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  1. Bullying
  2. research guidelines?
  3. Barycentric/Heliocentric Astrology
  4. Thirteen sign Ophiuchus
  5. How about this for a test?.......
  6. 54 NEW Planets Discovered
  7. Method of Applying 13 Sign Zodiac
  8. Question about 12 zodiac and 88 constellations
  9. New 12 planet system & rulers
  10. SOL WEEK CYCLE - Aquarius
  11. Soul and spirit astrology
  12. Eris
  13. Outer planet transit tables
  14. A way to determine date of death?
  15. Yugas,Tropical Zodiac, Pluto
  16. New tools for prediction?
  17. Got a question about a yod if anyone knows?
  18. Hypothetical planets Hermes, Demeter, persephone
  19. Project per Galilean moons of Jupiter
  20. $Predicting Pop Music Hits!!!$
  21. moon in aries
  22. Proving Astrology
  23. Theoretical Astrology
  24. 60 minutes technique
  25. USA CURRENT charts
  26. Precessed natal chart vs. birth chart, anyone?
  27. New information about Pluto
  28. Heliocentric Charts
  29. Suicide signs lately?
  30. Draconic Sun/Natal Sun
  31. Eris might be more important than Pluto
  32. When did you get into astrology?
  33. Moon Signs
  34. Astrological Physiognomy
  35. What would indicate physical strength in your chart ?
  36. Most researched planet
  37. Could you be an exorcist?
  38. Venus Return technique
  39. positive astrology - even more science
  40. intrauterine astrology.. developing case study
  41. Yods
  42. traditional / modern / contemporary
  43. Observations, hypotheses, and corrections
  44. learning astrology
  45. Pluto exalted in Virgo
  46. Is it time for an astro redesign thanks to astronomy?
  47. Geo/Helio Tropical/Sideral House pie boogaloo
  48. hindsight is 20/20 - view on Gacy's chart
  49. Looking at New Years Transits..
  50. Apparent Inconsistencies in Astrology
  51. Valens Anthologies' Triangles
  52. Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac
  53. How The Astrologer Reads A Chart
  54. February 16, Sun enters to Aquarius. Official Zodiac hours of transition (2012-13)
  55. Cognitive Bias and Research
  56. Astrological theory of Dr. Percy Seymour
  57. Zodiac of 14 Signs?
  58. A View From 'Down Under'...
  59. inviting thoughts on retrograde and stationary motion
  60. Birth Data sources
  61. Understanding Past-Lives through our natal charts
  62. Music for each sign
  63. Backwards Engineer
  64. doctor, or astrologer and client
  65. Astrological Sign & Decan-Based Rules For Determining the Shape Of The Face
  66. would you like to comment on horosocpes of twins ?
