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  1. The one I got wrong
  2. eurovision 2005?
  3. Is it accurate info?
  4. pop singer - concert?
  5. Will New York City.........
  6. Cusp
  7. How to post questions on this forum
  8. karmic relationship
  9. Which House?
  10. Why?
  11. Does an opposition always mean "no"?
  12. I don't know if I've caused some trouble ..... help?
  13. Same planet is significater of the quierent and the topic
  14. When will my financial situation change for the better?
  16. moiety of the orb
  17. Question Regarding Planetary Representation
  18. Karmic?
  19. Chart Technique question
  20. 5th or 7th house?
  21. Which house rules the exam?
  22. When will my house sell?
  23. when will i be rich
  24. Invalid Questions/Charts
  25. North Node/South Node
  26. Can Anyone Help With My Mystery-Man Horary?
  27. PLease Help... BIG decision to make.
  28. Past Life Horaries.
  29. When is it too late or too early to ask?
  30. Pluto and The Moons Last Aspect. Help!
  31. Two part question
  32. Void of course?
  33. Help: Mystery Body on Beach. Horary/2 Events.
  34. Can someone help me to find this mystery man?
  35. Please check 11.9.2005 8 p.m.) and 12.9.2005 (hour 8 a.m.)
  36. Winnings?
  37. Will my friend buy the building she currently rents in
  38. Resources
  39. The Meaning of Saturn in the 7th
  40. applaing aspect
  41. Multiple questions
  42. I need help for one aspect!!!
  43. Ok please, my stab at this communication question..Help?
  44. too early...
  45. is that yes or no?
  46. House for sale....
  47. Repressed abuse memories/house assignment?
  48. I need help with this chart
  49. second marriage in 9th?
  50. Is She 3rd House, 7th or 11???
  51. Shall I get money on LOTO Tuesday (27.sep)?
  52. Which Houses ?
  53. What to do?
  54. New question
  55. What is horary astrology?
  56. will he reply to my e-mail?
  57. Help! Should I go to the Homecoming Dance this Sat?
  58. What is the "translation of light"?
  59. Should I give my boyfriend my keys
  60. semi-sextile
  61. Asking the same question - how much time needs to pass?
  62. Is this house sale going to go through
  63. Looking to purchase land
  64. Question
  65. Investment Opportunities
  66. Will I recoup?
  67. Who Gave Me A Strange Phonecall?
  68. Common Significators
  69. Moon's last aspect
  70. Lost in significators
  71. Right livelihood
  72. Will it be okay if I post a reading I did in April to learn
  73. Evangeline Adams' Horary Technique
  74. possible redundancy...
  75. Which House Would This Be?
  76. opportunities
  77. Bit Bafflled About Timing On This
  78. Out of my league :)
  79. Is spiritual healing the "answer" ?
  80. Military Service
  81. is good moment to get a pet in my home?
  82. Which house is abduction?
  83. Translation of Light.
  84. Intervention Vs Frustration
  85. Starting my own business?
  86. car break in
  87. Should I Switch Bedrooms?
  88. Will this business venture be successful?
  89. The Accidental Ascendant - Evangeline Adams Horary Technique
  90. Will The American Journalist Be Saved?
  91. The Martial Art of Horary Astrology
  92. new business re-do, will it work?
  93. Will this business partnership works?
  94. beginner's question on VOC
  95. Anyone has any Horary tutorial sites links?
  96. Is Sonae going to buy PT ?
  97. Confused by the choice of Significators
  98. Who called me? And what did they want?
  99. Which house rules smoking/drinking?
  100. For fun -- will I win in this design contest?
  101. Should I pursue this new business?
  102. desire to perform
  103. Will this new business approach be better?
  104. Shooting an accident or not?
  105. Will Berlusconi lose these elections?
  106. Who sent me a SMS?
  107. If someone can help, thks
  108. One chart I got right
  109. Finals???
  110. Like the SMS Who called question...
  111. Miserable, moved 1 montha go, will this feeling end?
  112. Will I Pass My Driver's Test?
  113. A good read on horary astrology
  114. Which Significators---Please Advise !
  115. Do I Have a Pisces Ascendant?
  116. Who was outside across the pond last night? Peeping tom?
  117. Have a beginner's questions on triplicity, terms and face...
  118. Planetary hour
  119. Will Mozilla Firefox (an opensourse browser) be sucessful?
  120. Are Extraterrestrial Intelligences........?
  121. Will the Korean protestor Yun Il Kwon be released?
  122. Is It Safe to Post This Information on the Forums?
  123. Inspired by Draco: Do aliens exist?
  124. can I use one chart for 2 unrelated question?
