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  1. North Nodes
  2. Karmic astrology
  3. nodes
  4. saturn square natal saturn
  5. Pluto In Leo Generation
  6. Seeing Past Lives in GWB's chart.
  7. Karmic, Evolutionary and soul astrology
  9. past lives
  10. Astrological Influences That May Indicate Past Lives
  11. Past Life Memories
  12. The North Node In Pisces/South In Virgo Club
  13. Composite Grand Trine and T Square
  14. The French Connection
  15. Past life love
  16. Karmik task
  17. The Yod
  18. Past life question
  19. heart-break
  20. 12th House Yods and Retrogrades
  21. how many retrogrades do you have?
  22. Heavy karma?
  23. Aspects to the Nodal Axis
  24. Karmic relationship with parent?
  25. Past life with boyfriend
  26. Nodes conj. IC/MC; double whammy
  27. 5th hse, scorpi full moon eclipse a few hours prior to birth
  28. Karmic astrology/synastry
  29. My karmic Reading
  30. Past life birth date and location
  31. Types of Karma
  32. Karmic Levels
  33. what do you think it means?
  34. Introduction
  35. Death By Overdose
  36. Stationary Planets
  37. "Proof Positive" Past Life man's progressions
  38. South Node in 12th
  39. True node retrogade
  40. Past Life Synastry Chart
  41. Soul Contract
  42. South node conjoncted pluton
  43. New to Astrology
  44. Vertex
  45. EP
  46. orb of North Node
  47. Closest applying aspects
  48. Can someone read this chart
  49. Intelligent transformation?
  50. A "regressed" chart and prenatal transits
  51. transits to North Node
  52. Anne Boleyn
  53. My Infamous Ex
  54. Karmic Soulmates?
  55. Transiting North Node in Pisces
  56. Karmic astrology reading recommendation
  57. North Node inconjunct aspect
  58. Karma in Synastry?
  59. i have four retrograde planets one grand trine and a t-square
  60. Karmic events of the 88-92 generation
  61. Karmic theory
  62. Prior life existance
  63. Ketu in cancer in 10ih house with moon
  64. Twin sisters
  65. The Nine Keys
  66. About East Point/ West Point
  67. Nodes and Pluto
  68. A question about north node conjuct sun in my relationship
  69. Revenge
  70. curious about chiron and true nodes...
  71. Still puzzled by my North Node
  72. Re: Lilith:The Dark Moon in Houses
  73. New Souls
  74. Retrograde North Node in Sagittarius and 4th House
  75. why am i afraid of death???
  76. Grand-Father --> recycled Karma
  77. Not sure what this karmic lesson is
  78. Where to look for your karma?
  79. Interceptions
  80. North Node
  81. When Saturn returns
  82. Karmic Reading ????
  83. Last Chance
  84. Proof of past life connection ???
  85. young soul
  86. Palmistry & Astrology
  87. I Await A Saturn,venus,mercury And Jupiter Return Next Birthday
  88. Neptune/Part Fortuna conjunct South Node
  89. What are the Karmic Ties you see in our charts?
  90. past life where to find in chart
  91. encarcelation or not?
  92. Karmic dept repaid?
  93. Tertiary Progressions - Odd
  94. religion and astrology: Jesus' death chart, 3 Apr. 33 AD (Julian)
  95. My past lives...
  96. Karmic relationship debts
  97. Grand Square/ Chiron
  98. Past life time & Zodiac Correlations- A.T.Mann's Theory
  99. Retrograde Outer Planets
  100. Does Inducing Labor Affect The Baby's Soul
  101. Past life Birthcharts
  102. Draconic Astrology
  103. Astrological Influences Showing Long Time Between Lives
  104. How To Read Your Past and Future Lives - By Manly P. Hall
  105. Past Lives/FATED
  106. Eclipse squaring Nnode exactly: ?
  107. Past life and love
  108. 'old souls'
  109. Astrology and Mindscope - Mahavatar Babaji's sidhi
  110. Bad transits and bad early life..
  111. Reincarnation indications in chart?
  112. Perhaps a Past Life Connection?
  113. Evolution not shown in birth chart
  114. Why does my 2 year old refer to herself as Elsa?
  115. Is this a Karmic relationship?
  116. i think this is my first lifetime as a humanbeing
  117. Ways to heal Chiron wounds
  118. Extreme Karmic Debt?
  119. Maybe a bit deep.....
  120. Do we choose our natal charts before our birth?
  121. Wrong year of birth?
  122. Astrology and Victimisation
  123. Jupiter: BELIEF & FAITH (NEPTUNE?)
  124. Hi
  125. What of you have no Retrograde planets
  126. Sisterly Shakedown; A Karmic tale...
  127. moved to South node conj ASC -- what does it mean?
