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  1. Mercury in Aquarius
  2. An Introduction to Planetary Dignity and Debility
  3. The Sun in Dignity or Debility
  4. The Moon in Dignity and Debility
  5. Mercury in Dignity and Debility
  6. Venus in Dignity and Debility
  7. Mars in Dignity and Debility
  8. Jupiter in Dignity and Debility
  9. Saturn in Dignity and Debility
  10. Neptune in Dignity and Debility
  11. Pluto in Dignity and Debility
  12. Dispositor
  13. Sun in Libra weak?
  14. Chart Ruler in fall
  15. Planets Exalted/or dignified receiving hard aspects in the Natal chart
  16. Saturn in VIrgo
  17. My Chart makes sense if read nocturnally
  18. Goddess of Strengh-Astrology-Vedic
  19. The Benefics In their Fall-What have you seen?
  20. Pisces Rulership
  21. Mod. Rulers with co-ruled sign of Trad. Ruler
  22. How much sensual exaltation could be?: Mars ^ Venus.
  23. dragon's head and tail
  24. A question about exaltation
  25. Debilitated Mutual Reception
  26. combust
  27. drug user that has been able to avoid addiction
  28. Debilitated Mutual Reception 2
  29. How to handle planets in detriment?
  30. My Afflicted Venus
  31. Debilities vs Dignities
  32. Ruler of chart
  33. Sun in fall
  34. Certain Exaltations
  35. Malefic Planets
  36. I was told this is one of the worst things...
  37. need help determining ruler/strongest planet
  38. Planetary party
  39. I have trouble finding the dominant planet in this chart.
  40. Determining Accidental Dignity
  41. Partile Aspects
  42. Essential Dignity VS. Accidental Dignity
  43. Planetary Sect
  44. Combustion
  45. I disagree with Ptolemy! =0
  46. The Aquarius Arcanum ?!?
  47. Is Capricorn Uranus' main sign?
  48. Not used dignities in natal....is it helpful?
  49. The malefics and having children
  50. Reception by exaltation?
  51. Afllicted Venus-however Jupiter is good?
  52. Jupiter in Capricorn
  53. Venus and Music
  54. Moon in Taurus
  55. Ascendant Ruler in Detriment or Dignity
  56. Mars in Taurus
  57. Venus
  58. Opposite signs and houses.
  59. scorpio moon conj scorpio pluto
  60. Is mars debility cancelled by moon ?.
  61. Capricorn Moon Vs. Taurus Moon
  62. Approaches to rulerships...
  63. Mars in Detriment = More competitive
  64. Sects
  65. how is it with outer planets as ascendant rulers?
  66. Saturn in Cancer
  67. How planets can bring name, fame and glory to you.
  68. Reception in an Orgy, Etc.
  69. Hyleg and Anareta
  70. Discussion of Frank's Article Essential didnities
  71. Ruler planets in South Hemisphere
  72. Personal planets falls and detriments.
  73. Rarity?
  74. Chiron as Ruler of Taurus?
  75. I have a boring Sun!What can I achieve with this?
  76. Mercury in Sagittarius??
  77. Moon in Fall but also combust
  78. North Node co-ruler of Sagittarius?
  79. Does strong Neptune in a chart give the appearance of being lost or confused?
  80. Terms vs. Face
  81. Have all the planets ever being in their own signs @ same time?
  82. Amazing Venus Placements
  83. Sign & House Dispositors question
  84. Mars in Libra
  85. Confusion over dominant planet
  86. Your weighing system for Essential/Accidental Dignities
  87. Peregrine Moon
  88. The planets and their sexual gender
  89. EXTREMELY strong Sun....
  90. Mars transit squares Taurus Moon, but then Scorpio Moon. Who wins?
  91. Triplicity question...
  92. How strong is my strongest planet?
  93. Afflicted Neptune 12th house conjunct Ceres 26 deg Sag Galactic Center
  94. The Moon Male or female
  95. Thoughts on Dignities
  96. Combined Essential+Accidental Dignity & Debility
  97. Can an essentially dignified planet be lost when in the 12th house?
  98. Elevated and pitted degrees
  99. Rethinking Mercury in Pisces..
  100. Exaltations and Falls
  101. Which planet is dominant?
  102. Dominances in a Natal Chart...?
  103. Venus in Scorpio as singleton
  104. Looking at JUST the planets/luminaries and their sign placement
  105. peregrine in natal?
  106. Where am I suppose to live according to my chart?
  107. If mercury is in fall in Pisces, what does it mean if Mercury is in cazimi with Sun?
  108. sun in fall
  109. Retrograde planet?
  110. Preventional/Conjuctional Chart
  111. In Combustia?
  112. Help me pls to interprete this two planets in houses
  113. Afflicted singleton
  114. Planetary Dominants?
  115. Is any planet conjunct Sun always Combust?
  116. About Dignity and Affinity
  117. receptions other than mutual
  118. Mutual Reception ruling the chart or....
  119. table of planetary sect on the softwear I use
  120. Moon in Cancer
  121. why we say sun sign ?!!
  122. do 27 degree make difference !!
