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  1. Lords of the Geniture in our Charts.
  2. How to determine Lord of Geniture?
  3. What can we learn from derivative houses?
  4. Diurnal and Nocturnal Charts
  5. Zodiacal Releasing Method
  6. William Lilly's indications of a violent death.Do they work?
  7. A natives wealth
  8. Peregrine Planets and Onward
  9. Tetrabiblos vs. An Introduction to Tetrabiblos
  10. Hyleg and alcoccoden
  11. Profecting charts
  12. Mutual Reception Valid?
  13. Strength of Saturn in traditional astrology
  14. How Are Essential Dignities Calculated?
  15. interpreting my chart using the Lilly method
  16. Problems with Vettius Valens... et al.
  17. How to find which planets are malefics and benifics
  18. Ptolemy's "strength" of Planetary dignities
  19. Terms
  20. Strength of Planetary Joys
  21. The Terms are Babylonian in Origin
  22. Hellenistic delineations
  23. Significators of Travel
  24. Hermetic Lots
  25. Temperament
  26. Pauline dodekatemorion contrasted with “By 12 technique” of Valens/Maternus et al
  27. Is phase of the Moon at the time of birth important?
  28. Profections
  29. Day or Night Chart?
  30. The Case For Traditional Domicile Rulers of the Signs
  31. Origins of Hellenistic Astrology
  32. John Wayne Gacy
  33. The Inconjunct
  34. Guidance on Basic Delineation of 7th House using Medieval Techn.
  35. Why is the 2nd house good and the 3rd bad?
  36. newbie - planets question
  37. Lots
  38. House rulers relationship to their houses
  39. Planetary Day and Hour
  40. Can planets in Fall or Detriment be peregrine?
  41. Significations of Venus in Trad
  42. Solar return- scaring?
  43. Term I'm not familiar with - Conjunctional
  44. Mixing dignities; the results?
  45. Traditional treatment of the Lunar Nodes?
  46. Why is melancholy bad?
  47. Hyleg and Alcocoden
  48. What Are "Orbs"?
  49. planets face = fall
  50. Alfidaria
  51. Lots = Pillars of Fate
  52. Profections (Praxis)
  53. What is a participating ruler and tiplicity
  54. Houses of Increasing and Decreasing Fortune
  55. Just saying
  56. dodekatemorion and profection
  57. pitted,elevated,dark,bright or mixed degree
  58. Hellenstic Time Lords
  59. Delineating Natal Chart
  60. Medieval Astrology - Need Help with my brother's chart
  61. What does "productive places" mean in astrology?
  62. Firdaria
  63. Almutem Figuris
  64. How to make predictions
  65. Rank of Fame
  66. Accidental Dignities - Which Method and Why?
  67. Delineating Marriage (Medieval Method)
  68. Aspects
  69. Origin Of Twelfth House Meanings
  70. Delineation of Marriage (Hellenistic Method)
  71. Hyleg, Alcoccoden. Almutem Figuris, Lord of the Geniture, etc.,
  72. Is this Moon in Gemini debilitated
  73. Delineating Children (Medieval Method)
  74. First house ruler hayz...
  75. Why are Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces Sun signs Peregrine?
  76. who will survive
  77. Ancient astrology
  78. Little help needed from trad astrologers
  79. Bright, Dark and Mixed Degrees
  80. A little trad text help, please.
  81. Arabic Parts and House System calculations
  82. severe mental and heart trauma
  83. Traditional Mundane
  84. Confused again about the Lot of Fortune
  85. am i doing it right (natal chart reading)?
  86. Sun Signs and Traditional Astrology
  87. the third house
  88. Determining Orientality or Occidentality
  89. Triplicities in my natal chart..?
  90. Sects?
  91. Does Sun at 00 Sag 56 and Mars at 28 Aquarius 17 count as a square in a natal chart?
  92. Transits To The Part Of Spirit
  93. Is Venus in Libra harmed by a conjunction with the Sun (6-degree orb) also in Libra?
  94. The sidereal zodiac
  95. Sun-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in the 8th house: which planet is stronger?
  96. Which planet is stronger in my chart: Mercury or the Moon?
  97. Would you say the Ascendant ruler is afflicted in this chart?
  98. Does anyone use the North Node as exaltation ruler of Gemini?
  99. What is characteristic of retrograde planets?
  100. Evaluating enemies.
  101. Can someone please help me calculate primary directions in this example?
  102. Mercury in Cancer Peregrine? Face and Term?
  103. The 9th house
  104. Stars beside Procyon in my chart?
  105. Please help me understand how receptions work
  106. Significance of Firdaria nodal phases
  107. How do you combine triplicity with detriment/fall of the same planet in a natal chart
  108. Looking for a word
  109. Can it consider as mutual reception?
  110. Night Chart
  111. south node conjunct saturn
  112. How We 'Weight A Chart' Using Traditional Methods - Also Known As Planetary Weighting
  113. When the Firdaria ruler changes?
  114. The meaning of burned planets?!
  115. reception in synastry?
