, criminal law or something to do with psychology would also be good.

But she needs to give herself some head-space to just chill.


10-21-2008, 07:35 PM
Or, as they say in the Matrix (and not only), she's already made that choice, and is here solely to understand it. :)

The data is incomplete. Ascendant not visible, and more. A graphic chart would be much better. :)

Beverly Hennager
10-22-2008, 01:50 AM
Thanks for responding. Sorry, I can't find anything that explains how to post her chart. She was born November 6, 1984, Fairfax, VA 2:28 PM
Her ascendant is 15.23 Pisces.
Her moon is 23.19 Aries in the first house.
Mars is 23.22 Capricorn (square moon) in the Eleventh house.
Pluto is 2.35 Scorpio in the Eighth house (in opposition and square moon and mares)
Sun (8th house) is trine ascendant
Saturn (8th house) is sextile ascendant.

She has been a "free spririt" since the age of 15. She dropped out of school and left home before she turned 18 to pursue a boyfriend. She has struggled financially - refused to go to college. She just returned from a year away which was difficult for her to recover from emotionally and financially.

I have tried to encourage her to pursue an education for music, teaching, guidance councilor, certified horse trainer and now this.

She does not want to be a teacher because she says they do not make enough money. We paid for two semesters of college and she dropped out so I do not want to do anything else until she is motivated on her own. Currently we are partially supporting her because she cannot make enough money to make ends meet. She seems to be wanting very much to do something. By the way we live in a very rural area. Thanks for your help.

10-22-2008, 09:08 AM
...I can't find anything that explains how to post her chart.

Aquarius7000 advises on another thread :-

1) First, pull a chart at www.astro.com (http://www.astro.com/) by registering yourself there.

2) Then, save that chart (as a .jpeg, .gif, .tif....file; image file format) on your computer. It is best to do a 63% version of the chart (select at the 'Image-size' tab) @ astro.com before saving it, so that the file is not too big when you upload it.

3) Back at our forum, finish your post; then click on the 'Go advanced' button (it is right below the space, where you key in your message).

4) Now, hit the button 'Manage attachments', which is in the 'Additional- Options' section', at the bottom left of the page.

5) Once the window opens, hit 'Search' to search for the image-file (the chart) that you just saved on your computer. Now upload it by clicking on the 'Upload' button. Et voilà, it is up and ready for posting.:D

6) Finally, post your message, and, this time, it will be accompanied by the chart, which will appear as an 'Attached thumbnail', just like the 'example chart' attached to this post. And hey, don't forget to post your own interpretation of the chart along with it, as our forum rules (http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/faq.php) request.;)


Beverly Hennager
10-22-2008, 04:40 PM
I am tying to get the chart to come up - not sure about it.

My interpretation:
Jessica's mars square moon is one of the formost aspects in her chart. It makes her very oppositional; she likes to have an opponent against which to pit herself. The opposition of the moon to pluto and the square of mars to pluto, thank goodness, is not as strong. It means she can mainipulative or be manipulated. It also makes her determined to win her will.
The trine of the moon to venus is strong. The moon is also trine neptune. She is deeply compassionate, she is creative, she loves to entertain, she is concerned about her appearance and tries to look attractive.

