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  1. Relationship Horary
  2. Relationship prediction
  3. relationship
  4. Long Term Relationship
  5. When will love enter my life again?
  6. Will we ever become more than just friends?
  7. Relationship queries
  8. Are we going to end up together?
  9. doomed marriage?
  10. Hi, anyone out there to help with a marriage yes no question
  11. will I find love?
  12. Will he love me?
  13. Will this relationship withstand the trial of time?
  14. Horary - Marry Mr M
  15. Will i ever be with the one i love?
  16. Will L and I become physically intimate?
  17. ralationship Q
  18. Hi ...Horary interpretation
  19. love?
  20. will i find my love this year atall?
  21. will he leave his wife and children
  22. Is the relationship over?
  23. interpretation help
  24. relationship question RADU
  25. Will we ever get back together?
  26. What will........
  27. Will my boyfriend try to reconcile with me or is it over?
  28. Will we be life partners?
  29. My first reading...
  30. Relationship, Radu please...
  31. concern about friend
  32. Will I have a meaningful soulmate love relationship?
  33. Love and Relationships
  34. Love and Realtionships
  35. Goca, help!
  36. Shall Matt and I ever see each other again?
  37. New relationship questions for anyone
  38. More lessons
  39. A chance together?
  40. reconciliation
  41. Marry me!!!!
  42. Will my mom ever like my fiance?
  43. Horary Chart - Significators in Dignities, Worth to Look At
  44. Draco, Fensi (et all) would you please have a look at this?
  45. when??
  46. Will I marry the partner I am with now?
  47. Will I marry the man I'm with now?
  48. LEO feeling helpless in 5-year relationship...
  49. Help - Lonely and looking for better astro times!
  50. Relationship question
  51. Help?! Are They Arguing About Me?
  52. Is it better to have faith in love or to move on?
  53. When will i get married?
  54. Will my ex boyfriend come back?
  55. Does He Miss, If So then What Happens?
  56. Will an affair lead me to my soulmate?
  57. am i gonna end up with him?
  58. is my friend gonna be with the girl he likes?
  60. Will she?
  61. What is he thinkinh abouth me.
  62. Possibility of a relationship with this guy I met
  63. I'm getting it!!
  64. relationship
  65. what's happening to him?
  66. HELP - using the moon to conceive a baby girl
  67. i feel sad and lonely can anybody help me with a reading?
  68. In limbo: any insights would help
  69. could be posible?
  70. Life Partner?
  71. Of course... a relationship question...
  72. Should I?
  73. Relationship Romance Question..Help!!!! Pleaze
  74. I don't know anymore.....
  75. Tricky one... 3rd person question
  76. Will Pierre and I have a relationship together?
  77. When will I find my soul mate?
  78. Will it ever work out?
  79. Will my best friend marry the man she is with now?
  80. When will I get married?
  81. Is it possible to see this?
  82. Is this an unrequited love?
  83. Horary help, please?
  84. Goga or any horary reader
  85. Will I marry him?
  86. help please with Horary Question
  87. When will I see them again? (if at all)
  88. Will he commit?
  89. Whwn I will see him again?
  90. When will I hear from him again?
  91. Will he commit before end of 2006?
  92. What's up his sleeves? A sudden realisation?
  93. Reading validation..
  94. Confuseing Myself With This Interpretation?
  95. should I break with the beau?
  96. Will I be in a relationship with someone new?
  97. Where is this relationship going?
  98. Will my boyfriend and i resolve our disagreement?
  99. will he love me?
  100. will my friend`s boyfriend go well at the today`s meeting?
  101. Concerning My boyfriend and daughter? Stay or Go?
  102. How will my gift affect our relationship?
  103. is he cheating? is he married?
  104. Comments on the interpretation of this chart?
  105. Will We Ever Marry?
  106. My husband
  107. Does he love me?
  108. To Draco
  109. Another love question..
  110. Does he love me? Please clarify....
  111. about love...
  112. will be a successful relationship?
  113. Love--- What Happens Next?
  114. Love and other dirty 4 letter words :(
  115. Does he love me and will we get together?
  116. Will he contact me again?
  117. Will A. receive a present from O?
  118. Love or not really...
  119. Relationship of three
  120. love :)
  121. Which house for a benefactor/sugar daddy?
  122. Will this poor, helpless woman be in a relationship any soon
  123. is he thinking of me?
