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  1. Was September 11th Staged?
  2. T.V and Film reviews
  3. Western Dress and Bound Feet
  4. Merry Christmas
  5. Reading children's horoscopes yes or no
  6. Astrology and chance
  7. Death of Ray webb
  8. Astrology on TV
  9. Michelle Knights home reading oracle
  10. the Moon
  11. Profound Statement
  12. China's all seeing eye-Rolling Stone Article
  13. Strange Communication from Saturn
  14. What does this dream mean?
  15. Happy Birthday America
  16. Everyone say hi to Makemake!
  17. Free talks and meditations from Self Awareness Instit.
  18. global talk radio
  19. Afterlife Messages From The Washington DC Madam
  20. who makes a better match?
  21. is BO lying about his birth place?
  22. Talk about Obama's place of birth
  23. Save the Earth Awareness Project
  24. Astrology a Woman's or a Men's Science ??
  25. American Politics and Elections 2012
  26. Freedomlover?
  27. Christianity and Astrology
  28. Zodiac killer found?
  29. Astro groups in Manchester?
  30. December 21, 2012
  31. How do you guys straighten your hair?
  32. The "Show Me State" shows us.
  33. Kepler astrology school closing down
  34. RESEARCH - A Simple Mercury Retrograde Study
  35. Before you got to earth . . .
  36. My anger
  37. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: Prescriptions and Possibilities
  38. Dr Brian Cox Wonders of The Solar System
  39. definition of various astrological beliefs
  40. Is Astro.com site down?
  41. Astrological Disbelief
  42. Astro Win Ce Issues
  43. Mark Twains autobiography released after 100 years.
  44. can a psychic be gay?
  45. Alcoholism - survivors and victims
  46. A place for negativity?
  47. Suicide.
  48. Suicide Prevention
  49. can you refute this article?
  50. Please test your psychic abilities and help me
  51. Nature, culture, history and human foibles...
  52. unknown star very bright
  53. Melbourne Free astrology program tuition
  54. God did not create the universe, says Hawking
  55. psychic abilities fluctuate
  56. Anyone who wants to sell out?
  57. Petition unfair representation of astrology on BBC
  58. Sidereal vs western
  59. Sort' of Skeptical of Astrology....
  60. Radiation Watch, USA.
  61. Strokes. A must read for all!
  62. What a catch! But, real or fake? a Video
  63. in real life..
  64. Very Disconcerting!
  65. The Moon has shifted?
  66. Preparation for Solar activity 2011 and beyond..
  67. Rife Machine
  68. Amy Winehouse dead at age 27
  69. In Traditional Astrology...
  70. Tropical astrology or sidereal astrology?
  71. Which is your rising sign and how was your birth?
  72. ARE news release: Pre-Ice Age Complex Found Off Bahamas Coast
  73. Virginia earthquake: a bizarre account.
  74. New Pirate Party
  75. Is The Premeditated Killing of any Human Being Ethical and/or Morally Justifiable??
  76. waking up alive!!
  77. Nikola Tesla and Free Energy
  78. What are you going to be for halloween and what is your sign?
  79. Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor
  80. Where is Bob Zemco?
  81. Netanyahu seeks support for attack on Iran
  82. Intriguing: The Lost Symbol of Ra & why "the lost symbol" IS apparently a lost symbol
  83. Jobless in America - Tent Cities
  84. Asteroid 2005 YU 55 approaching Earth - close encounter due 8 November 2011
  85. $9,000,000,000,000,000.00 missing from U.S. Fed. Reserve
  86. Peaceful UC Davis Campus Students Pepper Sprayed by Police
  87. Illegal immigration, do you feel it's a contributing to the US economic problems?
  88. My Tram Experience - UK Legal Immigration issues
  89. Project Camelot anyone?
  90. Iran Sanctions
  91. Planetary Polarity
  92. Creation of Money
  93. US Presidential Election
  94. Humans consistently failed a Memory Test that was completed easily by a Chimpanzee
  95. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) and Food Labelling in Southern California
  96. The 4-Year Old Cheeseburger
  97. military dictadorship inthe u.s.
