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  1. Massive Second House Transits/Progressions
  2. transit saturn conjunct north node in leo in 11th?
  3. Transit pluto opp natal sun - any clues??
  4. Nodal Returns
  5. Saturn transits Leo
  6. Pluto is killing me....and has been for over 7 years.
  7. jupiter return:what to expect?
  8. pluto passing through my first house , 4 planets, any ideas?
  9. Major conjunction hell coming up... any thoughts from anyone
  10. Saturn return stories
  11. emergency! Saturn transits 6th house...:(
  12. Planets transitting houses
  13. Uranus and Venus Transits
  14. saturn return is worse than horrible
  15. Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?
  16. Pluto Transits
  17. Question about tr. Pluto from 12th to 1st
  18. Saturn Return effect
  19. Chiron return
  20. Best House System for Transits?
  21. tr. Saturn conjunct progressed ascendant
  22. Neptune side effects, any way out? *cry*
  23. Saturn return and worse
  24. North Node 'return'
  25. transits to nodes?
  26. tr Mars conj natal Saturn = disappointment?
  27. Neptune/Sun/Saturn transits--PLEASE HELP!
  28. Chiron transits to natal venus
  29. Interpretation of tr node
  30. Transiting Pluto and non-Solar aspects
  31. Pluto Transits
  32. personal transits and such.
  33. New Moon conjunct natal Jupiter
  34. Triple Transpersonal Alignment: Natal, Solar arc, Transit.
  35. Transits with Many Squares on the Coming Friday
  36. Chiron transits
  37. Preparing for Jupiter Return
  38. Transiting Neptune conjuncts natal Venus
  39. Transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto in 9th house
  40. transits at work? my friend had a super strange day yesterday
  41. Planetary Chain Reaction w/ Transits
  42. The Chiron return with Rx
  43. 12th House Saturn Transit for two (saturn returns)
  44. Transiting North Node conjuncts natal North Node
  45. tr pluto conjunct south node
  46. Pluto squaring personal planets!
  47. Influence of the transiting Nodes
  48. RE North Node conjunctions
  49. Transits of Darkness
  50. Amazed by Transit
  51. Eclipse on Natal Mars
  52. Sixth House Transits
  53. Saturn OPP Venus
  54. Sat opp Nep on my MC/IC axis
  55. Uranus transits
  56. Horrible Transits - Can anyone help?
  57. My Transits September
  58. How Do You Figure Out Transits?
  59. Tr.Sun conjunct Pluto
  60. Pluto Tr Saturn in the 4th House
  61. Transits of chart ruler
  62. Mercury Opposition and Other Transits
  63. Jupiter in 1st house - weight gain
  64. Transiting moon
  65. transit of lilith
  66. Uranus Return
  67. Saturn return for one with a close Sun-Saturn conjunction
  68. saturn transits sun!!!???
  69. transits of inconjuct
  70. Current Transits in Scorpio Effecting Taurus/Health
  71. Neptune conj ASC
  72. Jupiter transits 1st house
  73. What does a Pluto-Venus grand kite and a grand trine predict for the future?
  74. 6 conjunctions of transit pluto
  75. transiting jupiter meets natal uranus
  76. Transit Pluto trine natal venus..what can I expect?
  77. ?Pluto Transits - Relationship Question
  78. Triple transit calculator
  79. TR. Jupiter Conjunct Natal Uranus
  80. Pluto transit square to natal Pluto is this going to be nasty?
  81. 6 major transits all at once?
  82. Mars Conjunct Natal Mars
  83. Saturn in 12th Square Uranus in 3rd
  84. natals charts and planetary transits
  85. Double G.Trine Kite in Solar Return
  86. Progressions and good transits are not working for me!
  87. What experiences should I expect Pluto to Jupiter?
  88. Solar eclipse conjunct juno
  89. Transiting north node conjuncting natal planets
  90. Uranus/Aquarian heavy folks & Uranus opp. Uranus
  91. Transits
  92. Transits - Neptune opp Saturn
  93. Uranus transits w/moon
  94. Transiting Saturn opp natal moon!
  95. uranus square neptune
  96. Rahu "North Node of Moon"
  97. the results of pluto transiting house 4?
  98. Transiting Uranus
  99. ~neptune opposition sun Transit~ experience
  100. Transiting Uranus squaring MC and IC
  101. Uranus and Pluto transits together
  102. Saturn direct feeling okay for once
  103. Jupiter Grand Trine vs Saturn Return Grand Cross
  104. What to Expect When Mars Conjuncts the Ascendant
  105. Transits to South Node/bad luck
  106. Chiron transits
  107. Pluto transits and death
  108. Astrology of Debt
  109. Transiting saturn square natal sun
  110. 2nd hit of once in a lifetime transit
  111. Transits Indicating a Beloved Dog's Death
  112. Pluto conjunct Neptune
  113. Saturn Neptune opposition - question!
  114. Saturn....
  115. Full moon on natal venus
  116. Saturn in Virgo - September 3rd
  117. Uranian Transits
  118. Importance of fast transits to intepretation of slower transits
  119. Transiting North Node counjunct natal South Node
  120. Making sense of Saturn transits
  121. Any Boomers With Saturn To Pluto Wisdom To Share ?
  122. Grand trine but with Saturn-Venus conjunct
  123. Mega Event Triggering Cluster Of Planets
  124. Need advice for upcoming busy activity
  125. General Transits?
  126. Transits to my natal chart
  127. Pluto transiting house 6
  128. transit triggers passing of loved one?
