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  2. dualistic confusion
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  7. Me and Mom
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  21. Research Project or Is There Already An Answer ??
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  33. What is my heart and soul
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  38. i just dont get them
  39. Franz Bardons 360 heads of the zone girding the earth, oft compared to sabian smbls
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  42. Birth chart of Jesus?
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  63. effect of different planets & houses
  64. Part of Identity
  65. Help understanding these symobls.
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  77. Leo 6: An Old Fashioned Woman and an up-to-date girl...and Pandora, too.
  78. Virgo 24: Mary and her white lamb...
  79. Aries 28: A large disappointed audience...and the senses
  80. The Last Supper, The Crucifixion and the absolution of Karma
  81. Request for Sabian Analysis
  82. Libra 20: A Jewish rabbi
  83. Gemini 02: Santa Claus stuffing stockings furtively
  84. Virgo 15: An ornamental handkerchief
  85. 11 12' 10" Degrees Libra - Almost Critical 13th degree
  86. Lillith: Understanding its nature and Sabian interpretation
  88. Aries 04: Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk
  89. What Are Sabian Symbols
  90. Arabic Part of Imprisonment
  91. Hermetic Lot of Eros
  92. Kozminsky Symbols
  93. Sabian Symbols and Movies
  94. Sabians. The Arabic Part of Imagination
  95. The Part of Innocence aka Lawsuits aka Disputes
  96. Understanding the enumeration of the degrees
  97. The Part of Imprisonment
  98. Sabian analysis of Uranus retro. currently
  99. Comparative Symbology in Degree Analysis
  101. Sabians: Part of Destiny
  102. Part of Wisdom-Fame?
  103. Part of Advancement; Part of Sudden Advancement
  104. Sabians: Jupiter retrograde Aug 31st>
  105. 10 degrees Libra
  106. Sabian Symbols: 20* Virgo " A CARAVAN OF CARS HEADED TO THE WEST COAST."
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  108. The 'Finger of God' in 2012
  109. Pisces 11: Men Seeking Illumination
  110. Happy Birthday Mohandas Gandhi. The 12th House cusp.
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  116. Capricorn 19: A child of about five with a huge shopping bag
  117. Libra 05: A man teaching the true inner knowledge
  118. Birth Chart of Mary?
  119. Pisces 17: An Easter promenade
  120. Socrpio 26* & OWS
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  126. Aquarius 23 (The Waving Bear) or When life imitates the Sabian Symbols
  127. 'M*A*S*H.. Col. Potter.. Goodbye, Farewell & Armen
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  129. Literary references in the Sabian Symbols
  130. Inside Degrees (I hope you like them, piercethevale)
  131. Five flags in the Sabian Symbols
  132. Four Butterflies in the Sabian Symbols
  133. 10 Indians in the Sabian Symbols
  134. 5 degrees for interp!
  135. The "Lost" Writings of Dane Rudhyar
  136. On the Importance of "Opposing Degree Symbols"
  137. Mysterious "29"
  138. On the Importance of "Opposing Degree Symbols", Part 2
  139. I'm confused about this Sabian symbol interpretation?
  140. Event Chart of the Pentecost?
  141. 8 Capricorn symbolic degree "A man falls on the ground near a wayside cross..."
  142. Degrees again: nice-to-knows :)
  143. Mars retro Jan. 2012
  144. Ronald Reagan's Part of Sudden Advancement by Sabian Symbol Analysis
  145. Your Emergency Preparedness Kit. The Hermetic Lots of Necessity, Courage and Victory.
  146. Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Personal vs Generational
  147. Pisces 30: The Great Stone Face
  148. Aries 1: A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her
  149. Scorpio 7: Deep-sea Divers (James Cameron)
  150. USA Natal Part of Deceit
  151. USA Chart ~ Part of Distress.
  152. Sabians: USA natal Part of Transformation Uranus conj 2013
  153. The USA natal Part of Treasure
  154. Which meaning should I go with
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  156. Aquarius 14 (A train entering a tunnel)
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  159. Hermetic Lot of Secret Enemies
  160. USA natal chart [zero hr. July 4, 1776, Philadelphia] Part's of Mother, Daughter, Son
  161. The Part of Trickery
  162. The Natal Chart of a Friend...Malakye.
  163. How would you interpret these degrees?
  164. Elsie Wheeler, Clairvoyant that rediscovered the Sabian Symbols
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  166. Sagittarius !2*, Sabians!
