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  1. Will Nada be healed?
  2. Am i pregnant?
  3. New Here! Please guess my baby` gender!
  4. Could anyone help me ? My baby`s gender
  5. Am I an uncle? Horary Confusion
  6. New and curious about a child?
  7. Please let me know how it looks for another child
  8. When will I get over my depression and be happy?
  9. Radu addendum to having a baby question posted earlier
  10. Possible pregnancy...
  11. Help PLEASE
  12. Sick friend please help
  13. Will it work this time? Thank you!
  14. Possible cancer?
  15. Horary Question Re; Parent's Health
  16. Should I follow this treatment ? :-)
  17. Do i have any serious Sexually Transmitted infections?
  18. Achieving pregnancy
  19. Arm Injury: Please Help?
  20. Will this dentist be helpful?
  21. Curious: Benign or Malignant?
  22. Boy or a girl??
  23. When will I overcome my depression?
  24. Is my health threatened?
  25. Brother's health
  26. Do I have depression or any other psychological condition?
  27. Gay/Bi?
  28. When will my sister have a baby?
  29. A Personal Horary Question
  30. Dry mouth
  31. Will I be able to get gov. assistance w/ mental health care?
  32. Will my Partner's, Sister's Baby be Male or Female?
  33. operation
  34. pls help with 2 yr old son medical condition
  35. Hyleg - The Giver of Life
  36. Why am I so?
  37. Decline in Human Fertility?
  38. Do I have reason to be worried?
  39. Heart trouble?
  40. Liver problems? He's only 22!
  41. Please...
  42. Baby next year?
  43. Am I Pregnant? Eeeep!!
  44. Horary: Pregnancy?
  45. Choosing death?
  46. Will surgery be successful?
  47. Do I have breast Cancer?
  48. Does brother have Cancer?
  49. Medication Horary Question
  50. When will my son be born?
  51. Father's illness-is this it?
  52. Autism Horary Chart
  53. Should I warn a family member about a possible accident?
  54. Pls reply :Temp or Perm paralysis.
  55. Is she going to die soon?
  56. "Mystery" thyroid condition?
  57. "Mystery" thyroid condition?
  58. Am I going to die young?
  59. Horary Test: Should I have this operation?
  60. Should I have this surgery?
  61. Pregnancy..
  62. Death
  63. Am going to get pregnant soon?
  64. To run or not to run?
  65. Will i be pregnant within 3 years
  66. Child with boyfriend?
  67. Can I get pregnant
  68. Is it Cancer?
  69. anxiety disorder and other problems
  70. Question of Surgery: Yes or NO?
  71. Am I Pregnant?
  72. Will I get pregnant soon?
  73. What is wrong with my stomache?
  74. is there anybody who understands the "hyleg"?
  75. Lice and love
  76. Water on the Brain
  77. Pink or Blue?
  78. Sinuses and Holidays and Teeth and Problems
  79. Is my cat dying?
  80. Heart Problem
  81. My recent cold?
  82. Period problems?
  83. Speech development
  84. Please help me! I am so scared!!!!PLEASE!
  85. The Question Itself
  86. My horary chart--mammogram
  87. Will I soon have right therapy for my chronic pains?
  88. Baby carriage....
  89. when will disability decision be made
  90. What Is Wrong with my Mother?
  91. It is very strange my Horary Chart about health question!
  92. Pregnancy question - again
  93. Pulling my teeth
  94. What is the cause of stepdad's headaches?
  95. Is There A Link Between the Environment and Autism?
  96. Two sets of Twins?
  97. worried about my mom.............
  98. Will these pills cure my ills
  99. Will Death Take Mom This Year?
  100. What is making me sick?
  101. Pattern with conception and phase of Moon?
  102. i am in a quandry :(
  103. has my hair started growing back at the rate it is falling out
  104. Determining Possible Nutrient Deficiencies From a Horary Chart
  105. Progress Report: Shoulder Surgery
  106. Is there something wrong with his eye?
  107. what sex is my baby?
  108. do i have a serious health problem?
  109. HEALING with STAR FREQUENICES (synthesized)
  110. Did stepfather poison my mother?
  111. Am I going to have a heart attact??
  112. whats wrong with me?
  113. Will I have another baby? I have one now, baby boy, born on April, 2005
  114. Will I Get Pregnant within 40 Days?
  115. will i get pregnant this year
  116. Another pregnancy question
  117. Were The Condoms Flawed Before Being Sent to Stores?
  118. Why have I been feeling so uptight lately?
  119. Will I and X have a kid within2 years?
  120. Vegetarian Karma
  121. Will I ever get pregnant? Please help!!!
  122. Will i be in a surgery..again?
  123. Ovulation Horary
  124. Do I have lupus?
  125. Am I gonna loose my sight?
  126. Please Read Before Posting Here!
  127. Will I have A Baby Within A Year?
  128. Is there anything wrong with my health?
  129. For lillyjgc
  130. the suspense is killing me!
