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  1. There aren't the job and love
  2. Career
  3. Any Insights?
  4. Advice on career choices
  5. Disappointed ! please help me in career/Job sector.
  6. Humble reading request from a newbie here
  7. career advice,please;)
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  17. Saturn school, what next?
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  19. Question re: job change
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  21. More disasters?
  22. Help! Aries moon eclipse & burning vocational questions
  23. Is your current profession related to your MC?".
  24. Making the leap into adulthood...hard for a Capricorn?
  25. can any one tell me about profession prediction
  26. professions
  27. career conundrum
  28. choice of profession
  29. Education and career in my chart?
  30. Career & Success in my chart?
  31. Saturn challenges - finding career direction..
  32. Teacher/SR
  33. Help Me Please Experts here
  34. What should I be when I grow up??
  35. I am already grown up, but tell me what I wanna become :D
  36. Billionaire horoscopes
  37. saturn square jupiter,jupiter oppose uranus
  38. Conflicted. Insights to vocation, please?
  39. what did this chart tell you about this person's
  40. Astrology related names for new business
  41. advice wanted-vocational astrology
  42. career help
  43. Jobby job job or not?
  44. So about my sign and my "career" "choice"
  45. Do you think I could have a career in art?
  46. Arts or science ?
  47. Considering a Career in Music...
  48. what does my chart say about my career
  49. Help with Career Direction?
  50. Vocation
  51. Been unemployed for a year. Getting worried.
  52. Career change/move
  53. Show me the money
  54. Could I be an astrologer
  55. Careers and life
  56. Indicators of profession
  57. Where do you think I could be a success
  58. Musician or mooch?
  59. Another dubious musician
  60. career choices
  61. 10th house with afflicted Sun
  62. A career is sports?
  63. Eh. Vocational Guidance, anyone??
  64. A new role at work - can I do it?
  65. Help needed, plz?
  66. Humanitarian work..
  67. For a career in med...
  68. t-Jupiter in n-6th
  69. Could I be a professional writer?
  70. Appropriate Job
  71. my future profession
  72. Occupations
  73. re-orientation
  74. Re-orientation 2
  75. I have no idea how to make a living!
  76. help!
  77. Celebrity work
  78. I'm sooo miserable at work
  79. My Ideal Job
  80. Chossing career
  81. What's the perfect job for my sister?
  82. palm reader and natal charts
  83. Hi A little guidance please
  84. Vocation help
  85. An objective perspective
  86. Vocational Posibilities and posible jobs
  87. Help on career please
  88. puzzled please help me
  89. A sagittarius who needs help making a career decision
  90. Major Progressions and Career change or not
  91. Am i losing my talent ?
  92. changing careers, please help!!
  93. Vocation in the Natal Chart
  94. Another Perspective on my Career
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  96. Curoius about son's path..
  97. Was it a mistake?
  98. Drastic life changes, please help!
  99. Check out my chart...
  100. Emokinesiology attracts Cancers
  101. Saturn in my natal 10th House. Which also happens to be Virgo.
  102. Is it a good idea to quit?
  103. Fuzzy career
  104. could someone help me with some aspects in my chart?
  105. Feeling suicidal (seriously)
  106. vocational astrology help
  107. Vocational Help
  108. Career
  109. What will I be when I grow up?
  110. The right time
  111. Confused teenager needs help choosing a career
  112. Hello!
  113. hi!
  114. would be so grateful for assistance!
  115. is Regulus a strain on my chart? and Antares
  116. could astrology help me with this voc question?
  117. Could I become a photographer?
  118. Dancer/Boxer/Astronaut
  119. Please help me figure out what to do next!
  120. Soul Path in Vocational Transition
  121. Headed in the right direction?
  122. which school to choose
  123. is it a good time to switch careers?
  124. Would this person be a corporate executive
  125. Where is my artistic talent taking me?
  126. Fire grand trine in vocation houses
  127. New job starts on eclipse day
  128. Healing Indictations
  129. Career Shift
  130. what occupation / job would fit me?
