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  1. The Solar Return Chart
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  5. my Solar Return
  6. Solar Return Moon conj. Natal Saturn/Pr. Venus
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  11. It's my birthday :D
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  13. Solar
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  22. Happy Birthday to Meee Solar Return
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  26. My solar return chart
  27. It's my Birth Day!
  28. Happy Birthday to Me
  29. No Comprendo-ing the whole Solar Return thing...
  30. 2008 Solar Return!
  31. Solar Return Chart
  32. Solar Return of a good friend
  33. Solar Return Stellium
  34. Solar Return
  35. Solar return, New location or not
  36. My Solar Return chart for 2007
  37. My Solar Return Scares Me!
  38. Which place for Solar Return shall I choose? Please give advice.
  39. Tropical versus Sidereal solar returns
  40. Solar returns, transits and progressions
  41. Solar Return to Love
  42. Please, Solar Return, I'm begging you....
  43. Ryo's Scary-looking Solar Return...
  44. Another scary solar return,with Saturn as the main star
  45. Venus & Mercury 8th house
  46. Predicting love
  47. Predictions using '08 SR
  48. Am I scared for nothing?
  49. Solar Return for next year
  50. Natal venus will conjunct my SR Asc this year ????
  51. URGENT woman in trouble
  52. Solar Return Woes?
  53. Urgent moving for terrible familiar stuff
  54. 18th year
  55. I can't even sleep!
  56. solar return 2008, moving house?
  57. solar return reading for your insights/interp..
  58. My Solar Return 2007
  59. Just did Solar Return and I'm very depressed about it...
  60. venus + saturn in 7th house
  61. Help with 2008 solar return
  62. Uranus takes no aspects in SR
  63. Solar Eclipses in Solar Return
  64. Critical degrees in my chart
  65. Solar Return 2008 - Love and business???
  66. Solar Return w/ 29 critical degree
  67. Interpreting the Solar Return chart
  68. Its my birthday in a couple of weeks
  69. My Solar Return 2008 similar Natal chart the man that I love
  70. do events happened to me in 06/07 reflect in my solar return?
  71. What does my solar return say about LOVE ?
  72. Reading A Solar Return
  73. Asc conjunct Asc in solar return!
  74. T-square involving 11th, 3rd and 5th??
  75. How To Read Solar Returns
  76. 8th House Stellium + Chiron
  77. Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune,all retro,conj. 0degree aquarious!!
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  79. Is This The Year for my Stellar Return?
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  81. SR Chart: A year for relationships?
  82. Here is my Solar Return 2008!
  83. Here is my Solar Return 2007!
  84. Solar/Lunar Return Same Day
  85. Happy Birthday to me!
  86. SR: Second opinions?
  87. Intercepted 12th House in Solar Return
  88. Question about my Solar Return!
  89. My 2008 Solar Return...Need help!
  90. A worrying Solar Return...
  91. will it happen for me this year?
  92. Venus in the SR
  93. Solar Return '08
  94. Stellium in 5 H, grand cross in SR 2008/09
  95. birthday June 2nd, solar return help
  96. my SR...any signs of marriage?
  97. new at solar returns
  98. moon in SR
  99. Experiences with 12th house Moon in Solar Return, ...anyone?
  100. birthday just passsed, should I move abroad!
  101. Solar return 2009 - asc conjunct each other's Sun
  102. house placement and aspects
  103. It is Solar Return Time....and a question on solar return times and dates
  104. Solar and Venusian Return one day after the other
  105. Solar Return Questions
  106. A solar return in action
  107. 3rd and 5th house connection in SR??
  108. Month-by-month forecasts using a solar return
  109. your best and worst SR years?
  110. need your help confuse with scorpio asc and pluto
  111. Helloooooo! It's my Birthday tomorrow - SR please anyone
  112. Am I on the right track here? Libra rising...
  113. solar return 2008 first its sweet then sour
  114. help with solar return
  115. A Solar Return for 2008
  116. events, eclipse with interpretation
  117. Upcoming Solar Return has 7 planets in 12th
  118. Another person's sun conjunct your SR or LR ascendant??
  119. 5 points in SR 8th house....including solar eclipse!!!
  120. can someone intrpret my solar return
  121. A new career in a new town?
  122. 9th house overlapping the 6th? How do I interpret this?
  123. Location, Location, Location
  124. My Very first Solar Return!
  125. Need help with complicated solar return chart
  126. Will I be able to make a US Presidency bid?
  127. Help needed since Saturn is in Virgo, in SR falls in 8th house
  128. last solar return before progressed existance
  129. Solar return with neptune on the ascendant
  130. Algol in the Solar Return
  131. recent birthday, need help with SR for this year
  132. Merc Retro, Sun & Mars in 8th House Solar Return
  133. pregnancy/birth in solar return?
