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  1. proverbs and sayings... very funny!
  2. astrologer's prayer
  3. just a funny about raising boys
  4. This is strictly for fun :D
  5. characters and astrology
  6. Funny: The Dog Dictionary
  7. Something Lite
  8. Astrology prayer
  9. So funny...
  10. Astrology Jokes
  11. Zodiac Computer Viruses
  12. Another Joke - Zodiac Pets
  13. More Zodiac Jokes
  14. Salad Fingers - Very Odd.
  15. Stress Management
  16. Change Your Sign!
  17. After Sex Comments by Sun Sign:
  18. Sun Sign Humor... gone Mad!
  19. Funny Animation.
  20. Funny email
  21. Astronomy Vs Astrology
  22. Murder and Astrology.
  23. Do You Have SVDS? (Severe Venus Deficiency Syndrome)
  24. Allegory of the Zodiac
  25. Character's signs
  26. Astrological Signs--But Not You!
  27. How did _____ cross the road?
  28. "Bedtime Prayer" for each Sign
  29. Bosses
  30. Songs of the zodiac?
  31. The Cost of Raising Kids
  32. LOL - wtf??
  33. How the five classical planets came to rule their signs
  34. For those who prefer Horary...
  35. Just another FlashChat conversation.
  36. Coffee by the signs scenario
  37. Driving and your sun sign
  38. What Rising Sign Has the Best looks
  39. Some Insightful Zodiac Humor
  40. Tickle has a astro compatibility test, LOL
  41. Allegory of the Zodiac
  42. halloween astrology
  43. Valentine's rhymes-which one's the worst?
  44. The END of all woes !
  45. Zodiac Dessert Party....Who Gets What? :)
  46. Light bulb jokes
  47. Sign jokes
  48. Horoscope or horrorscope :)
  49. Harry Potter
  50. Yet Another Very Effective And Informative Astrological Web Site
  51. Chef Gordon Ramsey Does Mars
  52. Pick up lines by sign
  53. Icon Wars - ROFLMAO
  54. toothpaste and astrology
  55. Goldilocks And The Twelve Signs: The Pisces Guide To Compatibility
  56. Gobbling By The Signs
  57. Collecting exemplary images of people as signs.
  58. Enemies
  59. Films that reflect your planetary make up
  60. Astrological Lightbulbs
  61. 12 New Elementary Particles of Nature
  62. Why you would never want to date a ..............
  63. Guess my rising sign!
  64. The Stars, My Dear Watson, the Stars!
  65. Windows Really Good Edition
  66. Astrology and the Kitchen
  67. The Horror!
  68. For the sake of astro. please contribute.
  69. Sex Comments by Sun signs
  70. Capricorn Asc/ Sun in Virgo joke
  71. Born on Jupiter?
  72. Ideas on how to get back at someone by sign?
  73. Bill Nye on Astrology
  74. My sons' moon signs
  75. Zodiac high school stereotypes
  76. Astrology vid
  77. all 12 of them on a bus station
  78. Before sex procedure between Virgo and Sagittarius
  79. 12th house humour
  80. have a laugh at yourself
  81. Fred
  82. Just for laughs - "Did they mean to say that???!!!"
  83. The Truth Hurts
  84. Heaviest Element Known To Mankind
  85. How Many Scorpios Does it Take--
  86. An ID ten T error
  87. Spin Control, Congressional Style.
  88. Only Great Minds Can Read This!
  89. College Entrance Exam
  90. New Condom Commercial...not for the Prudish
  91. Mercury retro
  92. The Hotel Bill
  93. Young Chuck buys a donkey...
  94. The Bank Robbery
  95. Ha this made me laugh!!!
  96. Holiday cake recipe
  97. Is the world government about to get a colonoscopy
  98. A "what"? bearer in battle?
  99. For Madhoff, Stanford, Milliken, Keating et al.
  100. Jupitarian optimistic interpretation of a natal
  101. The Truth Behind Gov't Contracts.
  102. Life Support
  103. How Old Are You?...a test
  104. Spiders On Drugs!...old Hippies take note!
  105. The Dumb Blonde?
  106. How Yodling was invented...
  107. 12 signs go to a doctor
  108. 12 signs - 12 doctors
  109. Woman goes back to work after 30 years...
  110. Woman searching for ideal husband
  111. 12 Signs in front of the tv
  112. Rube Goldberg is alive and well
  113. The Goldfish Funeral...
  114. The Zodiacs Plan a Party!
  115. Optical Illusion
  116. Circle )12 signs in love=
  117. Venus Retrograde In Aries: Drunk Dialling Time!
  118. How Phrases Originate
  119. 12 signs in a space ship
  120. How Co-ordinated is your brain?
  121. A Love Story...kinda
  122. A Mind Trick
  123. Brain Exercise
  124. How many [insert dog breed] does it take to change a lightbulb?
  125. 98% of you will probably agree!