  167. Part of Damage
  168. Books for fixed signs
  169. Part of Tragedy conjunct Part of Benevolence?
  170. The birth chart of 'Adam' & Sign and deg. of 'Lilith' Exalted?
  171. Venus in the 14th deg. of Leo. Sagacious Advice by Lynda Hill
  172. The Future King of Great Britain
  173. Part of Reincarnation?
  174. Parts in Opposition
  175. The Part of Capacity of the Mind and the Part of Higher Education
  176. Test This Part Proposal
  177. Importance of cusps
  178. David Icke's Sabian Symbols
  179. How to Access the Sabian Symbols
  180. Zadkiel. Unidentified symbol.
  181. Sabian Conjecture: Syria Gas Attack
  182. Sun / Pluto Parts
  183. Proposed Part ~ The Reverse Formula for the Hermetic Lot of Eros
  184. The Star!
  185. Sabian Symbols and Stories
  186. Interpretation of degrees?
  187. Classic: Retro Threeplay fourplay, Venus~Jupiter~Saturn~Pluto in rx
  188. Part of Organization/ Rebellion or Obedience?
  189. Part of Speculation & Part of Perspicacity
  190. Horary and Sabians, USA Constitutional Default?
  191. Mindfire Sabian Symbol Website is Back Up
  192. Part of Basis
  193. On the method of applying Sabian Symbology to Astrological Parts/Lots
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  195. Saturn
  196. Hello, can you tell me about my spirit?
  197. Interpret these parts for me, please?
  198. Arabic Parts
  199. Part of Spirit- Aquarius
  200. Sabian Symbols for Eliot Rodger's Natal chart
  201. Discoveries of Outer Planets
  202. Paul Foster Case and ....
  203. Reverse Lot of Eros
  204. Part of Fortune - is it important?
  205. Cancer/Capricorn axis degrees 3-7
  206. Sabian Symbols in Chart's of Famous People
  207. NSA Surveillance & Sabian Symbols
  208. The Unbearable Lightness of Nelson Mandela
  209. Aeroplane performing a nose-dive?
  210. The Night I Was Arrested.
  211. Sabian Symbols in your chart.
  212. Sabian symbols and Antiscions.
  213. 5.55 degree North Node in Pisces...
  214. Kabbalistic Astrology & Jupiter~Saturn Conjunctions
  215. Kabbalistic based theory: Saturn Uranus conjunctions
  216. Arabic Parts List?
  217. 10th Anniversary of proposed natal chart of Jesus, and a gift!
  218. "Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud" When James Brown Added His Voice
  219. The Part of Durga
  220. Yogi Americana
  221. Lua Cheia 14-15 de Virgem
  222. Juno at 27 Scorpio
  223. The Little Taurus Princess
  224. Sagittarius 23: Immigrants Entering
  225. Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet
  226. Sirius conjunct Ascendant
  227. The Immaculate Conception of Jesus Christ
  228. Partners with Mercury at 29 and 0 degrees 9H
  229. Sabian symbols should progress with the stars.
  230. The Birth of the Internet
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  233. Sabian Symbols
  234. The Sabian Symbols As An Oracle
  235. Wheel of Significance by Dane Rudhyar anyone?
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  237. Proof that Dane Rudhyar Knew More Than He Ever Wrote Of.
  238. The secrets of the zodiac degrees
  239. The 28th degree
  240. 18 degrees: Degree of Evil/Disease?
  241. George Harrison and hiis two controversial natal charts, which one is true?
  242. Sabian symbols
  243. When is WW3?