  131. Any predicaments about my career prospects?
  132. when i grow up...again
  133. Horoscope for career help
  134. Can I be a successful photographer !
  135. Self Employment
  136. Please, help me with my vocation!
  137. planetary placements that point to astrology profession
  138. Tim, Career help
  139. My Job Makes Me Sick
  140. Am I able to work with someone?
  141. Hi guys
  142. Choosing a Major
  143. suitable career??
  144. Neptune/MC +career path
  145. Academic career, or...?
  146. please help me!!
  147. My career????
  148. Massage therapist??
  149. New job, Saturn conjunct Ascendant
  150. Career choice
  151. Vocational orientation needed
  152. Wealth Guide !!!
  153. Indications of a Lawyer
  154. Teacher/Professor
  155. 10th house, saturn, and raising children...
  156. more than one marrige
  157. Help with mid-life career change??
  158. Yes another Lawyer thread
  159. Allopathic vs. Osteopathic Medicine
  160. Who and what, will lead me where?
  161. They work with their parents
  162. My Vocational Report
  163. Videogames and oracles
  164. Writers' charts
  165. Astrological Indications for a Career in
  166. will my business succeed
  167. Understanding Dashamsha?
  168. Career matters
  169. Vocational Guess?
  170. Career related things
  171. Mid Life Crisis
  172. Stagnant Job Or School?
  173. My Future Career
  174. Help!
  175. The Astrology of College Majors
  176. Freelance Artist?
  177. Music Career
  178. Could I make a career as an astrologer?
  179. How does your career relate to your MC?
  180. Sexual career?
  181. Analytics vs. Painting?
  182. hi all...could someone help me with my career ..
  183. Career help
  184. and what now...?
  185. New, question re: my chart
  186. Career is help is much needed..
  187. Any Help Appreciated
  188. Should I Qualify As A Teacher Or Go Into Something Else?
  189. I keep being told i've got talent . what is it and how to utilise it?
  190. Questions about career...am I understanding my chart right?
  191. Change of career
  192. Something Missing in my Career
  193. Where do my talents lie?
  194. Career in Entertainment or Medicine?
  195. What am I really good at?
  196. Communication breakdown (To Sing or Not To Sing)
  197. change of jobs?
  198. How would you interpret this T-Square: Sun-Chiron-Pallas oppositeUranus & square mars
  199. What would be a good suggestion for a career?
  200. Am I more left brained or right brained?
  201. What should I do about this job?
  202. Should I persue Music, Painting, or Film...
  203. Right choice?
  204. Trying to find the right career, could someone point the way?
  205. could i be a social worker
  206. Neptune in the 10th: Career Help Needed
  207. What is the best for me in terms of career choice?
  208. Can I be a successful Fiction Writer?
  209. Career in the arts??
  210. Does musical talent run in the family?
  211. 3 Planets in 6th house and instability!
  212. Vocational help
  213. Astrology of Physicians
  214. When will I find work?
  215. Calling
  216. difficulty getting a job
  217. Could you see me as a health care worker? ..Or something else?
  218. when get a job
  219. Urgent help needed!
  220. Career Choice, help me please!
  221. Indications of Singing Talents/Interest
  222. Suggestion for a career?
  223. career success?
  224. Career for 10th Hs Aqua
  225. procrastination!
  226. When I will had my inheritance ?
  227. Career suggestions/what are my talents?
  228. aspects and singing talent
  229. Can someone suggest career possibilities for this young person?
  230. Wrong Career Choice
  231. career/job
  232. Career change
  233. Healing,Community or Creative Career
  234. Ideas?
  235. career?
  236. planets conjunct the MC.
  237. Extreme Aquarian Needs Career Advice
  238. Current transists call for holisitic and somatic healing arts
  239. Extreme aquarian at a dead end
  240. Looking For Vocational Advice/Suggestions
  241. Career success?
  242. My friend is very frustrated at work..Help please
  243. will my son have success at work?
  244. Vocation Suggestions and ideas!
  245. can u explain my natal chart
  246. Will I pass my nclex exam the first try?
  247. Looking at my chart...
  248. An oft repeated question...do I have a career in writing?
  249. Unusual Job Situation
  250. Job related question !!!