  129. How are the transits for this day?
  130. What transits could have triggered a miscarriage?
  131. Oct 15 transits to natal/progressed chart
  132. Pluto Transiting my 8th House for next 10 years
  133. 02.09.2007: Saturn enters in my ascendant.
  134. Transits to 8th house planets
  135. Transiting Saturn Opposing Natal Mars
  136. Pavarotti Dies
  137. Action of Neptune: Jupiter Transit Nept during Nept Transit Sun
  138. Using Mars Transit?
  139. Compatibility Forecast???
  140. Mars Opposition Uranus
  141. Why so emotional???
  142. please help a newbie on prediction and timing
  143. mars zero degrees cancer?
  144. I am fed up of the transit
  145. Help for a friend
  146. Christmas: danger?
  147. Libra New Moon Oct 11
  148. Mercury Retro in Libra
  149. Help with Sat opp Saturn
  150. Pluto Conj Galatic Centre
  151. Pluto distress...
  152. jupiter transit and improvement in career prospects?
  153. Venus Conjunct Saturn
  154. Venus & A DWI (possible Sat opp Mars)
  155. Positives for Mars opp AC and Conj Sun??
  156. What does it imply?
  157. Do Saturn transits show you your fate, or just your fears?
  158. The mysterious "Panch-pakshi"
  159. series of Lunations conjuncting natal planets
  160. Neptune experiences
  161. Chiron hitting my asc
  162. Pluto transits
  163. Midpoints
  164. Mars retrograde and nearly stationary
  165. Pluto Square Moon
  166. true nodes?
  167. HELPPP Uranus direct station over my natal eros
  168. Can someone please dumb this up?
  169. Good time to become athletic?
  170. Pluto squaring moon and venus
  171. Advice! Starting out a new job tomorrow! Yikes!
  172. Uranus transiting 4th house sending tremors!
  173. Transiting Saturn, Uranus and Pluto and their impact on relationships
  174. advice needed on transit.
  175. Orbs of influence natal vs transits
  176. Anyone know how i can get a transit chart of a composite chart?
  177. Family death, will he be able to handle the transits?
  178. why am I in such a MOOD?
  179. I need some guidance...
  180. Uranus on Asc...
  181. Help.. Transits for 2008
  182. Mars retrograde
  183. trying to learn about transits
  184. Cyber Handholding
  185. Pluto transit is killing me, help!
  186. Tips for beginners
  187. Node-transits interpretations
  188. A good day to quit the job?
  189. Transits to the Astrology Weekly Forums Chart
  190. Saturn Transiting my 5th house
  191. new moon on Jupiter
  192. pluto conjunct mercury
  193. uranus & neptune double-whammy
  194. natal planet aspects with same planet transits
  195. Hey Its My Birhday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  196. pluto square pluto question
  197. What happens when there is a transit to a ruler of an intercepted house?
  198. Ugh..can someone please take a look at this?
  199. New Moon in Capricorn
  200. Uranus transiting Sun
  201. At my wit's end!
  202. confused transits perhaps?
  203. Mercury station direct close to ascendant...
  204. do you believe in horoscopes using birthtimes?
  205. Is There Love Heading my Way soon.
  206. Sun oppositions
  207. Transits to the outers...
  208. Jupiter and Saturn transits together
  209. Friend was in a bad car accident
  210. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius
  211. the sky when you began your relationship...
  212. This Year
  213. How to Read Transits
  214. Trying to rectify chart
  215. Help With a Transit
  216. What transit is being so harsh?
  217. Where do I get Transit Charts?
  218. Neptune conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (21degrees) Rising
  219. Neptune conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (21degrees) Rising
  220. Sun opposition Venus
  221. Progressive.
  222. Will the major age solar return be awful?
  223. Transits and quitting my job.
  224. The Forums solar birthday
  225. Some crumby transits
  226. Anyone else experiencing same problems w/Uranus transit Moon?
  227. Pluto squaring natal Sun
  228. help interpreting important transits
  229. Neptune square Neptune
  230. PLUTO un-aspected
  231. Transiting Pluto entering the 12th house (Help!!!)
  232. jeez why so shy? =p
  233. OMG uranas transiting our dc
  234. Planets transiting 4th house.
  235. I'm so blocked
  236. More Pluto in 12th house
  237. lost in space:Transits Pluto conjunct moon and ascendent.
  238. Transiting aspects that cause sudden depression
  239. Saturn Transits
  240. State of emulision--Transformation by process of Gnarly Transits!
  241. Pluto and Neptune transits?How long will I be waiting
  242. Pluto nad nEptune, tired of hanging around
  243. Pluto stopped on my neptune!!!
  244. transiting moon and fertility
  245. Jupiter aspecting mars
  246. Triple Square transit
  247. Somebody new in my life/transits in general
  248. best way to read transits??
  249. changing of transiting aspect
  250. When will Pluto and Saturn trine my Venus and Mercury in Virgo?