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07-27-2008, 06:04 PM
We've all heard of the corresponding body parts for the signs. Pisces feet, Virgo stomach, Leo Back etc...

In my limited experience it seems that though the books say that these tend to be vulnerable areas I have found it to be the opposite.

I am a Leo (4 inner planets in leo) and I have always had a strong back and heart. No problems there.

I knew a pisces male who had a foot fetish and as well he seemed to have very nice feet! Which is uncommon for a man.

So it would almost seem that these corresponding body parts are perhaps not vulnerabilities, but rather strengths. Do you all find the same?

As an experiment I thought it would be interesting to see if we could try to guess each other's health problems/strengths from our charts. I can go first and here is a hint: I've been mostly healthy in my life, virtually free of colds, etc.. but when I've been sick I've been REALLY sick. I hope that doesn't confuse things.

08-06-2008, 08:58 AM
Hi Delilah,

I've just seen this post. Hope you pop in for a read.

It's true that every sign has rulership of a particular part of the body and, as you say, it's also true that not every Leo will have heart problems, every Gemini breathing difficulties, or every Virgo suffer from Crohn disease.

What IS of importance is what signs are on the house cusps associated with physical disorders, their rulerships and any harshly aspected planets in these houses which, together, can give a predisposition towards but not necessarily infer physical complaints. The 1st and 6th houses refer to the physical body and the 9th house seems to have much to do with 'health issues' rather than sickness/disease. There is also the possibility that, although the ruling planet of/or the sign itself may not infer the trouble spot, the ruling planet could make a harsh aspect to another planet, through which a disorder corresponding to the nature of THAT planet does.

I study the calulated point known as Black Moon lilith (black moon above the cross on Astro.Com charts). It association through aspect with manifested disease is becoming more a rule than an exception when the significance of 'the natural yet dormant trait' does not find manifestation in the world.

Couldn't upload your chart, which had expired.


08-06-2008, 07:30 PM
Hi Delilah

Maybe its the connection the Planet has to the sign on house cusp, eg. I have aquarius on 6H cusp [Drs surgery, short term medical problems or stress related] and Leo on 12H cusp [hospitals, long term health conditions].
My pluto is the only planet in Leo, and only planet in the 12H, I only have the North Node and POF in my 6H. Anything that goes wrong healthwise with me always happens suddenly, no warnings, and were mainly accidents, and I blame Aquarius on the cusp of 6H.

Only natal aspects are Pluto Leo 12H sextile Neptune/Moon conjunction Libra 1H all quincunx my North Node Pisces in 6H.
Mercury ruler of my Virgo Asc is closely conjunct Mars in Taurus 8H, and both wide conjunct [5-6deg orb] to Sun in 8H. Venus ruler of 8H is in Mutual reception with Mercury.

As a child until about 8yrs old, I was accident prone - nails through foot and knee, broken arm when thrown off a rotating seesaw, falling on metal marker posts.

From then on, apart from colds, I was really healthy, rarely saw a Dr at all. Then when I hit 51yrs, bang, I had a heart attack - no prior warnings at all.
My mother was the same - sudden accidents, and died suddenly of a heart attack at home, same with her father, except his was at the racetrack. ? hereditary.

The natal chart can only show potential.

My sister is a Sun Pisces, she had warts on the soles of her feet in her late teens, and her only daughter Sun Aries - was born with a type of club foot, wore special shoes for a while to bring it right, whereas I'm a Sun Taurus who got nails through my foot.

It's difficult to really find a set pattern in your chart to see ahead when it comes to your health. I think hereditary has a large part to play in it.

Marg :)

08-06-2008, 09:33 PM
I have a friend who has scoliosis. She's Leo

08-06-2008, 11:17 PM
Folks, Frisiangal is a super expert in medical astrology!

Just to take a step or two in her shadow...you really need to look at how ruling planets are aspected. An afflicted planet is likely to show health problems. A well-aspected planet is likely to show good health in a particular area.

08-07-2008, 04:54 AM
Ok I've attached my chart again.

I might as well just say it to make any possible medical interpretation clearer. Around age 16 1/2 I began to feel slight pain in the knee joint which slowly progressed. Doctors found nothing until at age 21 the tumor had finally grown to a size that could be seen on an MRI. (for reasons unknown it appeared much smaller on flim than it actually was). Was officially diagnosed with cancer of the soft tissue in the knee joint around my birthday of 2001. In 2006 the pain came back & by 2007 I was officially diagnosed again in the same spot as before & recieved surgery last year in June prior to radiation. Officially back in remission & other than the Saturn Return issues I'm dealing with now I'm feeling really great.