  128. How Can We Get Passed This Baggage?
  129. How
  130. Destiny
  131. Moons Nodes
  132. Haven't they got bad Pluto?
  133. What do my charts say about my past life history?
  134. Old Soul or Ordinary Sign?
  135. Astrology is a beautiful science
  136. 5th House: House of Hidden Karma
  137. Past Life Indicators?
  138. Indian dreams
  139. Something I don't understand....
  140. surrounded by south node people. What to do?
  141. Cursing
  142. Synastry, N Node conj Moon aries?
  143. Beautiful karmic poel, incl all 12signs
  144. Saturn Retrograde
  145. North Node in Taurus
  146. Saturn in 5th
  147. Jupiter in 11th
  148. Moon opposite Uranus
  149. Sun in Leo
  150. Moon in Virgo
  151. 12th house subconscious memories
  152. Moon conjunct Mercury
  153. Nodes in houses
  154. Karmic relationship??
  155. Disturbing reoccuring dream needing resolution
  156. My Karma?
  157. Karma and me
  158. What am i missing.
  159. It is Karma, i just know it is
  160. Is this a past life connection?
  161. Indications of being in a `last lifetime'?
  162. What do you think of our birth time and our control of it?
  163. Jan 26th new moon & eclipse conjunct natal Chiron
  164. Need help understanding my own Karmic Debts
  165. Are six retrogrades, umm, a bit much?
  166. 3 Yods in a natal chart?
  167. Do you think this relationship is karmic?
  168. Calculating South Node Aspects
  169. What is karmic sense of Gemini?
  170. karmic connection
  171. Pisces and Past Lives
  172. Draconic Charts and Past Lives
  173. Pattern of transiting north node?
  174. How to combine Moon an NN?
  175. Never fulfilled -- what spiritual lesson am I learning?
  176. Karmic place- leaving or stay and accept?
  177. Scorpio Retrograde in Saturn?
  178. Familial Karma
  179. Deeply Ingrained Behavior Patterns
  180. Neptune In Synastry
  181. Esoteric Soul Progression
  182. Family and Group Karma
  183. Refuse your "lessons"
  184. hello again...
  185. karmic synastry of siblings
  186. Saturn conjunct Saturn and Karma?
  187. Karmic connection?
  188. Can this be considered karmic in synastry?
  189. Will I fufill my karmic destiny before I'm elderly?
  190. The younger signs lack the qualities of the next sign.
  191. North Node in Pisces in the 4th House, South Node in Virgo in the 10th House
  192. karmic connection in synastry
  193. Question about the mean node in synastry and karma
  194. Are there anything that indicates if you are a young or old soul?
  195. Past lives, love, health, personality & gender issues
  196. Countries and past lives.
  197. Karma and Old-soul-ness
  198. reincarnation, enlightenment and astrology
  199. North Node/South Node position and Moon placement
  200. karma
  201. What in the chart determines the religion you're brought up in?
  202. Marriage and Karma ?
  203. Past Life Information- (Can you help!?)
  204. Nodes in composite and davison
  205. I have something to say
  206. A Technique for Erecting a Past Life Astrological Chart
  207. Cayce said YES to 18 people!
  208. Help with Reading Karmic Chart Please
  209. Why i have problems with Capricorns! Is it Karma?
  210. how karma affect our lives?
  211. Stephen Arroyo
  212. why is it happen to me always?
  213. relationship ?
  214. anaretic degree
  215. Past life and Orcus
  216. Is this Karmic?
  217. Super-Nasty Karma?
  218. How to post for Karmic indicators?
  219. Please help me. I'm so suffering. Is this a kind of karmic bound? if so what it is?
  220. Which House System?
  221. Why they got argue so often?
  222. Past life chart reading request
  223. why am i having trouble with relationships??
  224. Which chart I should to do?
  225. Reincarnation thougts..
  226. Possible past life or knew this person?
  227. could someone look at my chart with this man thanks
  228. A general Karma questions..
  229. Moon at anaretic degree and balsamic moon.
  230. Ties in synastry
  231. nn is in another persons 12th house.
  232. who should i talk to or what should i do
  233. Having Troubles in relations since my teens; more than 10 years now
  234. karmic connection? why i am suffering? trying to find an answer from last two months
  235. synastry ties
  236. Is it related to Karmas that I am never sucessful in relationships. 30 still Single??
  237. Am I supposed to be alone forever?
  238. What astrological karma means in this case?
  239. karma and moons nodes
  240. My chart
  241. Pluto telling you where you are on your life journey
  242. KARMA AND RELATIONSHIPS by Farley Malorrus
  243. Understanding your Karma By Farley Malorrus
  244. KARMA AND ASTROLOGY By Farley Malorrus
  245. Feel as unfinished business, what is our karmic bond?
  246. Ok maybe this sounds weird.. but...........
  247. help! what is happening to me..
  248. METHODS for past lives/reincarnation
  249. Soul Contract by Farley Malorrus from "Twilight's First Gleaming"
  250. north node pluto venus conjunction