  131. Will I Get Pregnant this Year?
  132. Bishops Lever transplant
  133. Why did my little brother go to the hospital?
  134. Will Nephew survive?
  135. Is anything wrong with my heart?
  136. Please help, my dad is very ill...
  137. Pregnancy: Saturn in 5th?
  138. What sex is my baby?
  139. "Do I have any fatal diseases that will affect my future ?"
  140. What is wrong with my health?
  141. Should I go back on my medicine?
  142. Will I ever shake my unhappiness?
  143. Which House Rules Medications?
  144. Will the cast come off for good?
  145. Will I ever get the right therapy?
  146. Will I ever get the right therapy?
  147. Will his health improve?
  148. Cancerous growth?
  149. Will I get pregnant in period 1.11.2007 - 1.11.2008
  150. VOC moon in medical horary- what does it mean?
  151. Abdomen Pain, Emotional Issues
  152. need advice...
  153. Pregnancy?
  154. Am I pregnant?
  155. pregnancy? and when?
  156. will i have another baby?
  157. Did I ask the wrong thing?
  158. Is it a Girl or Boy
  159. My stomach problems
  160. Will I have a secnd child or not
  161. chronic pain from fibromyalgia and lupus
  162. Will I have a baby, yes or no?
  163. Do I have Heart Disease?
  164. Will I be able to stop smoking on my own?
  165. lungs are bad
  166. Will I get refill tomorrow?
  167. Is he bipolar?
  168. Did I get this right?
  169. Pregnant!
  170. will my operation go well?
  171. Desperate to get pregnant
  172. Guidelines For Starting New Threads on all Horary Astrology Boards
  173. Help me to interprate this chart,Please..
  174. why am i so tired? pregnant?
  175. Will They Lose Their Baby?
  176. maybe miscarrage?
  177. do i have a health problem
  178. Help! Arteries/Circulation/Sinus
  179. health
  180. Will Jake be ok?
  181. Re: Will I give birth to a baby by Feb 2009? If so, when?
  182. What has caused ectopic pregnancy?
  183. Am I pregnant?
  184. will I get pregnant again ?
  185. The baby questions
  186. What will happen to her?
  187. pregnancy under threat? health issues?
  188. Can someone help please?!?!
  189. Will I get pregnant soon?
  190. Do I have a bladder infection?
  191. which is a better vet
  192. Will I get pregnant this year?
  193. will i be able to walk again on my feet independently
  194. can this person get pregnant soon
  195. will i ever have a baby?
  196. When will I conceive my first baby?
  197. how do I find out if I will get pregnant this year?
  198. a scare! but now want it!
  199. Am I pregnant?!?
  200. Will he be ok?
  201. Am I pregnant as of today?
  202. Do I have Attention Deficite Disorder(ADD)?
  203. Will I conceive this cycle?
  204. Death and the Eclipse
  205. death and horary
  206. will I have a healthy baby
  207. Do I have hypothyroidism?
  208. When will I overcome my stutter?
  209. Dental Surgery
  210. Will the querent have another baby before menopause?
  211. Am I on the wrong antibiotic?
  212. Will I Have Any More Children?
  213. URGENT.....Is this a repressed memory surfacing?!?!?!?!?
  214. suggestion
  215. Do I have a kidney problem?
  216. Will I ever had kids or step-kids?
  217. significator of querent & quesited are the same
  218. Does this make sense at all?
  219. If I underwent IUI in september, would it be successful?
  220. does he have a health problem?
  221. What is wrong?
  222. Should I have the dental surgery tomorrow Sept 11th?
  223. Just need clarification
  224. Did I get her pregnant?
  225. Is my friend ill ?
  226. Why is my blood pressure spiking up?
  227. pregnancy next month?
  228. Am I pregnant?
  229. Will my mom live to see my first baby?
  230. professional asking : pregnancy!
  231. Oh my! Could I be pregnant?
  232. Will he ever get his vision back?
  233. will the removal surgery be okay?
  234. Will I conceive by end of year?
  235. Do I have a urethral stricture?
  236. pregnant or bloated?
  237. Could I be pregnant?
  238. late ascendant in pregnancy question....?
  239. Is suicide likely
  240. Will I get over my social phobia?
  241. Do I really have an ear infection?
  242. Will she get the surgery?
  243. is there something wrong with my liver?
  244. Is the new thyroid medicine making me gain weight?
  245. What is happening with his health, will he be ok?
  246. Am I pregnant?
  247. Will she enter a hospice this year?
  248. will his surgery be successful?
  249. my friend's health
  250. Three Questions for self and family