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  1. Houses and Mixed Meanings
  2. Significance of the 7th house
  3. East point Vs. Ascendant
  4. Eighth House-Chart Help
  5. 8th house
  6. scorpio rising...
  7. Pluto, Uranus on Angles & Nodes & Neptune on Ruler!
  9. What Element Is Your Rising Sign?
  10. Libra Rising
  11. My 4th House
  12. Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Midnight and the Angles: A Query.
  13. Gemini Sun / Pisces Ascendant
  14. Ascendent/First House Question
  15. Rising Signs and Physical Characteristics
  16. Sagittarius with Taurus rising
  17. Hello! Could somebody help me with my rising sign?
  18. 8th house
  19. 6 degrees of separation?
  20. Interpreting a 7th house stellium
  21. 8th house issues! and more about for being a cop
  22. Ruler of Houses in Houses
  23. help with sign-ascendant combination
  24. Rising Sign and the Confounding Cusp
  25. The Twelfth House Discussion Board
  26. Minor aspects to ascendant.
  27. The Empty House Blues
  28. The Midheaven (MC)
  29. Ascendant ruler in the first house
  30. How many degrees of Virgo is my rising sign?!
  31. Down Low on the Descendant
  32. About the Ascendant
  33. 12 house venus
  34. What does it mean when most planets R in one house?
  35. Sixth house! What have you got?
  36. Is this chart slightly abnormal?
  37. Does size matter?
  38. The 12th House - Your Thoughts
  39. Does your descendant describe your partner
  40. Ascendant and its ruler's sign placement
  41. Planets in the 5th House
  42. Capricorn Ascendant or Saturn in the 1st
  43. 8th house moon
  44. Placidus/Equal House system
  45. uranus ruling the 5th..wacky lovers? quirky kids!
  46. Signs on Cusps vs Planets in Houses
  47. Three's a crowd
  48. 3rd house stellium-any thoughts?
  49. Which MC relates to the paranormals?
  50. Pisces Ascendant - Dissolving Boundaries of Self?
  51. 12th House-beginnings or endings?
  52. Which house would you use for this?
  53. Astrological meaning of Friendship
  54. Stellium in Sagittarius
  55. Modality and Dignity of the Angles?
  56. 12th house
  57. Does the 4th or 10th House Represent the Mother?
  58. Does the 4th or 10th House Represent the Mother?
  59. sun conjunct chiron in house 9
  60. planets on the cuspide, stronger than inside it?
  61. Uranus ruling 4th house
  62. M.C Ruler square I.C Ruler
  63. 10th House,and Stars !!!
  64. Aries Rising..
  65. 5 planets transiting my 6th house
  66. Miss Saturn in 5th House,with negative Moon
  67. Miss Saturn in 5th House
  68. Neptune, Uranus in ninth. werid dreams and inutions
  69. Am I getting the right ascendant sign?
  70. Stellium Interpretation Please
  71. Aries Rising with Mars conjunct ascendant...
  72. Midheaven and appearance
  73. Mid Heaven Question....
  74. Neptune conjunct Ascendant.....
  75. Rulers of Houses
  76. Commonly Misunderstood Houses: 4th, 7th, 8th & 12th
  77. Sun in Fourth House
  78. Sun in Fifth House
  79. Sun in Sixth House
  80. Sun in Seventh House
  81. Sun in 8th House
  82. Sun in Ninth House
  83. Sun in Tenth House
  84. Sun in Eleventh House
  85. Sun in Twelth House
  86. Sun in First House
  87. Sun in Second House
  88. Sun in Third House
  89. Which House related to "Money" !!!
  90. Very intresting schedule of dreams
  91. 9th and 10th house
  92. Eighth House
  93. Eighth House
  94. 5th house, Jupiter and Moon in mysterious scorpio...
  95. Signs in Houses
  96. Descendant...
  97. A Lot of planets in 12th house
  98. Neptune on the same degree as Asc
  99. Pars Foruna in different places in Placidus and equal charts
  100. Jupiter (retrograde in the first house
  101. Ideas on how to manage opposing energies, & Pluto at I.C.
  102. How can you guess someone's Ascendant???
  103. Ancient vs Modern planetary rulerships
  104. Pluto in Scorpio in 1st house with Scorpio ascendant
  105. Lot of stuff in the 9th house
  106. Totally confuzzled with signs in houses :(
  107. Uranus in Angles
  108. 12th House and Asc. in Scorpio
  109. Marriage and 4th house?
  110. The Twelfth House and the Law of Compensation
  111. The Twelfth House
  112. Jupiter Uranus cycle conj. Asc
  113. uranus conjuncting my mc
  114. 4th House and Your Home/Room Interior
  115. Which Ascendant could this be???
  116. Relocated Angles
  117. 6th house: "inferiors", 12th house: "superiors"?
  118. Do cusps also apply to your moon and rising sign?
  119. planets that are on the cusps of houses
  120. 11th House & Adoption
  121. what the hey is my asc?!?
