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  1. Symmetry of Planetary Rulerships
  2. Hellenistic Major keywords for planets
  3. Almuten figuris
  4. Combustion based on flawed logic?
  5. The Greek Error or Return to Babylon
  6. Planets, Colors and Metals
  7. Well or Poorly Placed?
  8. For the Traditionalists - How do you win Saturn Over in Your Chart?
  9. jupiter in 7th house
  10. Peregrine less serious than fall and detriment
  11. The origin of the Traditional concept of "Averson"
  12. Syzygia and Primary Directions
  13. Meaning of Almuten of profession?
  14. Duforia or doriforia
  15. Terms and facies
  16. Sect
  17. Does a planet in another planet's term means something?
  18. Almutem Figuris?
  19. Egyptian or Ptolomey
  20. Signs are neither Strong Nor Weak-however Planets may have Weak or Strong Placements
  21. A Traditional Reading
  22. Sun/Moon as Spear Bearer
  23. Primary directions of planets and angles to fixed stars
  24. Question concerning reception
  25. Current Sign Ruler Influence On Transiting Moon Did Ancients use Tropical or Sidereal
  26. Alcocoden and Malefics
  27. Mutual Reception
  28. Calculating Dignities
  29. Fixed stars on lots
  30. How does one determine sect?
  31. A question pertaining to Saturn
  32. Longer inner planetary cyles
  33. late degree rising in nativities
  34. Benjamin Dykes PhD / Bonnati Translation
  35. Besieged
  36. Elemental Qualities and my discriminating(?) perception of Aries
  37. Traditional Views on Manipulation of Currency
  38. Exaltations in Natal Charts
  39. What Moon really represents?
  40. Debilitated Mercury?
  41. Retrograde planets and aspecting
  42. Fame and Wealth in Traditional Astrology
  43. Sun as hyleg and alcododron
  44. Construction Field Astrology.
  45. Combustion in natal chart - any ideas?
  46. reception by exaltation
  47. Cazimi planets
  48. Feral quality, one opinion of yours
  49. Vertebral column and its muscles
  50. Out of sect - malefics and benefics
  51. Lilly's behavior ruler?
  52. Interpretation on Natal and SR Charts
  53. Counter Antiscia / Antiscia
  54. Malefic trine?
  55. Let's discuss almutens
  56. Is a conjunction an aspect? JupiterASC your wisdom is needed
  57. How did directions become associated w/ planets? JupiterASC+Tsmall your wisdom please
  58. Different Ascendants. How is it possible?
  59. Mercury entering Capricorn - Whole Houses
  60. Relocation?
  61. What planet as natural signifier of children?
  62. Ancient Titles (Names) of the 12 Houses of the Horoscope
  63. What to expect, good or evil
  64. Solar Return against birth chart and profected chart
  65. Behind the starry veil, or metaphysics
  66. buyt flat, tomorrow? or waiting for better..? is it a good offert?
  67. Is It Possible To Predict A Long Life?
  68. Letís talk about exaltation degrees
  69. Question for confusing daytime/nighttime charts
  70. Need help with chaldean terms (bounds) don't understand it
  71. Reception
  72. Besieged and aided planets
  73. The bad astrologer, by Cardano
  74. Happy birthday, Elias Ashmole
  75. 7L in 8th
  76. how to In sect, out of sect, hayz & bulb?
  77. Venus ~in or ~out of sect?
  78. All that is transitory
  79. Petty clarifications
  80. what is traditional astrology?
  81. Something fascinating about astrology
  82. Traditional Views on Intercepted Signs?
  83. Saturn and intellect
  84. A reinterpretation of a traditional triplicity system
  85. What should be my career?
  86. Sun in Libra?
  87. House ruled by the Sun
  88. Alcoccoden and Hyleg
  89. The joys of the planets
  90. Mercury Peregrine, but..
  91. Triplicities
  92. A question about detriment
  93. Hyleg and Alcocoden
  94. The South Node
  95. Dodecatemoria - the zodiac within a single sign
  96. Virgo & Pisces. Critical service vs lackadaisical self sacrificing.
  97. Peregrine question
  98. Bonatti's 40th consideration in astrology
  99. Anyone know what the Novenarium Lunae and Duodenariam Lunae is?
  100. Determining the ascendant's sign and degree in ancient sidereal astrology?
  101. Orbs in traditional astrology?
  102. Chart precision
  103. Cazimi Venus
  104. Traditional astrology chart - Online calculator
  105. Understanding the Terms and Faces of Planets
  106. My babyís future
  107. Whole Sign House System
  108. Is Eudoxus the founder of Hellenistic astrology?
  109. The Lot of Sons, Daughters, Children - What is it for?
  110. Electional Chart for Travel - Venus on Algol?
  111. Question on Profections
  112. Moon Mansions
  113. Lord of Geniture in 4th House
  114. The Pre-Natal Epoch
  115. DECANATES aka DECANS From a Traditional Perspective
  116. Pitted (and Elevated) Degrees?
  117. Using antiscia and contra-antiscia in natal.
  118. Let me get this right, Lord of Geniture and Almutem Figuris is...
  119. Delay in marriage
  120. Arabic Parts in Hellenistic Astrology
  121. Too many debilitated planets?
  122. Venus burned!
  123. Comburst does this applying only when there is a conjunction ?
  124. Predominator, oikodespotes and kyrios - checks
  125. help about career
  126. Cazimi
  127. which Firdaria period sequence is correct/more accurate?
