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  1. Regiomontanus VS Placidus for Horary Charts.
  2. The Void of Course Moon
  3. Predicting Timing of Events in Horary Astrology
  4. Grand mother
  5. New job - turned 10th?
  6. Horary Rules
  7. William Lilly says somewhere
  8. Would this work? Applying to points.
  9. Planets in peregrine
  10. Planets chasing each other
  11. translation of light question
  12. Intervention of the Moon
  13. Question timing
  14. Void of Course???
  15. Significator in another planet's domain
  16. Sextiles
  17. John Frawley astrology
  18. Planet in triplicity and fall
  19. oppositions
  20. translation of light
  21. Other Aspects & Rulers in Horary
  22. aspects to the ac
  23. thingmijigs in horay
  24. moon aspects
  25. Do any of you do this......Would you call it "cheating"?
  26. Okay, what is Mars doing?
  27. Moon in Pisces
  28. aspect degrees - the degree where the aspect perfects
  29. Aspects to the Part of Fortuna
  30. Conjunction to Dsc considered perfection?
  31. future events
  32. Few Horary Interpretation questions
  33. aspects in horay
  34. Void Of Course Moon
  35. Chart Basics
  36. critical degrees & aspects
  37. Dispositors conjunct
  38. Via Combusta
  39. aspects
  40. aspects between the querent and quesited
  41. Hi
  42. Saturn on the ascendant, horary
  43. aspects & house placement
  44. Time for erecting a horary chart
  45. venus in relational questions
  46. POF and South Node Conjunct
  47. confused on planets in another digniites
  48. Venus application to Jupiter, turned 8th ruler)
  49. North Node.
  50. Significators having exactly the same degrees..
  51. where can I learn about horary astrology ?
  52. retrograde planets and horary astro
  53. As I never even heard of the horary technique untill recently....
  54. End of the Matter?
  55. Significators: a question
  56. a question about VOID and ASC
  57. House governing elections?
  58. learining Horary Charts
  59. A question on querent
  60. A question on Turned Chart
  61. Collections of Light
  62. When qurent and questied have the same significator - what then?
  63. Validity time for the answer
  64. north node & neptune conj ac
  65. When asking about someone else
  66. Receptions Question
  67. Question about advisor
  68. aspects
  69. POF on Ascendant
  70. Void of course moon, but sig will combust Sun
  71. Saturn in the 7th
  72. applying trine yes or no for other parties separation's question?
  73. Yes and No Questions
  74. Is moon really void?
  75. Significators: which one?
  76. Younger men in demand
  77. Question about love.
  78. squares
  79. Uranus
  80. Sun and Moon void of course
  81. Via Combusta
  82. One of the significators is the Sun!
  83. peregrine with a sextile/trine
  84. how to see the third person?
  85. Foreign Land
  86. just friends or...something more?
  87. Outer planets not used?
  88. Ascendant: 29th Degree of Aries - Is the event "set in stone" ?
  89. Moon as a significator
  90. significator of the quesited
  91. obstruction with sigs, but moon in flow with sig
  92. Discussion/questions:Archergirl's Article:Basic Horary
  93. What does it mean when sig. of quesited is always in his intercepted 1st house?
  94. which house represents divorce or separation of the quesited?
  95. question about time
  96. Keeping it simple (on my miscarriage)
  97. which house would represent a Lotto win?
  98. Sun as significator-still combustion?
  99. VOC and outer planets
  100. Which House For Children's Teachers?
  101. which house for the following question
  102. Combustion and conjunction
  103. Part of Fortune in First house
  104. Lord of the hour and Lord of the asc
  105. Significator in the depositor of the quesited
  106. Moon final aspect conjunct POF/trine Ascendant
  107. Does Venus in 7th usually represent girlfriend?
  108. Timing in houses
  109. Two Questions :)
  110. Is he my son?
  111. Saturn in Seventh
  112. Sigs conjunct but Moon doesn't aspect - has to be a change first?
  113. 3rd party question
  114. Is this truly collection?
  115. Using the Sun in relationship queries
  116. Saturn in 1st House
  117. significators
  118. 5th house versus 7th house
  119. question on significators
  120. Person trying to sell business.Which houses?
  121. no aspect but maybe reception?
  122. Significators in exaltation, but each others triplicity, how to interpret this?
  123. void of course or not???