  123. Exalted/Detriment Retrograde Star
  124. Born under VOC Moon
  125. Need career advise...Is my Jupiter Afflicted???
  126. Venus in the 12th House
  127. Quick Questions About Essential Dignities
  128. Afflicted Venus and what to do?
  129. All personal planets in detriment or fall
  130. Lilly's table of Dignities and house systems
  131. Which would be more beneficial...
  132. Sun is Detriment + singletone
  133. Speed = Dignity?
  134. a word about exaltations, rulers, detriments, and falls
  135. Orbs
  136. Debilitated planets and their effect on aspects?
  137. *Planets In Signs They Rule*
  138. Condition of natal Jupiter
  139. Moon by face or peregrine???
  140. Why is Venus said to be exalted in Pisces?!
  141. Mercury retrograde-do you talk to yourself?
  142. What's your take on retrograde planets?
  143. Good or Useless Reception?
  144. Most elevated planet, how does yours directly benefit you?
  145. Rx Jupiter gets repressed
  146. Scoring Mixed Receptions
  147. Scoring My Chart
  148. Prominent/Obscure and Dignities
  149. Exaltion in houses
  150. Significance of Critical Degrees in a Chart
  151. Modern Rulership
  152. Moon in Capricorn--Grrrr.... :(
  153. Mind-Bending Questions that have Paused Me to No Ends!
  154. Why is Mars exalted in Capricorn
  155. accidental debilities
  156. What's the difference venus in the
  157. Do we have a hidden Self?
  158. Debilitated Saturn
  159. astro-therapeutics or another option
  160. Ruler of tenth in tenth house: High status and fame
  161. How does the Sun in Fall "color" the chart?
  162. So what happens when two planets in their detriment/fall trine each other?
  163. Detriment, Peregrine, and a mixed mutual reception?
  164. A few questions on debility cancellation.
  165. Dominant Planet, dignities and debilities in a chart
  166. About Decanates
  167. Debilitated planets in synastry aspects
  168. How solar are you? Test it!
  169. Dignity and Debility Confusion
  170. All the Cappy Moons out there...
  171. What is this "peregrine"...? :)
  172. Sun, Moon, Uranus & Saturn in House VIII
  173. Physical Appearance
  174. Unfortunate North Nodes
  175. What is Peregrine planet? what do you have to say about saturn and moon peregrine?
  176. Uranus exalted in Scorpio meaning?
  177. Cusp of POWER
  178. Mercury in eight house with Pisces at cusp: short life?
  179. Mars in Libra retrograde
  180. Two Planets that are in detriment and in mutual reception.
  181. detriment and fall?
  182. Final Dipositor / Mutual Reception
  183. Jupiter in Capricorn (and the question of its "fall")
  184. Dignities & debilities
  185. Sun conjunct Jupiter - girl snatches boyfriend from Venus conjunct Jupiter - girl!
  186. Debilitated ?
  187. Can Saturn be Peregrine in a Fire Sign?
  188. Moon in Gemini?
  189. Accidental Dignities! Help Please!
  190. Disposition
  191. Detrimental Planets and Falling Planets in the 1st house
  192. Exalted Mars/Venus in Detriment
  193. North Node Aries conjunct Sun in 9th house
  194. Natural good and evil with beneflc and malefic
  195. Lilith exalted and in 10th house (dignity)
  196. Compensating for a weak Jupiter
  197. When Jupiter is placed in 4th=+Accidential dignity by angular+in Moon's home?
  198. Modern Astrology: Dignities & Debilities
  199. Mercury Dominant with No Air?
  200. Wealth potential in the natal chart
  201. Modern Astrological Essential Dignity/Debility versus Traditional Dignity/Debility
  202. Squares & Trines.
  203. Why does everyone here on the forum always point at my Venus?
  204. North node direct
  205. How to find a planet's affliction?
  206. I'm a Taurus, so I'm supposed to be rich?!
  207. Mars in detriment?
  208. Ruler of SN in dominant sign and ruler of NN in exalted sign
  209. Uranus rules Aquarius
  210. Virgo and Taurus's rulers
  211. Sun Square Uranus + Squares to Sun (generally): Anyone have this aspect?
  212. suns fall in libra
  213. Saturn and Maths/Science
  214. Exalted Nodes
  215. Planet in ruling Duad and Decan in another sign?
  216. Cancer Moon ;(
  217. Why are Essential Dignities so inconsistent in their placements?
  218. Do I have a splash chart?
  219. Venus in Libra this has to be the worst placement right
  220. Alternative house joy and rulership?
  221. Jupiter in Gemini
  222. Trying to establish condition of Mercury in Natal chart
  223. Mercury in detriment in Sagittarius
  224. Mutual Reception in Detriment
  225. Jupiter in detriment, anaretic degree + high declination
  226. Pattern of exalted planets
  227. in Aries, what are good degrees for Mars ?
  228. Sun in Aries, Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Libra
  229. What signs does Pluto rule?
  230. Does Pluto Rule/Co-Rule Scorpio?
  231. Pluto rules Aries and Scorpio?
  232. The Sun in Leo
  233. Mutual Reception by Rulership-Exaltation?
  234. In Mutual Reception You Switch Signs?
  235. Exaltation,fall,domicile,detriment
  236. Planetary dignities and debilities
  237. Which of the planetary dignities is easier to notice?
  238. Question on Dispositors
  239. Saturn combust sun question - general question -need help!
  240. Why were participating triplicity rulers dropped?
  241. moon as triplicity ruler for water rather than mars?
  242. Do Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto rule anything?
  243. Dignities in natal
  244. Peregrine planets aren't necessarily bad
  245. Does our life improve over time
  246. Cancer Placements Gone Bad
  247. Exalted planet conjunct a debilitated planet
  248. Power
  249. Almuten with no dignity and many debilities...
  250. Uranus is a malefic