  67. How Important Is The Accuracy & Reliability Of Birth-Times?
  68. Eclipse Delination Methods.
  69. The Part of Fortune calculation, a frequent error
  70. I found something..
  71. Astropondios theory and the strength of planets in a chart
  72. is this correct and of any use? winter,fall
  73. Solar arc question!
  74. Research : Bhrigu Astrology
  75. Criminal Behavior
  76. Jupiter in Movable sign
  77. Venus in Pisces
  78. Events of life
  79. Mystery Parts
  80. Whats your views on draconic charts
  81. Poll: Is your rising the same as one of your parent's sun sign?
  82. Do You Have A Grand Trine?
  83. favouring the day in planetary hours
  84. Question about different disciplines of astrology
  85. Step Parents
  86. Any Tarot Readers Here?
  87. Electricity Is Nothing New - In Fact IT IS ANCIENT Technology!!
  88. People Who Marry Objects Could Their Natal Charts Indicate Why?
  89. Parallels & Declinations
  90. Planetary Affitinites for Asteroids
  91. Perspectives on Vocational Astrology
  92. Astrodynes/Cosmodynes
  93. Precession of the equinox chart
  94. Astrology & Statistical Analysis Quantitative Study Methods vis vis Qualitative
  95. Research related to Twins and Multiple Births
  96. Progression of Signs Versus Star Postitions
  97. Night Skies & Observation Of The Visible Planets & Fixed Stars
  98. Survey on musical preferences by sign
  99. ASTROLOGY SURVEY!!! Please help and participate :)
  100. venus-mars natally
  101. Persona Charts
  102. Huber method?
  103. What exactly is a degree?
  104. Tropical, Vedic, & Draco. Suns Aspecting Earth
  105. The Sun and Uranus in cycle
  106. Heliocentric-Geocentric Comparison
  107. A research paper! Little help please!
  108. Writing a new astrology software
  109. The Astrology of the Clark Experiment - Can Aspects Show Prejudice
  110. Angles of light
  111. Wealth and Billionaires - To What Extent Is Their Opinion Influenced By Their Status?
  112. The Astrology of UFO's
  113. Signs of Change - Weather Patterns
  114. Is it possible that the answers for a person NOT be in astrology?
  115. A Different Approach for Horary?
  116. Professional sources (books, webpages, etc.)
  117. Death - References, delineation, & interpretation
  118. Disclaimer for Astrology Work
  119. Death 2 - References, delineation, & interpretation - JohnKennedyJr
  120. Oscillating Ayanamsa?
  121. Astrology survey for investigation
  122. Parts Unknown.
  123. If you are an astrologer, do you believe in Free Will
  124. Measuring Psychic Abilities
  125. Does pluto really matter?
  126. Astronomy and Astrology
  127. Numbers
  128. Study of astrological time twins: what are your thoughts on this?
  129. Research Project on Nodal Axis Direction
  130. Tips, Advice, Help on Rectifying a Natal Chart
  131. Midpoint charts
  132. when people state that a piece of music speaks to their very soul
  133. House cusp doppelganger !
  134. Creating natal charts when no time of birth is known?
  135. This research paper goes with sidereal ASC signs
  136. I have found the signature for alcoholism
  137. violent deaths
  138. All About Neech Bhanga RajaYoga By Sourabh Soni
  139. Modern Rulerships
  140. Cheating, Infidelity: Most Frequent Aspects
  141. Mathematical/technical question: concerns frequencies and durations of astro events..
  142. A Failure to Believe....
  143. Derren Brown on reading Astrology Charts
  144. Everybody Uses Cook books!
  145. 'One-Size-Fits-All' Astrology -Also Known As: 'Cookbook Recipe' Astrology
  146. Excel-Compatible Astrology Program
  147. Is it okay for me to commit suicide?
  148. Personality inventory research
  149. What happened in your life last time Jupiter was in Cancer? - sidereal/vedic/tropical
  150. Heliocentric Astrology
  151. Astrology and the Law of Attraction
  152. Astrology and Relgions
  153. Does anyone remember the name of the website...?
  154. Origins of psychological astrology?
  155. When to play the lottery
  156. Astrology and financial markets
  157. Find your true Zodiac Sign according to 13 Zodiac Astrology
  158. Need composite charts of business partners
  159. Enneagram vs. astrology- what you think?
  160. Confused about Pluto
  161. What makes an astrological planet?
  162. Confused about Uranus
  163. Confused about Neptune
  164. tropical or sideral?
  165. The Open Mind
  166. a logical addition to Tropical astrology
  167. a logical addition to Tropical astrology continued
  168. a logical addition to Tropical Astrology/Age Seasons
  169. Libra and Duality
  170. a logical addition to Tropical astrology in the Chart
  171. Astrologer's survey
  172. An Indicator For Presidential Elections in The US
  173. I'm going to do an experiment
  174. predicting lottery winners..
  175. the Age Interval
  176. a logical addition to Tropical astrology continued
  177. a logical addition to Tropical astrology/modern science
  178. a logical addition to Tropical Astrology/Age of Scorpio
  179. a logical addition to Tropical Astrology/the Age of Sagittarius
  180. a logical addition to Sidereal Astrology/2 Age Intervals
  181. a logical addition to Tropical astrology/the Age of Capricorn
  182. Twins and the play of energies between them
  183. a logical addition to Tropical astrology/correlations
  184. Progressing MC with True Solar Arc in Longitude
  185. when ruled by
  186. A Request for Recollecting a Link a Member Once Recommnded
  187. a logical addition to Tropical astrology/ Gaia's Trident
  188. Psychic indicators in Natal Charts
  189. Request for Math Assistance. r.e. Two Traveling Objects...?
  190. Determining midpoints for composite aspects
  191. Parents of twins
  192. Effect of precession on declination of stars
  193. Symmetry??
  194. Ephemeris Search??
  195. new ideas for astrology
  196. organization
  197. Symmetry II
  198. Study claims to prove some type of psychic predictions.
  199. Looking to do research on beginning of relationships, requesting charts
  200. Ascendant in mutable signs
  201. Is it a "when" or a "will I"?
  202. Narcissistic personality disorder-a research
  203. My astrology experiment
  204. Astrological Yods
  205. True Rulers
  206. Conjunction Astrology...For Lack of a Better Word
  207. astrology in music
  208. Black Moon Lilith and suicide correlation.
  209. Research that was conducted on prostitution. Interesting results.
  210. My astrology experiment - p-values and result tables
  211. Myers briggs + zodiac sign poll
  212. Mars squ Merc... anyone having car problems?
  213. Early Birth, Late or On time?
  214. My second astrology experiment
  215. My Third Astrology Experiment
  216. A none relative-timing chosen to solve a query, using dates of choice and event.
  217. At a glance.....
  218. Future-scope revealing events=remainder of life:Horary validity v/s natel placements
  219. Ayanamsa Research
  220. Causality in Astrology
  221. 52 Months?
  222. jungian typology (mbti) and planetary affinities
  223. The Procession of the Equinoxes and Pluto
  224. some discussion points...
  225. Astrology research in R?
  226. Need clarification for seasons in Astrology
  227. How astrology works.
  228. Experi'mental' Chart
  229. House systems
  230. Did Ptolemy understand the precession of the Equinoxes?
  231. Moon Cycle and Eyesight - proposed study
  232. what chart to use for book, the date you publish or when you concieved of the book/.
  233. Ascendant and Appearance - do they match up?
  234. Does Astrology Have Limits?
  235. Does Materialistic Modern Science Have Limitations?
  236. The Sound Horoscope
  237. Wedding date
  238. Position of your Sun/Moon and your parents. (research)
  239. Sedna
  240. My Astrological Experiments - Some Results
  241. prone to fatal accident or posses superhero trait
  242. Heliocentric variations
  243. Heliohoroscope
  244. Reverse Engineering One's Mother from Natal Chart?
  245. Any victims of domestic abuse(male or female) here?
  246. Alien and Astrology
  247. A Re-evaluation Of The House System
  248. Birth charts of people born in polar region.
  249. Can't wrap my head around a 2D birth chart
  250. Data collection