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09-26-2018, 04:57 PM

I was looking at a friends SOLAR Return Chart / September Lunar R / October Lunar R.

I am fairly new to reading these kind of charts but there are some really interesting patterns popping out to me from these three charts. I know that the solar is the general flavour of the year and my friends has just started a week ago.


Solar R ASC Taurus (ruler venus)
Lunar R September ASC Libra (Ruler venus)
Lunar R October ASC Taurus (Rular Venus)

Lunar R September Venus in 1st house opposite Uranus in 7th house (Venus Rulers)

Lunar R October Venus in 7th house (conjunct DSC) Opposite Uranus 12th house AGAIN!
Solar R Venus 6th House (conjunct DSC) Opposite Uranus 12th house

Not only this but the progressed moon/sun/venus are all in libra

Progressed moon has recently just gone into Libra

Transits/progressions from sun and moon both make a square to uranus (7th house ruler aquarius) - They have Uranus Square Moon and sun natal

also one taspect that is repeated in Both Lunar R Charts / Solar R Chart / Natal Chart / and transit is VENUS square Mars, this i find really interesting - how it's repeated so many times. and all of these aspects that I speak of are almost exact Orb in a few days

I find these patterns really interesting
as i am new to looking at these kind of charts. please can anyone tell me if i'm onto something? and what are your opinions? what will unfold?

Please find all three charts attached

kind regards

09-27-2018, 05:08 PM
Anyone? Please? ;-)