  98. David Wilcock Death Threat
  99. Sociopaths and their place in our society.
  100. Conspiracy Theories, "Lone Crazed Killers" - Evidence of Revision
  101. Glenn Beck Exposes the North American Union Plot; WikiLeaks Confirms Information
  102. Airport Terror Alert - Woman Boarding Aircraft Carrying Cupcake Deemed Security Risk"
  103. Perplexed and Amused
  104. The shocking truth of the pending eu collapse!!
  105. Has anyone else noticed a certain desperation about the world lately?
  106. Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government is Killing You
  107. Cancer & Disease
  108. The U.S. Is Going To Fall In 5, 4, 3, 2....
  109. Best Wormhole Vid. Yet
  110. Etta James has passed on. 1/25/38 - 1/20/11
  111. The Revolution Business
  112. Reconstruction of The Major Egyptian Years by Albert Timashev
  113. "How To Control The Masses" & "The Manufacture of Consent" - (E. Bernays/N. Chomsky)
  114. Our Internet Freedom Threatened by Secretly Negotiated Copyright Treaty
  115. The Universe is Alive - The Oldest Idea On The Planet
  116. Robert Hooke - Victim of Genius - Rival of Isaac Newton
  117. Constellations are real stars forming "patterns" "pictures" "Images" in the sky
  118. "Human Resources" - Social Engineering Funded by the Elite
  119. RUSSIA warns USA - Possibility of Nuclear World War III over Republic of IRAN
  120. uranus/pluto as it relates to internet freedom conversation with waybread and mark
  121. Nibiru
  122. World's Most Dangerous School Run
  123. Russia and China Veto UN Resolution on Syria
  124. The "Doomsday Vault"
  125. "People Deserve The Government They Get" - Henry Ford
  126. US snubs Canadian oil – So Canada negotiating exporting oil to China
  127. Trumpets???
  128. Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Continuing Corruption Probe – “Sunset” days for Murdoch?
  129. The Mole in Ashmole.
  130. How can we obtain true happiness in the mist of so much suffering?
  131. Astrology of Natural Disasters
  132. How we will all be spied upon by CIA and others
  133. The theory of the birth of the universe
  134. Trayvon Martin Unarmed Teen Killed - CCTV of George Zimmerman in Police Station
  135. Sidereal or Tropical?
  136. Oil Supplies Decreasing & If Oil Runs Out, Our 'Civilisation' Ends
  137. "LOCKERBIE BOMBER" EXCLUSIVE - secret report could have cleared Megrahi
  138. Musical and Mythical Goddesses
  139. Australians!! Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal Pell
  140. Is astrology denounced in the Bible?
  141. Is it ever ethical or morally justified to do that which one knows to be morally wron
  142. The Teflon Coated Nonstick Mass Murderer Never Punished.
  143. why the extreme variation between ethics/morals of individuals & nations?
  144. A Proposal To Classify Happiness As A Psychiatric Disorder - Medical Ethics Journal
  145. What kind of astrologer are you?
  146. May Day May Day May Day OWS SOS
  147. Birds Attack Question
  148. New Mayan Find. Astrologers Chamber In Temple.
  149. Ancient Greek Cosmic Chess Game Ha Ha!
  150. Pres. Obama's drug use revealed
  151. exPrime Minister Tony Blair Accused Of War Crimes by Protestor at Leveson Inquiry
  152. Rothschild buys 37% stake in Rockefeller Group & gets foothold in US
  153. Inhabiting Mars in 2023?
  154. astrology reason for migration of animals
  155. light from the sun question
  156. Why are Jupiter & Saturn “generational” planets?
  157. The Fire That Destroyed the Library at Alexandria. Edgar Cayce spoke.
  158. U.S. Senators That Voted Against GMO Labeling
  159. "Since When Was Healing Considered a Crime?! – Cancer & Forbidden Cures"
  160. Very convincing UFO footage
  161. the Universal Glue
  162. Atlantis - A New Theory Regarding Origins
  163. Building Bridges Between Islands of Disagreement In Astrology - is that possible?
  164. Astrodienst Ephemeris Has Been Altered...!!!
  165. 7/20/2012: "The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History"
  166. Dead Sea Scrolls and John Marco Allegro, Original Translator
  167. Sun Adoration And The Astrological Zodiac
  168. Da Vinci Code – Is Any Of It Fact?
  169. Secret History - Magic Mushrooms - Amanita Sacraments
  170. Scribes Altered The Bible - A Fact Unknown By Many Readers - Some May Never Know!
  171. SONGS describing 'Karma', 'Wheel of Karma', 'Wheel of Fortune', God, Spirit, Soul,
  172. A Fascinatingly Disturbing Thought from Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  173. Instant Karma, it must hurt!