  124. question on the Moon
  125. What house to assign Obama
  126. which house to assign?
  127. House question
  128. what happens if moon via combust in a chart?
  129. new void question
  130. Timing in horary.
  131. Horary Money Question
  132. current COL : Mars/Venus/Saturn
  133. significators conjunct eachother and combust with sun
  134. Questions about an early Ascendant...
  135. Part of fortune in horary astrology
  136. house placement and aspects
  137. Significators or houses for gossips?
  138. moon void in jupiter's sign
  139. The Saturn Uranus opposition aspects?
  140. Modern question.
  141. Moon as a significator / saturn in 1st
  142. Moon Void But Conjunct Ascendent
  143. Yod aspects in horary
  144. Mercury in horary
  145. Planets within significator's house
  146. Book and movie -- which houses to assign?
  147. Recognizing the Horary "Moment"
  148. What type of questions can we ask
  149. which house?
  150. Another which house
  151. Day and night triplicity
  152. ASC in Late Degree
  153. aspects and placement
  154. can the moon be 'frustrated?'
  155. Co-Signifiers?
  156. dignities and deblities
  157. question about time
  158. rulership, exaltation, term, face etc
  159. Future aspects
  160. Is the Question Radical?
  161. Mini Lesson: Placement and Reception
  162. Relationship: Domicile vs exaltation or triplicity
  163. Which house to signify Ex while an existing spouse is involved in the chart?
  164. significators for clients & contracts
  165. Collection of light with or without dignities
  166. Saturn retrograde in 1st house
  167. aspects to the ascendant
  168. Prophet in which country?
  169. Mutual reception by exhaltation
  170. Pluto in Horary Questions...
  171. fall and detriment
  172. Will they be together? - turned houses
  173. Where to start research?
  174. timing and aspects
  175. Moons aspects
  176. Paying Mortgage
  177. 29 degrees rising
  178. Which house for budgeting?
  179. Sun rules men?!
  180. Neptune and considerations before judgement
  181. When horary contradicts itself
  182. Significators and non sig. conjunctions
  183. Mental block?
  184. queries about honesty
  185. Please help me with a Timing question
  186. moon towards the ascendant
  187. table of dignities
  188. receptions/dignities
  189. House question
  190. Silly question, maybe.....
  191. What do I use for the significators?
  192. Horary Birth Rectification
  193. Aspects
  194. Collection of light, does Moon have to make an aspect to sigs?
  195. Which House Signifies Inspiration? The 9th?
  196. question on significator/house and changing of signs
  197. Is this a method used?
  198. Is the Moon void in this chart?
  199. square yes or no?
  200. quick question re: relationship / communication horary
  201. another square question
  202. another square question
  203. Horary- the sun conjuncts the ASC
  204. Multiple Charts for a relationship "get together" q?
  205. house of marriage?
  206. Quick query...
  207. Is Cancer Moon strong enough to translate the light in spite of Saturn?
  208. Site that explains dignities ect
  209. Horary Theory
  210. sigs trine each other with negative reception?
  211. Difference in Dignity
  212. Horary - 7th House Astrologer Placement.
  213. How many questions can you ask for one chart?
  214. significator placements
  215. Moon conjunct north node in horary?
  216. Interception and significator
  217. which house significator??
  218. poll
  219. South Node
  220. Reception Confusion ... again
  221. where to post for study question
  222. Timing Question
  223. Which House?
  224. query:saturn ascendant in diurnal horay chart
  225. late and early ascendants
  226. Question time
  227. When Moon is a singificator
  228. Saturn in the house in question
  229. question about significators
  230. types of questions Horary will answer
  231. Saturn in the 1st or 7th a bad indicator?
  232. sinificators for missing persons & where to find them
  233. Question about 0 on ascendent?
  234. Reception Question
  235. aspects a planet will form
  236. Sun/Moon
  237. Technique of significator and Planets in Retrograde motion
  238. significators and indicators of addiction or drugs in horary
  239. 2 questions at the same time
  240. Physical Descriptions of Significators through the Signs
  241. Sidereal times and total confusion
  242. antiscions
  243. My thoughts on 7th house as other person....
  244. Interviewer Significator
  245. What is a significant change?
  246. what does it mean when the significator and the..
  247. Quincunx?
  248. getting residency and relocating... which house or Planet?
  249. Experience with Fixed Stars
  250. Void of course moon if on sign cusp?