The most important planets I consider for her career goals are those in the ninth and tenth houses.
She has scorpio on the ninth house cusp which would give her a knack for investigative work and research such as law or phsychology. There are three planets in the ninth house, all in sagitarrius. Sagitarrius is half man half horse (her love of and skill with horses). It is broadening of the mind through pholosophy, religion, law and travel. Mercury in this house makes her very intelligent. Uranus gives her mind restlessness. It is always active (she has ADD - can overfocus rather than under) even when she is asleep. It also gives her a knack for electronical devices and makes her conscious of the needs of humanity.
Venus is conjunct the tenth house cusp almost exact. She likes to be in the public eye. Venus is conjunct neptune in the tenth house. She sings - loves country music. Neptune also adds compassion to her career goals. When neptune is operating in the negative it confuses her about what she should be doing. She jumps from job to job. She relies on people that break their promises and do not come through for her. Anything negative connected to neptune, any kind of addiction will bring her down. She needs to concentrate on the benificial aspect of this planet. With venus conjuct MH, her marriage will be very important to her career goals. But with neptune square Juno (in her 7th house) , she has to be on guard of substance abuse in herself or others.
Her Jupiter is in capricorn in the 10th house giving her outstanding management ability. Jupiter in the 10th gives her respect for the law.
Uranus in the 9 also makes her a free spirit; she needs a lot of independence in her work. Uranus sextile Vesta (strong) makes her very independent. She is allergic to routine.
Given the state of the economy right now, there are some career choices that just won't make much money - like in singing or training horses. There are other careers that she has tried and lost interest in. She did karaoke(uranus rules computers which karaoke uses) which put her in bars - the negative neptune influence. She worked in resturants and thought about managing one. She has worked with mentally disabled adults but it pays so poorly she needs help surviving. She is not interrested in becoming a school teacher (even a music teacher) because the pay is poor.
Paralegal work is supposed to be in high demand. Paralegals assist attorneys in research and writing arguments for cases. Jupiter in the 10th and 3 planets in the 9th in sagitarrius match law. She could marry an attorney.
The opposition of her moon to mars means she enjoys the combativeness of legal action. She sees herself as strong and likes to win. Paralegals spend many hours researching to come up with laws to support case theories. Much of their research is done on the computer ruled by uranus which is in the 9th house. Mercury in sagitarrius in the 9th also supports law, research and study.
Her sun and saturn are in the 8th house. She likes older people (the people she takes care of are all old). Much of her success comes from her parents or in her home town. With all of her planets in sagetarrius in the 9th house, this is a conflict for her. She likes to travel.
One of her biggest problems is that she is there for people who are not there for her but not there for the people etc that are there for her. This is part of the neptune influence which she is beginning to understand. When doors are slammed (in opposition) sometimes they are locked from the other side.

10-23-2008, 05:30 AM
When you look at a chart, you start with the basics, and the first thing that jumps out is NO AIR.

She has no planets in the 3rd, none in the 7th, and the only saving grace is Mars in the 11th, but it rules the 2nd.

Her 2nd/6th/10th Houses are all Fire signs. You want her do to what? Sit behind a desk? Hahahaha yeah right.

With no air (and an unaspected Mercury ruling the 7th) a career in the legal field is going to be almost impossible.

The natal and natural 2/6/10 rulers are situated in the 8/9/10/11th houses.

The only aspects are Sun conjunct Saturn and Jupiter sextile Sun.

A good career for her would be farming, husbandry. Venus rules farm and domesticated animals, and Jupiter horses specifically.

Beverly Hennager
10-23-2008, 03:54 PM
Thanks. I felt that but didn't want to acknowledge it. I was just trying to "fix a problem".
I have tried to encourage her to do a horse program. I offered years ago to pay for a college program but she ran off with a boyfriend instead. I have been studying the Parelli method and offered to teach her what I know so she could pass the first two levels. Her horse is capable of going much higher. She is not interrested unless it only takes a "couple of days". Upper level graduates of this program make $100 an hour teaching it. She thought about going to school to be a farrer but to tell the truth, I can't remember the last time she picked up a hoof to look at it, much less clean it. I also suggested working with handicapped riders which she volunteered with previously. She loves working with handicapped people. We have the horses and even the arena for her to use. But she resents using anything of mine unless she has free rein to do her own thing her own way, without any strings attached.
Although my pluto is trine my venus and has no bad aspects, it is square her sun. She feels I try to control her. Her pluto in bad aspect to her moon and mars is in bad aspect to my sun and mercury. I tend to worry and try to fix. I believe this may be telling me that I need advise on my own life!!