View Full Version : making wishes and intentions on eclipses - and what happens when it goes wrong?

02-05-2017, 03:13 AM
last year, when the march solar eclipse was happening elsewhere in the world i made a stupid wish for sex with a lecturer at my university (who is married etc), he overheard me speaking my intentions aloud when i didn't realise he was around and i felt like it backfired on me so that i became obsessed with him. at every opportunity - eclipses as well as new moons and my solar return i have been wishing for things to be good between us. i realise i should let go of someone like that anyway, but given i'm not willing to forget about him yet, is all this eclipse-wishing a good idea or not? i'm no longer wishing for things he wouldn't want happening - just for him to be nice to me.

is eclipse-wishing a good idea at all? how are you supposed to go about it? i feel like i'm doing it blindly and getting myself in trouble...

02-10-2017, 05:43 PM
This is by no means a documented reply, but from what I've read, and experienced, harnessing the energy of an eclipse can go beyond the form of a wish. To me, eclipses bring clarity of mind and spirit - so actually, more than just focusing incredible desire on something, I've found it immensely helpful to meditate and try to find my way through my mind maze during eclipses.
I hear that there are entire spiritual practices built around eclipses, but, much to my shame, I haven't had the time to deepen my own meditative practice by incorporating those into my routine. However, simply sitting yourself down and allowing yourself to get attuned to your subconscious might come a lot easier during the time of an eclipse - and once your mind has gained inner peace, then your subconscious might find it easier to work in your favor, so as to actually help you act in such a way that you make your wish come true yourself, perhaps not even in a conscious matter.

dr. farr
02-11-2017, 03:22 AM
Historically (in various esoteric traditions East and West) the eclipse times are to be avoided for undertaking any kind of positive "magic"-eclipse times favor negative magic, evil sendings, etc; solstices and equinoxes, are a very different matter (according to the various traditions)-however, rules of making esoteric elections (timings) need to be known and followed.