  174. A Letter to Israel
  175. Does the New World Order exist?
  176. Romney ad
  177. The Solar Boundary
  178. Teen Drinks Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail Then Has Stomach Removed By Emergency Surgery
  179. PLUTO – Does Mass Matter? Because That's Why Pluto Is No Longer A Planet
  180. Anyone whose Sun, Moon or ASC Sign responds to parents Sun, Moon, ASC/any planet?
  181. Secrets Of The Nebra Star Disk
  182. Fantasy Island
  183. Multinational Supermarkets & Stores Are A Major Cause of Unemployment
  184. when push comea to shove what do you believe in?
  185. Gamechanging News About GMO's - Also Known As Genetrically Modified Organisms
  186. 85 Drugs Can Interact With Grapefruit 43 Of These Can Have Serious Side Effects
  187. Springhill Group - Beyond the Dream
  188. adam lanza
  189. adam lanza
  190. Who do they think they are?
  191. European DisUnity
  192. Russian meteorite - Was it expected?
  193. Monsanto And The US Government
  194. Most Ridiculous Law of 2013 So Far: Now a Crime to Unlock Your Smartphone
  195. Gun Control- Germany 1938
  196. Is Nestle the new Monsanto?
  197. Bird Flu: H7N9 Infection Risk Mapped
  198. Calif. man beaten to death by cops.
  199. History Channel Epose of CIA Drug Dealing
  200. mrsa coverup
  201. BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense, Hon. Paul Hellyer
  202. On Freedom
  203. Child torturer brought to justice
  204. 911 was an inside job and so was...
  205. Homo sapiens goes Interstellar
  206. Asteiod near miss
  207. The Invisible Empire Is Alive and Well In The State Of Virginia
  208. Count Down To WWWIII
  209. The Vedic take on how old our beloved universe is
  210. JFK Assasintion
  211. How often you read/use astrology during the week
  212. obama
  213. Clinton Soule banned???
  214. Edward Snowden needs your support
  215. How 'bout Ayn Rand, everyone?
  216. my definition of trolls
  217. Alex Jones Family-Mystery Flu Death
  218. I was a Ghost Club Investigator
  219. Student Loans problems
  220. Did Aliens take flight 370
  221. The Rings of Chariklo
  222. computer supervirus
  223. Crossroads; the Grand Cross
  224. BIG shark tagging...
  225. Harley Brown - the next American President?
  226. Take back our internet freedom!
  227. Russia & China , the new Super Power?
  228. Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn, Pluto in Scorpio generation
  229. I have 3 questions. ... Don't throw me under the bus . lls
  230. Teslal,VThat science is merely suppositions and obfelikovsky and the Fraud of Science
  231. Tesla,Velikovsky and the Fraud of Science
  232. It Continues
  233. Leanna Harris (mother of Conner Harris)
  234. Anyone wanna talk about Benedict Cumberbatch?
  235. Governor Perry accused of "abuse of power."
  236. The Government and Religion was what this guy did legal
  237. Mysteriously Deleted Threads
  238. Uranus Might Be Full of Surprises
  239. Why do you think humans are the way they are
  240. mysterious death suicides.HEBDO et.al.
  241. Sony E-mails
  242. Did Paul McCartney Die In 1966? Ringo Claims It's True!
  243. Ghost of San Francisco
  244. Freud made the worst dictators successful
  245. Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death.
  246. Gerald Celente keeps us up to date
  247. Can We Do It Ourselves? Documentary to open your mind
  248. Occupy Peace
  249. Outlook for stock market for rest of year?
  250. Will Donald Trump say, "I told you!"?