  125. Drivers license exam
  126. Am I going to pass the exam?
  127. Will McFly come for a concert?
  128. What's up with my brother?
  129. Should I buy a guitar for myself or a cello for her?
  130. I'm new member and this is my 1st post
  131. Will my daughter get money from ex-firm within 3 months?
  132. Will The Email Be Well Received And/Or Replied?
  133. What is the gender of the of the Creator of Trinity
  134. Brand new business idea!
  135. Is the Anti Christ coming true?
  136. Why didn't he reply?
  137. Blue-ray vs. HD-DVD - Which one will win?
  138. Venus
  139. Moon landing horary
  140. Which house for an undiscovered murderer?
  141. Was I An Astrologer In Another Life?
  142. We are trying to sell the house?!!!
  143. Soldier...?
  144. Can I recover these bad debts?
  145. Silly/Malicious Neighborhood Prank: Who's responsible?
  146. Attacks against Churches in Egypt
  147. Another Past Life Horary Question...
  148. watching me???
  149. besieged planet
  150. Will he call again?
  151. Am I Amenhotep and he Nefertiti?
  152. How strong is the psychic connected to me, prediction true?
  153. Sudden Email out of the blue, Why Now??
  154. Will so-and-so try to contact me?
  155. House placement, Will S talk to D ? (Both my friends)
  156. Cusp Troubles...
  157. Will Prince Charles Succeed Elizabeth II to the Throne?
  158. 21 Libra right Ascendant?
  159. 21 Libra right Ascendant?
  160. Why am I on DEBUG and will it go back to normal?
  161. Invisible World?
  162. Where and When?
  163. Is the Dreamscape the 'Afterlife'?
  164. Nodal Axis Horary Question
  165. Why Does VoC Moon Mean 'Status Quo' and not Imminent Change?
  166. About Considerations Before Judgement.
  167. Fate vs. Free Will
  168. Where and When? / Next Fundamentalist Terrorist Attack?
  169. will we meet?
  170. How Will This Prank Go Over? Quincunxs
  171. Should I Try Out for Drum Major?
  172. Which Side of the Hospital at Where I Was Born?
  173. Regi vs Placi?
  174. Was Moses Born in the Sign of Aries?
  175. Will he reply to my letter?
  176. Are minor aspects really that minor?
  177. Is the rumour true?
  178. Besiegement or collection? Or both?
  179. A question about virginity
  180. Validity of Question/Answer.
  181. Will there be a terrorist attack against the FIFA World Cup Tournament?
  182. Will X respond to the email (and will it be positive?)
  183. Is a Satanic secret society really pulling the USA's strings?
  184. Will it rain on Sunday?
  185. Will True FriendShip Return
  186. Will My Close Chat Friend Return
  187. Chat Friend Whom i Met is She Destined For Life Long FriendShip For Me
  188. Asc degree on horary charts
  189. Is Someone Spreading Rumours About Me at My Work?
  190. Should I Go to College?
  191. Will I pass the exam Toefl?
  192. A Hidden Affair - Which House in Horary?
  193. Chiron in horary?
  194. Translation of light
  195. Is he really dead?
  196. hi all need some help
  197. "Horary Astrology Land" Consolidation
  198. how do you know if you are ready to ask a horary question?
  199. Proper Horary Questions
  200. "Is my current Sag Rising Sign correct?" Horary
  201. Will the Universe End in Ninety Years?
  202. How to learn dignities
  203. Was Jack the Ripper a woman?
  204. Past Life Horary Question
  205. Will my footie team play well in the 5 a side tournement?
  206. Will I get my lost money back?
  207. Astrology Weekly's Horary Tutorial
  208. Did he eavesdrop on my conversation ?
  209. First House In Two Different Signs
  210. Will Camilla win Big Brother Australia? Urgent!
  211. A topic for discussion
  212. Is Fidel Castro Dead?
  213. Are we going to be able to afford a recording premesis
  214. Will this piece of sh.... email?
  215. Will i loose my stuff?
  216. Will My Story Be Published?
  217. A great resource on Horary Astrology
  218. Beginning Horary Astrology
  219. Horary Test: When will my car be delivered?
  220. When is the Time of the Second Coming?
  221. Will my financial situation improved
  222. Which Instrument am I Better Inclined Towards--Flute or Sax?
  223. Psychical development
  224. Used Car: Good Investment Or Money Pit?
  225. Am I an Indigo Child?
  226. Essential Digities again!
  227. Property Problems
  228. My Son
  229. When Will Pluto Be Reinstated as a Planet?
  230. Will I hear from X this week?
  231. I want some goodies!!
  232. Mysterious E-card
  233. When will I get some more money?
  234. Can Anyone Advise?
  235. Deja-Vu?
  236. will I acquire property?
  237. Is the moon VOC....
  238. US attempt to interpret the Geneva Convention
  239. Are Men Smarter Than Women?
  240. Is Osama Bin Laden dead?
  241. Was I Abducted?
  242. Horary that worked example
  243. Hoarding Behavior
  244. Where did I go wrong with my life?
  245. Genealogy Horary Questions
  246. Urgent - Did My Father DIE?
  247. Who will win the election?
  248. Collection of light
  249. Paranormal Phenomenon or My Imagination?
  250. Help!! Money question