  116. Almuten of Ascendent
  117. natal sun at 19 degrees with annular solar eclipse at 20 degrees
  118. solar eclipse on solar return at 1 degree from natal sun WTF
  119. Mercury conjunct SAN/Solar Eclipse
  120. My life is burden i want to end it
  121. Calculating temperament in a natal chart
  122. What is my Almuten figuris?
  123. How does one deal with a 4th house Sun in solar return chart?
  124. a job: 6th versus the 10th house
  125. Void of course
  126. Judging Profession accorrding to Lilly: Learning Astrology
  127. Starting an Online Course with Mercury retrograding 9th house
  128. The 8 sign zodiac - looking for info about it
  129. Rank of Fame in personal Read Me chart
  130. What do they mean when they say the Moon Sign represents Emotions?
  131. Combustion (??)
  132. Profections and revolutions
  133. Astrology As Science
  134. Mercury as the significator and Mars as well or just Mercury?
  135. Resources
  136. Cancer Men Hiding in Their Shell
  137. Redeeming qualities of Saturn in Traditional?
  138. Confusion about Traditional Astrology basics
  139. Growth According to the Phases of the Moon
  140. William Lilly.
  141. Harmonic Charts
  142. Zodiac Signs relation to Specific Landscapes and Nature
  143. What's the real Medival Astrology?
  144. The Ninth House and Religion
  145. Feral Planets
  146. Difficult child - I don't know enough astology
  147. Which is the formula of part of death?
  148. Have you found Traditional Orb calculations accurate
  149. How to learn Medival Astrology by ourselves?
  150. Day, Night, and Twilight
  151. Interpreting Empty Houses in Traditional Astrology
  152. Genders, Sect, Modes, and Elements of the Planets, Signs, Houses, and Quadrants
  153. Almuten of house vs. Lord of house
  154. Conception Chart & Rank in life according to Ptolemy
  155. Precession and the sidereal zodiac
  156. Lot of fortune changes the ASC? - diurnal/nocturnal?
  157. Houses & benefics/malefics or "functional" benifics/malefics
  158. Delienate marriage year by solar returns?
  159. Why is Sun in joy in the 9th house?
  160. Sun's position in zodiac below horizon at local solar noon?
  161. Zollar Diploma Course
  162. Firdaria-an example by Ile Spassev
  163. Rhetorius on astrologers
  164. Humours and climates
  165. Radicality
  166. Is a planet IN a sign the same as that planet RULING the sign?
  167. I've just got one question...
  168. Is this person close to dying?
  169. What is the reason for a string of bad events?
  170. How 'weak' is a peregrine planet?
  171. Leo in Cancerian's 2nd House/Transiting Planet Positions
  172. Jupiter occultation
  173. Monomoira - planetary rulers of minutes
  174. Saturn is Domicile Ruler of Aquarius
  175. what are the trigon lords telling me?
  176. The Flight of the Chariot: Plato's Soul and the Lots of Fortune and Spirit
  177. Resources for Studying Traditional Astrology
  178. Whole Sign Houses and the MC degree...
  179. Help in temperament assessment
  180. How to score different aspects
  181. Fiction Literature on astrology
  182. Reading traditional texts; advice?
  183. Contradictory dignity and debility rules
  184. Retro
  185. Moon Nodes
  186. Mercurÿ retrograde and starting a business help please
  187. Of foreign travel?
  188. yoga karaka planet
  189. A doubt about Whole sign houses
  190. Heavily debilitated Saturn behaving WELL?
  191. Dispositor of a planet
  192. A Problem With The Ephemeris or with me?
  193. In Traditional Astrology are "Midpoints" used?
  194. How do Duads work?
  195. The Sunoikodespotes
  196. Hierarchy of Time Lords?
  197. Prediction Techniques Using Time Lords
  198. What makes cooks and chefs?
  199. All Traditional Planets Peregrine
  200. What are the basic steps for traditional elections?
  201. Twins
  202. Applying planets orb
  203. Help with a course I am studying - any ideas?
  204. The Lunar Mansions
  205. Pars Hyleg, LOF, LOS, LOB, Exaltation
  206. Terms
  207. more babies born on full moons...
  208. Hot, dry, cold and moist
  209. will i ever get the kind of guy i want??? its frustrating
  210. Synastry using traditional methodology
  211. What does "times for fortune" or "times for spirit" mean?
  212. Learning traditional astrology
  213. Term rulers confusion
  214. How to answer to these
  215. From Fate to Free Will, A Fast and Furious History
  216. Arabic part Cazimi
  217. Understanding reception.
  218. RMC (Read My Chart): 4 August - 22 August
  219. Modality of Planets?
  220. Ben Ezra and the first house (horary)
  221. astrological ages aid
  222. Determining the Oikodespotes
  223. Please tell me about my chart
  224. bhavya
  225. Ptolemy contradiction / of places and degrees ??
  226. we will be together again?
  227. So what happens AFTER Mercury in Retrograde ends?
  228. Hand calculating charts
  229. what? if somebody dont know his/her time of birth???
  230. Moon VOC
  231. Firdaria for Marriage?
  232. Which way to go...
  233. Confusion on Scorpio Constellation
  234. Amy Winehouse (Hyleg and Alcocoden)
  235. John Lennon hyleg & alcocoden or arabic parts of life/death
  236. John Denver's Career and Death using Zodiacal Releasing
  237. Degrees: Masculine, Femine, Lucid, Smokey, Dark, Void, Deep, Azemene, Increase f.
  238. important decision on my professional
  239. Whats the method of charting where the sun is?
  240. Greece Economics
  241. Mars-Saturn-PoF
  242. These terms related to retrograde planets
  243. Debilitated Career Planets
  244. Astrological Ages in Traditional Astrology
  245. Novice here! Retrogrades...
  246. Disagree with peregrine scoring
  247. Cazimi - when?
  248. The wise words of Vettius Valens
  249. How To Interpret Conjunctions and More Than One Planet In A House
  250. Delineating Parents In A Natal Chart