  134. Pluto (solar planet) quintile saturn (natal planet) in my 5th house. What it means ?
  135. First Solar Reading - Intrigued
  136. My Solar return for 2009, better than this year, I hope?
  137. A new year with unaspected ruler?
  138. It looks like a very good year
  139. timing in Solar Returns
  140. Discussion Solar Returns Starlinks Article
  141. EJ's SR interpretation
  142. any affairs/relationships in my solar year ?
  143. Solar return ascendant same as natal, but a pretty boring year!
  144. My Solar Return
  145. Thoughts on my Solar Return?
  146. cassanra's SR interpretation
  147. A Re-do on my Solar Return
  148. Solar Return Predictions
  149. solar return planets
  150. New to Solar Returns
  151. Solar Return chart reading request
  152. solar 2009 link to arc, transits, progressions
  153. 5 placements in the 8th house
  154. SR chart~ very weird~ eclipse conj practically everything
  155. Venus occurances
  156. Strange Solar Return BIG CHANGE
  157. SR Moving house
  158. Solar return with no fire?!
  159. My Solar Return
  160. Hospitalisation, operations
  161. Scary Solar Return Chart
  162. Soon its my b-day
  163. solar return this week
  164. Planets conjunct SR AC, intercepted houses
  165. Solar Returns & Relocation
  166. Could this in a solar return represent traveling?
  167. Ouestion about preparing a solar return
  168. Saturn square Pluto Square Uranus opp Saturn
  169. Solar - A Happy Cappie!
  170. Capricorn Solar Return
  171. Solar return focus in the 10th, 11th and 5th?
  172. Solar return focus on 5th House
  173. Solar Return Focus on the 9th House
  174. Pluto conjunct ascendant in next solar return
  175. Big changes in solar return.
  176. 17th Solar Return With Pluto IC Square Venus DC
  177. Solar Return with Venus Emphasis
  178. an opinion about my SR
  179. My Solar Return
  180. SR queries...sun in the 5th, moon in the 7th?
  181. Solar return with Pluto on Ascendant opp.Sun in 7th
  182. Learning Solar Returns
  183. SOLAR and LUNAR return on a same day?
  184. NN conjunct Chiron in Solar Return
  185. Travel before or after birthday?
  186. Travel before or after birthday?
  187. Solar return ascendent conjunct sun/moon midpoint
  188. Concerned about Solar Return
  189. Help with Solar Return Relocation intepretation
  190. my solar return
  191. SR 2009-10 on Saturday
  192. My SR... is there hope for me?
  193. Confused about SR Calculations
  194. Location and SR
  195. does this indicate pregnancy this year?
  196. SR 2009 on Monday
  197. Focus on 4th and 5th in Solar Return chart
  198. help with solar return
  199. Following on "focus on the 4th & 5th" and "pregnancy indicators in SR's"
  200. Nodes Activated in Solar Return
  201. Nodes in Solar Returns
  202. Help with uranus-sun square in SR
  203. Solar return birth day soon love input
  204. Solar Return Asc on Natal MC
  205. Solar Return 2009-Happy year for Me!!! (MAYBE)
  206. SR 3/9 Axis Activated with Scorpio ASC
  207. June 14 solar return..anyone for birthday advise?
  208. No Deaths this year please! SR Advice
  209. A full 12th House Solar Return
  210. My solar returns, any significant development in the love department?:)
  211. Solar arc MC onto Uranus 6th=surgery
  212. Solar return point of view
  213. The Solar Return Experiment!
  214. What's up ahead for me?!
  215. Am I going to move out this year?
  216. change of location during Solar return (experiment)
  217. Love and Misery
  218. My solar return - showing job focus - hopefully?!?
  219. I have the scariest solar return this year I've ever seen
  220. I just had my Solar Return!!
  221. Solar return - Help! Birth place or current location?
  222. Re: Solar return
  223. Accurate Solar Return
  224. Solar Return 2011--very, very scary.
  225. Does SR forecast a year from the beginning of the year or my birthday?
  226. Solar return - difficult year?
  227. My daughter's first solar return :)
  228. My solar return
  229. My Solar Return 2009/2010
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  232. Why my solar return travel didn't work
  233. really amazing findings... solar return for me n my partner
  234. Progressed Solar Returns
  235. Celebrated Solar Return in Istanbul, Turkey
  236. Solar return and the ascendant
  237. help!! moving overseas
  238. birthday, solar return, anyone care to help...
  239. SR coming soon
  240. Mmm... troublesome uranus?
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  243. Pluton in Solar Return
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  245. venus in H12 and pluto
  246. Solar Return combined with Natal vs.
  247. help! will this be a better year?
  248. Ascendant.r Sq Ascendant.n
  249. Simple question
  250. Next SR - Saturn = Chart Ruler, in 8th H, Harsh Aspects