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  1. relocation chart
  2. Relocated chart & also Oct. 17 eclipse & part of fo
  3. Relocation Charts
  4. Relocation Chart
  5. Relocation Charts.
  6. Relocated Natal Chart comparisons
  7. Relocation Charts & Time Zone
  8. Relocated charts - which chart to use natal or relocated?
  9. Transits to natal or Relocated Charts ?????
  10. Relocation confusion - help!
  11. Relocation Help
  12. Articles on astro*carto*graphy
  13. Moving under Saturn transit
  14. Does this aspect mean anything?
  15. Venus lines in relocation charts
  16. Saturnian influence?
  17. So how do I figure out where I'll be happiest?
  18. When do you use which?
  19. Hello London
  20. moving to london...
  21. Colorado springs!
  22. NEVER move to a location with "Crossing SATURN/PLUTO" !!!!!
  23. How can you tell which CROSSING lines are closer/farther away.
  24. Relocation puts Saturn in the 10th...
  25. Moving for good?
  26. Relocation
  27. relocating natal charts
  28. Mars and Saturn
  29. Neptune MC line and/or 12th house emphasis
  30. Need Career Relocation reading and advice
  31. Zenith
  32. Moving on to Neptune/Pluto line
  33. I am new to relocational astrology and have a question...
  34. Happy where I am!
  35. Constantly Moving
  36. Local space lines and ACG crossings
  37. Relocated Natal Chart
  38. Transits to the relocated chart
  39. General question about relocation charts
  40. Relocation advice and info sought
  41. Different places where people live?
  42. Advice on where to move and help with my chart
  43. For those who have relocated...
  44. relocated pluto
  45. Places I could move to help with some difficult transits
  46. Places I could move to help with some difficult transits
  47. Do you relocate progressed charts?
  48. Astrocartography & Mars
  49. Relocation & ACG experiences please.
  50. What is your Ascendant in your relocated chart and how does it influence you?
  51. Relocation hipothesis
  52. Relocation?
  53. no lines
  54. Relocation - Making Lemonade out of Lemons
  55. How are relocation charts calculated?
  56. Relocation Chart Interpretation - How to Analyze
  57. Relocation for vocational reasons
  58. Why so bad?
  59. relocation angles/natal angles
  60. Just a quick question
  61. north node (taurus) in my 8th house of relocation chart
  62. Seeking Professional with a lot of success
  63. Astrocartography Uranus/IC
  64. LA or Chicago?
  65. Please what do you thing about these relocated charts
  66. moving to hawaii?
  67. Montreal or Los Angeles?
  68. Cold, unspeakable abuse! :)
  69. What houses should i look for for physical healing?
  70. Solar return alternatives (relocation) - Which to choose?
  71. Relocation Chart?
  72. Can a natal chart tell you the best city to relocate to?
  73. Question about topocentric system
  74. How can i find my relocated chart
  75. Interesting discovery of Astro travel
  76. Sun & Moon MH Zeniths = relocate?
  77. Where should I consider going to grad school?
  78. Finessing a Solar Return for a writing career
  79. astrocarography or astro maps
  80. Concerns about Working Abroad
  81. process of interpreting relocation
  82. Yes Or No...
  83. Any experiences or insight regarding Venus/DC line?
  84. Transits to Relocation Chart
  85. Considering a move to LA..
  86. Moving to New York City
  87. Astro.com
  88. quick question
  89. Relocated Saturn conjunct the Ascendant...
  90. Relocation vs Natal chart?
  91. Do you have South Node on relocated ascendant?
  92. Relocation chart reading
  93. Relocation chart; interesting discovery.
  94. Desperate move from PL/ASC to city with UR/DSC, VE/ASC, NE/DSC?
  95. fantastic relocation method
  96. Contemplating moving
  97. Astrogeography
  98. astrocartography experiences - sun/mc line
  99. Relocation theory Salt lake City
  100. Considering relocation - better option for career prosperity
  101. Relocation Chart for Crestone, CO
  102. Chiron conjunct Asc in relocation chart
  103. Adjusting time, or not?
  104. Feeling unsettled
  105. Locational astrology anyone?
  106. Secondary Progressions When One Relocates
  107. Relocation charts
  108. What does mars risingj/pluto upper paran line mean?
  109. neptune opposite relocated MC?
