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  1. How are Lots used in modern astrology?
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  3. Pluto in an Angular House
  4. Yods and their interpretations
  5. Noel Tyl and Jung's 4 types
  6. 7th house ruler (in the 12th) opposing Lilith
  7. Bernie Sanders
  8. evolutionary astrology???
  9. Cardinal Axis
  10. on the edge
  11. cazimi - "in the heart of the sun"
  12. Uranian Family Signatures
  13. Sign-rulership
  14. Modern Sign/"Ruler" relationships [IMO]
  15. Five Pointed Star
  16. For The +40 Crowd: Evolving Towards Your NN
  17. ITT: People post their charts, and others respond with a representative piece of art
  18. Midpoints
  19. Pullen/Astrolog Sign/House Dispositor Graph
  20. Party Planning
  21. Family members reincarnation & Nodes: share your field work!
  22. Chiron Associations
  23. Uranus - The Rebellious Eccentric
  24. Advanced Astrologers
  25. Neptune - The Delusional Psychic
  26. Neptune in an Angular house
  27. Clairvoyance in a chart
  28. Uranus and Neptune retrograde
  29. Pace of movement
  30. Retrograde Pluto and Uranus in the 11th house and crippling social isolation
  31. Sun signs the child. Rising signs the adult?
  32. Sag/Gem Nodal Axis
  33. Bad boy and girls and lilith
  34. What aspects determine you having bad parents??
  35. Nibiru, The Trans-Uranian Planet
  36. Natal vs Progressions
  37. The Houses of Sex, Around the Zodiacal Wheel
  38. Pluto rules love, attraction, and sex
  39. Leo intercepted.
  40. Does Libra Rule Death?
  41. Calculating elements
  42. debilted jupiter
  43. objective view at the evolutionary growth generation to generation
  44. Full moon in houses - look to natal or go by predictions from 'natural zodiac'?
  45. ASMR artists
  46. Can someone help me with this technique? Thanks :)
  47. Chiron square venus - unrequitted love
  48. Anything about Yods
  49. Enemies - where to look
  50. Impactful people and outer planets
  51. Earth in Astrology, astronomical fundaments?
  52. Visual Snow and Astrology?
  53. Personal and Outer Planets: aspects?
  54. The Moon in transit
  55. Modern Predictive Techniques
  56. Part of Fortune in Modern Astrology
  57. 12th part and it's interpretations
  58. The Outer Planets Are Real! So what do we do with them?
  59. music and astrology
  60. Anyone going through 'Pluto conjunct Neptune', or has already passed this transit?
  61. Out of Bounds Venus
  62. Blaschke Carter Leo Progressions - what next
  63. Long Life from the Modern Side
  64. Aquarius casting illusions
  65. Luck and fortune
  66. Student Behavior Related to Retrogrades or Other Transits?
  67. Has there been any recent developments in modern?
  68. Prejudices and astrology
  69. what is the concept of modern astrology?
  70. Position, Dispositor and Synastries
  71. Out Of Bounds Moon
  72. More information on the Sun chart starting in Capricorn
  73. what is the benefit of modern astrology?
  74. Virgo in myth and meaning
  75. Pluto interacting with itself
  76. Neptune, I hate you
  77. The Secret Code of Thelemic Essential Correspondences
  78. Healing The Chiron Wound in the 4th
  79. Let's talk about Neptune.
  80. Question about movement of Pluto (how long do it's transits last?)
  81. Asmodeus Zodic sign
  82. Controversial Theory: Venus exalted in Aquarius
  83. Ophiuchus Sign
  84. Taurus sign info
  85. Strongest signs
  86. Masculine and feminine in astrology
  87. Saturn colors
  88. Pluto scorpio or Aries
  89. New star signs?
  90. What is Pluto/Plutonain Actually
  91. Jan to March 2018 - horoscopes - UP!
  92. Still trying to understand the Scorpio worship in modern astrology.
  93. T-squares cause psychological problems?
  94. An Astrology abbreviation I haven't come across?
  95. Which planet rules GENERAL artistic ability, Venus or Neptune?
  96. Does Venus give beauty to the face only?
  97. Just a frozen thought
  98. Best and worst mars signs to have.
  99. New to Modern Astrology?
  100. Are we looking at Chiron wrong?
  101. Dealing with Plutonian energy..??
  102. Association Happy
  103. Question about the outer planets
  104. Correct birth time ? Spiritually speaking?
  105. Understanding of planets, aspects and how they manifest
  106. Chiron in birthchart
  107. What signs and placements are made to thrive in competitive and hostile situations?
  108. Chiron on the ascendant
  109. Femininity
  110. The theory of parenthood - the never ending karmic wheel.
  111. Sun/Moon midpoint and its meaning?
  112. Pluto The Planet Is Back!!!
  113. Baby Boomers = Pluto in Leo ??
  114. A new twist on Modern Psychological Astrology
  115. Reflecting on Uranus in Aries. What lessons did you learn?
  116. which neptune & uranus house placements more prone to escapism?
  117. Pluto and ocd
  118. Talk to a Uranus-Neptune Conjunct Sun person!
  119. Finally figured out the Scorpio worship in modern astrology.
  120. Pluto and 2008
  121. Chiron and the Sun and Moon
  122. Pluto in modern astrology
  123. Jung and Astrology
  124. Aries symbolism - lost in modernity?
  125. Magi Astrology Question
  126. Ceres rules Virgo, and the Earth rules Taurus.. Thoughts?
  127. Reimagining Priapus: The Lunar Perigee
  128. Thoughts on Alan Leo?
  129. 13 Sign astrology
  130. The relationship between Squares and the Moon Quarter Phases.
  131. Telepathy and Astrology
  132. Neptune's a b*tch
  133. Is Pluto misunderstood?
  134. Earth ruler?
  135. "Measured Points" versus Planets
  136. Are Chiron and the Lunar Nodes Important Enough to be Sign Rulers?
  137. Should Modern Astrologers Accept the Names Given to Newly Discovered Celestial Object
  138. All things Pluto
  139. How Chiron makes you feel
  140. Debate about exaltation of Pluto: Aries, Pisces or Leo?
  141. The changing meaning of "power" and how it relates to astrology.
  142. How is Everyone Surviving this Mercury Retrograde?
  143. Mecury's Shadow Period
  144. The desperation to weaken Leo in modern astrology.
  145. Re: The Possibility of Tropical Ages
  146. Which planet represents progress?
  147. Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?
  148. Desperation of modern astrology to portray Scorpio as the strongest sign.
  149. What proof is there that pisces is co-ruled by jupiter?
  150. A theory behind modern astrology's fire sign hatred and Scorpio bias.
  151. Double Saturn Return - Capricorn Stellium Babies
  152. Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?
  153. Which astrology sign should I really use?
  154. Why do they say Aquarius/Uranus create astrology?
  155. Can we talk about chiron