  124. Friend or lover?
  125. Do I love him or love him not?
  126. Will I marry him or not?
  127. Is she attracted to me???
  128. About sex
  129. What does he want???
  130. Will We Ever Be More Than Friends?
  131. Start of a relationship?
  132. Is he really gay?
  133. Will we get back together?
  134. Does he want a relatiionship with me?
  135. A relationship question. Will i ever get back with ex?
  136. Will His Words Ease My Pain?
  137. will today's conversation with him give me....
  138. New to board - hi! First question, any help appreciated.
  139. will i get divorced this year?
  140. Is he in love with me?
  141. Okay, fine! How about a friends-with-benefits arrangement?
  142. Will try to contact me again?
  143. Will I find my soulmate in 2006?
  144. Can I Expect to Find a New Relationship This Year?
  145. L'amour...toujours la mÍme question! So...
  146. What am I to him?
  147. What If Significators Are The Same?
  148. Will I see him again?
  149. what he thinks about me??
  150. will our work relationship soured?
  151. Relationship question
  152. Hi Radu. Quick questions ;) Will I see him again?
  153. General Question
  154. Good vibes baby
  155. What is the matter with my friend?
  156. Will Mom marry her live-in b/f Joe?
  157. What does this guy think of me?
  158. How's he feeling?
  159. will I tell him ... ?
  160. What are his feelings for me?
  161. How good is ?
  162. When will I see her again?
  163. Will we ever be together?
  164. Who will I marry?
  165. any insight?
  166. Experimental Horaries - Random Dates Chosen
  167. Was the fortune teller right?
  168. Will I marry again?
  169. Is there any point in putting up with this?
  170. divorce
  171. What's wrong with me?
  172. old flame
  173. will love grow?
  174. Why is He Suddenly Flirting So Much?
  175. Is there a reconsiliation?
  176. Me too!! Horary for new relationships...
  177. Firing/marriage breakup?
  178. reunited with birth father
  179. What does he want from me?
  180. Am I crazy?
  181. Relational horrary
  182. Worried
  183. Is this the destined one?
  184. She knows about the tape and past?
  185. what means he in my life?
  186. The Love Dud...
  187. is This Chat Friend Whom i Hav Met is Destined Life Long FriendShip
  188. What Are His True Feelings About His Spouse?
  189. My Chat Friend Will Return to Me or Not?????
  190. Thinking of me?
  191. Does He Have Some Hidden Affair Going On?
  192. My Chat Friend will Come or Not?
  193. will they work it out
  194. Is he indifferent to querent?
  195. I'm scared i will loose the love of my life!
  196. will anything long term develop between us?
  197. What is his true reason for staying in touch with Me?
  198. Will I be with someone new?
  199. Marriage chart
  200. A commited partner without marriage arrangement
  201. Will my ex of 18 years still have feeling towards me
  202. The Sex question
  203. What's their relationship?
  204. Is he afraid of losing me?
  205. Sex? Sex? Sex?
  206. when will i meet my chat friend in real
  207. My ex-husband channeling me?
  208. Do I love the mermaide?
  209. when will i meet my chat friend in real???????
  210. Pheromones ahoy! Someone gives me butterflies :)
  211. Will i Will Get Loving and Caring Wife with Good Complexion
  212. Sexy, passionate, juicy...
  213. Did or Does My Mother Have A Relationship With X?
  214. is My Chat Friend whom i Met is my Soul mate????
  215. Practising on this chart but need help
  216. Torn between two men
  217. Confused
  218. The truth about him.
  219. Help from horary experts!!!!
  220. Worried about my buddy
  221. Why was he so cold?
  222. Should I stop trying to repair relationship?
  223. Will I Stay Married to Him
  224. Why is my friend behaving like that?
  225. where is it going?
  226. Will Putting Space Between Us Bring Us Back Together
  227. Should I give up on her?
  228. Here comes the bride...maybe???
  229. Should I get together with my ex?
  230. Worried about my pal Pt.2
  231. Does he want to marry me?
  232. will I date X
  233. Will anything develop with another man I've been seeing?
  234. when i will meet my chat friend in real
  235. Will anything romantic happen again between me and the person I'm in love with?
  236. Panic!
  237. What will happen?
  238. is there any future for this?
  239. Ds he want to have sx with her?
  240. will we end up being a family?
  241. A companion coming soon?
  242. eddi
  243. whats his true feelings for me
  244. Feedback to Sorehearted
  245. Will Mr.X cheat on his wife?
  246. Another relationship chart (pretty please :))
  247. Love?
  248. Maybe I don't really want to KNOW????
  249. All this craziness!!!!
  250. My dream is haunting me !