  128. When is Mercury degrees to Combust the Sun
  129. My Finance & Career Issues From A Traditional Perspective
  130. Prenatal epoch calculation
  131. The Origin and Rationale of the Exaltation Signs and Degrees
  132. About parallels and contraparallels
  133. HELLENISTIC Texts Are Applicable "In Todays World" ~ Examples Of How To
  134. WANDERING STARS = Planets ~ As Understood By The Ancient Astrologers
  135. Zodiac Diagram Interpretation
  136. HELLENISTIC astrology and CAPRICORN as a moist AMPHIBIOUS sign ~
  137. Concerning the number and gender of children and brothers
  138. Beginner Books
  139. Hellenistic time lords
  140. CT i need your help with sect by robert hand.
  141. On Nature
  142. Mercury 12th
  143. Conjunctions with the Sun: Are any of them positive?
  144. How to rule Pisces during the day?
  145. 8th house
  146. Sun election
  147. Barren and fertile signs
  148. Meaning of signs derived from planetary rulers or independent?
  149. ***Please Read Before Posting On This Board***
  150. Traditional Astrology Non-sticky Discussion Thread
  151. Which placements cause such relationship misfortune in my chart?
  152. Hyleg and Alcocoden
  153. How about the Lunar Nodes
  154. Traditional Sources - hidden in some arabic library?
  155. Firdaria - the Moon's nodes
  156. Which is worse? A planet exalted with poor aspect vs. in rulership with poor aspect?
  157. Saturn the Greater Malefic
  158. Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part I - Zodiac
  159. Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part II - Seven Stars
  160. Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part III - Theoretical Considerations
  161. Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part IV - Nativities
  162. Planetary Strength
  163. The concept of transiting planets being influenced by their natal counterpart
  164. Astrology and the Pre-Socratics
  165. A few questions about the midheaven and combinations
  166. Astrology, Life Purpose, Destiny
  167. Lonely Moon
  168. Pitted degrees
  169. Mars in 8th Reduces Livehood & Property- Given Nocturnal/Diurnal/Other Considerations
  170. Bona Fortuna? 11th House?
  171. Algol conjunct Part of Fortune?
  172. Memento Mori - Passing of Robert Henry Schmidt III 6 December 2018
  174. Rulership - PLANETS rule SIGNS - 7 classical planets
  175. Solar Return - Interpretation? Presentation?
  176. Why does Mars Joy in H6?
  177. The Nature of the Sign Capricorn in Traditional Astrology
  178. Please explain to me
  179. About Profection
  180. Looking for Traditional Astrologers for Research
  181. Best and worst states of planets?
  182. TIME LORDS - a TRADITIONAL Hellenistic Procedure
  183. Calculating Profections in Hellenistic Astrology
  184. Profections example: John McCain
  185. Time lord has made an aspect but nothings happened
  186. Profection and Transits: Am I doing this right?
  187. New edition of Valens
  189. What is meaning of 12th house ruler conjunct Sun?
  190. Share the nuance of your ascendent
  191. Adherence, Sun's beams, 6th house
  192. Reconstruction of Ptolemaic Terms
  193. ASSEMBLY OF PLANETS = More Than One Planet In A Particular Sign
  194. Rationalistic Astrology
  195. Systematic Astrology 1
  197. Systematic Astrology 3
  198. Systematic Astrology 4
  199. Ptolemaic Dignities
  200. Ptolemaic Tables
  201. What sign(s) were traditionally seen as powerful and strongest?
  202. Calculating Hyleg and Alcoccoden
  203. Born Under a Wandering Star
  204. Planetary Phases from Ptolemy's Almagest
  205. Planetary and Stellar Phases
  206. Tables
  207. Animodar
  208. Introduction
  209. Loosing of the Bond in Zodiacal Releasing
  210. Siriusly SIRIUS aka THE SCORCHER aka THE DOG STAR
  212. HOW ASTROLOGY DELINEATES PHYSICAL APPEARANCE - if chart has reliable time of birth
  213. Fate vs Free will in classical astrology
  215. Traditional Rectification Method Example using TRUTINE OF HERMES aka PRENATAL EPOCH
  216. MALEFIC is derived from LATIN: describes MARS Lesser MALEFIC/SATURN Greater MALEFIC
  217. since time immemorial MERCURY is the ruler of astrology and astrologers
  219. What exactly is a monomoiria?
  220. Whoa, my profection chart is crazy! Help!
  221. VOID OF COURSE MOON distinguished from FERAL aka WILD moon
  222. Does Via Combusta apply on natal charts, too?
  223. Venus Cazimi and retrograde natal