  122. Ruling Planet of a House in interpretation
  123. Planets in 5th....does that mean children?
  124. Rising Sign Question
  125. Everything in the 12th house
  126. fifth house --children
  127. Which Ascendant?
  128. Which one is my descendant?
  129. Stacked 2H Capricorn
  130. 5-6 planets in one house?
  131. House ruling eugenics?
  132. Planets in the house cusps?
  133. Topocentric House system
  134. The Doorway to the house
  135. 22-33 or 23 gemini --
  136. What house has to do with astrology and sex?
  137. If a planet is at the end of a house....
  138. 2 & 8 houses.
  139. Can I Move My Moon? Split Houses
  140. Lord of the 8th in 5th and Lord of 2nd in 1st
  141. Planetary Strength through Houses
  142. 12th house
  143. 2nd Your karma inheritance and sabian symbol
  144. 0 Degree Uranus In 5th House...And MORE
  145. Two leaders...one house reposting
  146. Moon in Gemini - First House
  147. Sign with no house rulership
  148. What house am I? Help please.
  149. Does this chart belong to a Governor?
  150. Intercepted House and Sign Question
  151. Interpreting house cusps
  152. what is my ascendant?
  153. Can somebody explain this to me? Thanks!
  154. North Node in 7th
  155. Decans in the Signs
  156. A Libra Ascendant, With a 3rd House Stellium.
  157. the hidden houses :8th and 12th
  158. any polygots here?
  159. Mwahaha! Another Ascendant Post!
  160. The Houses: Past and Present.
  161. IMportance of 8th house?
  162. Saturn in Aquarius
  163. aquarius; so close yet so far
  164. DEATH. 8th house in cancer??
  165. 9th house stellium
  166. mental health problems and scorpio stellium, please help!
  167. Is there a cure for an afflicted Mars in the 3rd house?
  168. uranus in 7th house -- natal promise of divorce??
  169. Mars in the Fourth House.
  170. Opposite signs and houses.
  171. Jupiter in 7th house, good news or bad?
  172. is 2nd marriage 2 or 11th house?
  173. 10th and 12th House Stacked: What Does This Mean?
  174. Benefic Planets in the 8th house
  175. My Ascendant!
  176. Mercury in Aquarius or Pisces?
  177. Just wonderin'
  178. Finding Ascendant
  179. Confused about ascendant sign...
  180. The 7th House and attraction
  181. Affinities with people whose sign is your ascendant?
  182. Venus in the 12th
  183. Mars and Pluto in my 8th house - Should I be worried?
  184. Where do I find a biological father I've never met?
  185. LEO Rising
  186. Tell Me About Your Tenth House
  187. Planets In House Cusps
  188. North Node in 12th House
  189. 5 planets in the 7th house
  190. stellium in virgo in 11th house
  191. Part of Fortune in the tenth house.
  192. Saturn in sagittarious in 7th house
  193. 7th house questions
  194. Pluto Progressed
  195. Question about the HOUSES
  196. Does the Third House rule Email? Or 9th house?
  197. 9th House
  198. Aquarius Rising
  199. Ascendant Question
  200. Intercepted Signs
  201. Cancer on the cusp
  202. Pisces
  203. House( 2)
  204. Solar houses?
  205. Novel manifestations of signs on cusps
  206. libra/scorpio moon
  207. What going to happen!! NO PLANETS IN 7, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9
  208. Lilith house 9
  209. Lightbulb moment
  210. Loaded 5th House...
  211. neptune in 8th
  212. 5th house, 11th house ambiguity
  213. planets in first house occuied by a sign other than ascendant
  214. My 4th-10th Houses Parental Dilemma!
  215. Bml
  216. Is this too bad ?
  217. Childhood trauma and 4th house?
  218. The houses?
  219. Vesta 000' in Natal Chart
  220. What do u think of this Astrology Chart
  221. Proper House System for Traditional Astrology
  222. Is my Jupiter Unaspected
  223. Size of the houses?
  224. What do you think of my first and 7th house?
  225. Saturn in the 7th: Natal or Transit
  226. Interpreting Regions of the Chart
  227. Im Confused?!
  228. Empty House
  229. If I was a rich girl
  230. Eight House Jupiter - What good is it?
  231. Having houses in ruling signs...
  232. Stellium in 12th
  233. Sun and Merc in the 8th house
  234. 1st and 12th House in Libra
  235. rulership vs tenant
  236. So You've Got a Stellium in the Twelfth...
  237. Mars in sag, in 5th house, MMC
  238. intercepted houses in natal charts
  239. Angular houses affect your appearance.
  240. Crispness of the MC; Wrong Impression or Wrong Birth Time
  241. who is the ruler of my eighth house?
  242. No planet on the 8th house!
  243. The Astrological houses
  244. 4th and IC signifies FATHER
  245. Uranus in the 8th
  246. 10th house at 24 degrees capricorn
  247. saturn in sixth house
  248. Jupiter in the 4th House: Insight appreciated
  249. Placidus vs. Whole sign houses
  250. 11th house Saturn