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09-03-2008, 10:15 AM
what would be some astrological indicators for this, what does everyone think? I know transits and progressed chart are to be looked at, but in a natal, what could indicate this? or could someone give me some links on this

Since Saturn rules skin, I'd think something with Saturn. Hard aspect to weak asc perhaps?

09-04-2008, 05:19 PM
The skin has different rulerships; there's Saturn/Capricorn, Venus/Libra and dermatological problems might even involve Virgo/Mercury.
The effect of sun-ray heat on the skin would strongly suggest Mars....the counterpart of Venus and natural adversary of Saturn. What would rule those ultra-violet rays? Astrological cancer research showed Mars' importance (with Uranus) in subjects with cancer problems, where Uranus was indicative of the stress factor....so often the forerunner of physical disorder manifestation.

I've tried to find a rulership for melanin without success. That said, moles, warts, outer skin growths (like mushrooms and H-bomb clouds;) ) are said to come under Pluto, and one of my astro. health books places polio myelitis under Pluto, so there could well be an underlying factor of this planet. E.g. my husband has numerous moles on his back and one on the side of a nostril! ( A great finger pointer for grandchildren on his knee:) ).By coincidence he has a Venus-Pluto square, with Venus ruling the 9th house of 'health complaints' (rather than sickness) that, in themselves, are not considered life threatening.

I read up on the Cancer Research page that there are different types of melanoma so, as you say, the natal and progressed charts would need to be considered to suggest any kind of indicators. As the 1st and 6th house deal with physical constitution and, as already mentioned, the 9th house with health and growth in general, one might expect to see these factors emphasised in the chart.

By coincidence Pluto is transiting the 6th house of an acquaintance and during the period it 'lightly' touched Capricorn after having conjoined Mars end Sagittarius (double fire!), skin cancer was diagnosed.
The person, an admitted sun worshipper, has, amongst other things, also a Venus-Saturn opposition.


05-28-2012, 12:25 AM
Skin Cancer (http://www.skincancer-symptoms.org/):. Mercury and Saturn rule over Skin. Its affliction to Lagna or 12th house causes this cancer.