This cancer (Synovial Sarcoma) tends to hit young adults and tends to originate at the joints - usually the knee joint. In some cases it moves quickly, but generally it has one of the slowest progressions of all cancers. Which is why it has a low survival rate due to Doctors unable to see it in MRI's etc in the first stages. Like with many cancers - no one knows the cause & no one in my family has had it. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but the symptoms began after I was forced to move from NY to Florida in the middle of highschool- a transition that I never fully got over. It was incredibly hard for me & put me under alot of turmoil & stress. Just so happens that Florida is not a good place for me astrologically either.

So is there anything in my chart that could show any of this? I was wondering if perhaps there was a particular transit involved with the reacurrances or if it was just stress. Sometimes I think Pluto might have something to do with it because it represents hidden malevolency. But the pluto in my chart is very positive with only harmonious aspects so how can that cause disease. My Mars is in trouble , but gemini rules the arms I think- not the legs.

08-07-2008, 11:30 AM
Hi again Delilah,
Still can't see your chart. If you prefer not to give your birth details, I'll offer some general ideas going from what you wrote. But I MUST get off the Internet now and live my other life.:) Will be back later.


08-07-2008, 02:37 PM
I don't know why it's not working. Oh well.

Aug 4, 1979 at 10:45AM Brooklyn, NY

Sorry about the chart.

08-07-2008, 06:40 PM
I don't know why it's not working. Oh well.

Aug 4, 1979 at 10:45AM Brooklyn, NY

I think it's because the Astro.com charts expire after 24 hours unless you upload and save them onto your computer and then transpose here. I know how it works in theory but still haven't succeeded in getting it to work in practise.:D So I drew up your chart and printed it!!

Anything connected to the knee region falls under Capricorn and its (mal)function is shown by Saturn. Growth is shown by Sagittarius and its (mal)function by Jupiter. The joints are under rulership of Gemini and Mercury.

Looking at your chart, you'd say that with Libra on the 1st house cusp and Pisces on the 6th house cusp, the houses associated with physical disorders, these would not show up as a predisposition of cancer in the joint of the knee. But when you look further, what do you see?
The 3rd house/Gemini is associated with youth... and the conditioned moon, of course. What is situated in the 3rd house? The ruler of the 6th house and in Sagittarius, the sign of physical/spiritual growth. Still nothing to show for the knee, so where does the area of the knee fit in? Neptune, ruler of the 6th house, is in a harsh square aspect to a 12th house Saturn, ruler of the knee area. A planet tucked away in the 12th (or Neptune in 6th) is often considered as an 'undetectable complaint'. The feeling of ' physical pain' could be induced by the close inconjunct with Chiron in the 8th house, especially with both being in the Earth element.
According to my Astrology and Healing book, the bone tissue comes under the rulership of Saturn.

The joints? Venus is ruler of the Ascendant and is exact conjunct Mercury, ruler of the 'connecting joints', although I wouldn't think this, in itself, could be considered an aspect of a physical disorder. The conjunction doesn't aspect any planet effecting the physical complaint.
Do you ever suffer from inflammations as a health issue (9th house)? With Mars (heat) in Gemini semi-square Leo Sun, a tendancy to get overheated that is not outwardly voiced, could incite rashes, heat bumps, infections etc.

How would a 1st house Pluto fit into all this. I personally can't see that it does. Cancer is so often connected with suppressed Pluto issues, and this could be the case if Scorpio is strongly emphasised in the physial disorder areas. As you say, your own Pluto is well-aspected and Scorpio rules your house of values and self worth.

I couldn't see anything of significance in the progressed chart, so took a look at the transits. Early 1995 transiting Saturn crossed the 6th house cusp, opposed itself and gradually activated everything on the mutable cross. You might say that Saturn manifested that which was previously indetectable? Not only that but it entered into a long term square with transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius (growth???), which was slowing down towards retrograde motion. By June transiting Mars in Virgo comes along to trigger everything off!!

In August 2001, tr. Saturn was on 12 Gemini exact square its natal position!!
From early 2007 tr. Jupiter was again in Sag. and tr. Uranus (radiation) in Pisces 6th squared natal Neptune.

It's all retrospect information. Who would have thought of Cancer in the knee as a predispositional disorder? Yet it is always intriguing to see how the planetary configurations confirm what you have disclosed.