  126. Some really cool optical illusions
  127. A Joke for Each Sign...
  128. astrology and a TV show
  129. Diet
  130. horoscope humor
  131. Chocolate calculator
  132. 4th grade vocabulary
  133. Texas Deputy Sheriff vs New York Lawyer
  134. Just For Fun! ASTROLOGY QUIZ!
  135. Freecreditreport.com: A Love Song For Pluto In Capricorn
  136. your astrological enemy
  137. The REAL Personality Types Made Relevant
  138. What grade would you give your present life?
  139. astrological oxymorons
  140. priceless enterntainment
  141. 7 deadly sins and the Zodiac
  142. Pluto in Cap. reveals all!
  143. Birthchart of the Antichrist
  144. Astrology Lesson I: How to Spot an Ascendant
  145. Daffynitions
  146. Designer birth chart!!
  147. The toughest/weakest star sign?
  148. Anyone know what degree this "star" was on?
  149. The Wyoming Coyote Problem
  150. The preachers son...
  151. Who's your role model?
  152. what is the best moon sign (with sun sign pairing)
  153. Which mercury sign is the best
  154. which venus/mars sign is the best
  155. guess this rising-pisces sun-my father
  156. There!...I Fixed It!
  157. Mayan Calendar Update
  158. Desiderata?
  159. ? Anyone know Sesamology?
  160. Tech Support
  161. Astrology Humour
  162. A Delicacy!
  163. Numerology and giving more than 100%
  164. The witty Irish priest.
  165. The Taxi And The Cat
  166. The Economy...how bad is it?
  167. Pigeon Park...Congress of Wonders
  168. Humor for Lexophiles...
  169. Holiday Recipe!
  170. tyrant and father
  171. another poem.. for...
  172. Peter the fly
  173. Days of the week by charmvirgo
  174. Stories Of Sorrow & Other Ensnared Thoughts
  175. Eye Yie Eye
  176. Theo-ilogical differences
  177. The Stella Awards
  178. Space shuttle debris affect the natal chart?
  179. Songs which describe the nature of planets...
  180. Why a taurus soesn't go well with a swing set.
  181. Is it a good idea to date an astrologer?
  182. mercury, venus, mars.... now it is time to conclude which Moon signs is 'the best'
  183. Astrology Driving situations
  184. After sex comments by sun sign:
  185. Idiot Awards...for 2008
  186. Lines you wish you could use
  187. My Interpretation of the sun signs, completely serious and no jokes.
  188. What kind of coffee does your sign order
  189. The best pickup sign?
  190. When tauruns attack!!!
  191. "Monday's Child": Why does 19th century England hate Mercury & love Mars & Saturn?
  192. What do you hate about astrology?
  193. Zodiac Symbols
  194. Court transcripts
  195. Council complaints
  196. Priceless Observations....
  197. Classy Insults
  198. You know you've worked too long in a lab when
  199. Woman with a Donkey!
  200. Zodiacal Archetypes
  201. Create a bumbersticker for your moon sign
  202. Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone!
  203. Everything I need to know, my mother taught me...
  204. Chocastrology
  205. Signs of the Zodiac
  206. I am the New Moon
  207. Uranus in Pisces
  208. They....!!!!
  209. The Lesbian Cowboy...Open Minded Adults Only Please!
  210. Best pool shot by a naked white chick!
  211. ...In Opposition With Wikipedia...
  212. Texas: Where Men are Men...and the goats are scared!
  213. Giggling Gordo, sittin' pretty in giddy city...
  214. The Lady and the Calif. Hwy Patrol
  215. Mods vs Trads a movie clip
  216. Dude!
  217. Quick Thinking Kids
  218. This is not mere music, my friends...
  219. Ultimate Movie Moments by Sign?
  220. just a few jokes
  221. A few more jokes
  222. a spiritual joke
  223. Freakazoid Uranus best joke ever!!
  224. Dogs win!
  225. Al Gore, Clinton, Obama
  226. Why Some Pro Athletes Couldn't Hold Regular Jobs
  227. What came first; the chicken or the egg? ANSWER INSIDE!
  228. Summary of Aspects
  229. Strange On Earth: A Play
  230. Hello I am clingy, moody, and owww so difficult to understand: I AM SUN SIGN CRAB!!
  231. Painting the Church
  232. just for fun: proust questionnaire
  233. Chiron from TMA on FB
  234. Best Astrology Quotes
  235. Thanks a lot!!!!
  236. Two Stories from 'Way of the Sufi' by Idries Shah
  237. How to handle telemarketers....
  238. Ahahaha
  239. In 5 billion years..............................
  240. How the signs deal with near death experiences:
  241. After sex comments by sun sign
  242. Which pet would go best with each sign?
  243. How Many Members of Your Sign Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?
  244. funny zodiac signs insomnia causes
  245. your partner and astrology
  246. Don't watch this if you love Sarah Palin....
  247. Jon Stewarts (Unknown) Time of Birth
  248. Are you obsessed with astrology?
  249. this week's news
  250. How cute