  110. Mission: Relocation
  111. Relocation solar return
  112. Moving 5 Time Zones Away
  113. Rising from Capricorn to Aries
  114. If I live in another city, which transits should I concentrate on?
  115. Difference between a Crossing Moon/Pluto and its Nodes?
  116. Mars in the 12th in Relocation Chart...does that make me weaker?
  117. How accurate/effective is a relocation chart?
  118. Calculating planetary altitude for Local space maps
  119. Which place should i move to?
  120. Which place should i move to?
  121. Is Neptune square MC a no go?
  122. Considering moving and working abroad - north node in 10th!
  123. What transits show relocation?
  124. Mars Line IC - Astrocartography
  125. Relocation Natal Effects
  126. Relocation for love
  127. Questions about relocating
  128. your thoughts on a relocated chart
  129. Is moving for each other a bad idea?
  130. Locational Astrology
  131. Locational Astrology
  132. Relocated Charts- Change the time or keep it the same?
  133. solar arc in relocation
  134. Timing and relocation
  135. Vesta IC line?
  136. relocation chart
  137. Relocation chart
  138. Relocation/Karma/Hemispheres of chart
  139. Nonagesimal vs MC in ACG chart
  140. Jupiter Asc opposite Mars Dec
  141. Altitude of planets
  142. Have been in 3 Cities or places in the last 4 years, which one makes me happy?
  143. Relocated Chart - confused by change to Asc.
  144. Move to Houston; plan to turn my life around
  145. In need of advices.
  146. local space technique
  147. Please advice if I "Should or should not?!
  148. The Neptune/AS Line
  149. Guess where i live (birth chart)?
  150. Difficulty in deciding between two locations
  151. The node and the vertex in relocation
  152. Venus angular by relocation - could mean marriage?
  153. 1st time moving with great consideration
  154. Help - scared of saturn at relocation chart
  155. Influence of the geo-political changes on the natal chart? Pluto in the 9th.
  156. Help, Bad prog mars: I need to get away. would this be a good relocation place for me
  157. Relocation for increased energy and belonging..
  158. Will I live abroad? Countries that are possible to immigrate?
  159. Relocation Chart
  160. Stagnant love/work life and hoping for a change soon
  161. Relocation and Arabic Parts
  162. Thinking of moving abroad
  163. Let Me Try This Again: Which City will be beneficial for me, L.A., Chicago,NYC
  164. Best time for travel
  165. Kite in relocation chart?
  166. moved from Europe to the middle east
  167. Astrocartography: Saturn/Pluto crossing?
  168. Alkaid crossing !! What does this mean!
  169. help! uranus in 12th, sun,merc,saturn in 6th of SR
  170. Sun conjunct Asc in relocation chart!!!!
  171. Using relocation chart in synastry
  172. How accurate is re-locational astrology?
  173. Relocation Strategies/Help
  174. Relocation - a different person?
  175. Too close to home? Relocation vs natal chart
  176. Quick Question!
  177. Gain Sight - A Miracle?
  178. Onsite relocation or business
  179. Jupiter vs Mercury for work relocation
  180. Wanting to move away for career purposes.
  181. Relocation for Mate, Home, Family
  182. Relocation chart - planets houses changed completely
  183. Local Space Chart
  184. Which place woud suit me (career and life)
  185. Relocating to a warmer place
  186. Relocating from IC/Chiron Line to MC/Venus Line
  187. moving north
  188. Finding "my" place
  189. Flaws in Relocation Astrology Techniques?
  190. If I move here will my social life and confidence improve?
  191. mistake in local space map?
  192. Clueless
  193. I'm torn...Portland or LA?
  194. Don't like your options?
  195. Jupiter MC and Chiron DS
  196. Relocation Help
  197. How to "flip" the chart based on different lines
  198. Could you escape Planet/House Crisis by Relocating ?
  199. Can you do relocation chart without birth time?
  200. Is there a better place for me to live than my current location?
  201. awful 2016 SR chart help me to relocate!
  202. Best place for finding true purpose of life
  203. Mars and My Move
  204. Where to go next?
  205. Would a move to Sofia, Bulgaria be beneficial or should I relocate elsewhere?
  206. Where should I relocate for my career to really take off?
  207. Exchange studies under Sun/dsc line
  208. Relocation chart interpretations
  209. Same placements as a country
  210. What town should I choose for a pregnancy?
  211. Should I quit living in my Pluto line?
  212. List of all big cities in the world, their lattitude, longitude and timezone required
  213. Planets conjoining angles vs soft aspects and house placement
  214. Relocated Solar Return : Which Time?
  215. Natal or relocation chart?
  216. Will I relocate to abroad?
  217. I have moved - and am now on my local Neptune line
  218. Moving Any thoughts?
  219. Living On Chiron MC Line. Thoughts?
  220. Moving & Relocation Reading/Help
  221. Are we impulsive and crazy or is this a good idea?
  222. Should I move
  223. Living on Pluto and Saturn square Asc. line - difficult times!
  224. Best Place for Grad School or Residency
  225. Questions about Relocation chart?
  226. Place of Birth and Place of stay
  227. Solar return vs. natal astrology - what to do when there are conflicts?
  228. Will moving make a difference?
  229. Relocation (Please Help)!
  230. Need help with relocation
  231. Relocated ascendant?
  232. Astrocartography - is there sense?
  233. Travels
  234. I'm moving to Bristol... things seem good but the catch...
  235. 1. Relocation astrology is FOR REAL! 2. Advice appreciated!
  236. relocation aspects
  237. Moved into another country and have terrible luck in love life
  238. Moving to Boise... Will Moon Square & Uranus Line Drive Me Crazy?
  239. Differences in choosing locations?
  240. I have a feeling to move somewhere . Why and where should I move
  241. Travel and strong dream of relocation
  242. Need Advice for 12th Placements.
  243. Relocation South Node/ASC and Ancestors
  244. work trip forcing a SR i don't want - will it affect me by:
  245. how best to look at relocation?
  246. Pluto Line
  247. How is being in different location change your solar return chart?
  248. Relocation Ascendant in Synastry
  249. How works relocation if a person settled abroad?
  250. Which would be a favorable place?