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  1. 4 years of misery
  2. My Mom
  3. Fine needle aspiration tomorrow
  4. Aspergers Syndrome in a Chart
  5. Is there a reason why I get foot cramps?
  6. hypothyroidism
  7. Reason for my phobia?
  8. Skin and Tonsils problems in my life.
  9. Hirsutism
  10. Will I have a healthy life?
  11. Pregnancy Outomce
  12. Face and Astrology.
  13. will i ever have baby
  14. Medical Chart for little Darcy
  15. Can you see jaw problems in my chart?
  16. Prog. Moon Sq. Nat. Nep helpful or hindering?
  17. Am I a hypochondriac?
  18. Skin and astrology....
  19. Am i going to be Alright??very worried!
  20. cosmetic surgery during mercury retrograde?
  21. head problems
  22. Bad Health Conditions making me depressed
  23. Vision Problems
  24. 6th House Moon...
  25. Does this chart indicates disease?
  26. Transit Uranus 6th House
  27. Foot Problems
  28. Am I going to die?
  29. Transit headache, Please help!
  30. blood sugar issues
  31. How my health goes?
  32. skin cancer
  33. Planet and Element Overloads and Deficiencies
  34. Heart Problem- Immediate response required
  35. Saturn transiting AC and weight loss
  36. IVF and Astrology.
  37. IVF and Astrology.
  38. Ηealth problem
  39. Bipolar?!
  40. Void of course and eggs collection
  41. Need to document knowledge
  42. Saturn in the 6th
  43. What is up with me?
  44. Unable to sustain any kind of balanced routine
  45. Brain disease and gemstones
  46. Insomnia\Depression\Anxiety?
  47. Causesof left ear almost being completely deaf?
  48. Anxiety attack yesterday for the first time?
  49. Anything in my chart that points to extreme hight?
  50. Tumor Removal
  51. Not doing well lately; been very depressed
  52. Plz help Plzzzzzzzz
  53. Gallstones
  54. could he be the father of my child?
  55. What is the cause of my sleep issues?
  56. When will by baby come?
  57. Vedic astrology better than western?...
  58. SO concerned...
  59. Mental issues
  60. Generally weak health?
  61. Best date for surgery
  62. oing to the doctor, anything I should worry about in my transits
  63. Will I get pregnant any time soon?
  64. I have anxiety and depression
  65. What is the best time for surgery?
  66. marcs retrograde and shots and injectable medications
  67. Odd jaw issue
  68. Death
  69. Which of these dates are best for surgery?
  70. Saturn in Fifth House - Taurus! Please help me!
  71. Health Getting Better or Worse?
  72. People, who died with help of Euthanasia
  73. How Do I Help Her With Her Depression? Why Is It So Deep?
  74. Labrynthitis
  75. My friend died last year
  76. Depression
  77. Extreme fear of sexually transmitted diseases?
  78. Surgery on arm again
  79. Miscarriage/abortions in natal chart
  80. Medical Midpoints
  81. Hair falling...
  82. moles on body
  83. Clinically Diagnosed Violent Narcissist
  84. Start Radiation when Mercury is Retrograde?
  85. Chart of Mother and Daughter
  86. Can i have a second baby without having any bad results?
  87. Autoimmune disease, anything present?
  88. Pluto and ketu in 5th house
  89. Should I get lumbar spinal surgery on March 20th, 2012?
  90. Scheduling Surgery for Cat?
  91. Astrology & Your Dosha type
  92. THIS WHAT AFFECTS MY STATE OF MIND which affects my health
  93. Nerve related diseases..! Please help
  94. spirit-star help/cure for sick child
  95. underweight
  96. will she able to gain her weight??
  97. Young french needs help ...
  98. Fatigue/Depression
  99. Constant Health Issues
  100. Scorpio body types...
  101. What is Medical Astrology ?
  102. Transiting Chiron and Neptune nearing Asc, any reason for worry?
  103. Finding out your body type through your natal chart.
  104. Scorpio Water-Pig - Replenishing Jing
  105. Old or new condition....Baby
  106. Children
  107. Why am I hairy?
  108. Bursitis and Tendonitis
  109. Surgery
  110. Upcoming Solar eclipse and health worries.
  111. could it be a false postive??? please help
  112. Stage 4 Cancer
  113. PLS help! When will i have a baby...
  114. How to reveal a childhood trauma
  115. Hives that never end...acne...Pluto transiting my 6th??
  116. is surgery a posibility or my destiny ?
  117. Will my husband and I ever get our own little miracle?
  118. mars conjunct saturn
  119. Natal prospects for children?
  120. surgery date
  121. My Mom
  122. WL surgery date
  123. left extremisties: only skin-deep problems?
  124. The Astrology of Helen Keller
  125. Lymph Nodes
  126. Herbs and Astro
  127. Will my injuries heal?
  128. Will I ever be healthy??
  129. Saturn transit in 12th house and surgery
  130. Will I overcome my skin cancer and weight gain?
  131. Is my body type shown in my natal chart?
  132. Bells Palsy and Brain Cyst
  133. IBS help
  134. Skin issues/ body type
  135. Jupiter in Gemini - And the Breath
  136. Surgery during Mercury Retrograde
  137. Upcoming clinical trial
  138. better time for female surgery
  139. 2012 - Year of Physical Issues
  140. Paranoia?
  141. Really worried, stroke
  142. Basic Principles
  143. New to medical astrology and need help!!
  144. My Illness
  145. Do I have signs of depression in my chart?
  146. Question I have
  147. Relative just had an operation and insist on driving
  148. Transiting South Node conjunct natal Sun
  149. Skin Problems
  150. What planetary influences could affect the pancreas
  151. Will my health improve?
  152. head trauma: accident, medical negligence and or abuse?
  153. Please help!! Really bad case of Hives
  154. Desesperate with skin problems
  155. A novice to fusing medical with astrology
  156. Need help with choosing a time for dental work
  157. newborn baby health issues shown in natal chart?
  158. Hair loss
  159. Friend with chronic health issues
  160. Please Help! Why is my hair falling out?
  161. Infertility
  162. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) related to ascendant?
  163. Abortion - What are the signs and under what transits?
  164. Types of birth control?
  165. Very scared- will my MRSA be cured?
  166. Hiv and alternative treatment?
  167. When will I have my First child?
  168. plz help
  169. 2012 sock it to me wondering why?
  170. Could You Please Help Me With This Medical Case
  171. FeelingDesperate.... Can A Natal Chart Tell me....
  172. strange disease
  173. Help with my degrees and sixth house!
  174. internal problems
  175. Physical vulnerabilities
  176. Sex Addiction and 8th house placements?
  177. Fertility Problems
  178. Will I ever walk again?
  179. please help young man in a coma
  180. Full moon in the 8th and surgery
  181. Imsomnia!!
  182. Conception of child
  183. Need Help Reading Chart of Young Child with Mystery Illness
  184. Narcissistic Violent Drug Addict's Birth Chart
  185. read my chart?
  186. Infertility/Hormonal Issues
  187. Twins/Multiple births
  188. Hi guys will i ever have a child by astrology?
  189. Mercury in Pisces - Health Conditions
  190. When will I become pregnant
  191. Second look at fertility?
  192. Neurosis
  193. Will you go bald?
  194. Tummy troubles. what is causing it?
  195. What planet/house rules Cyst??
  196. Father Surgery
  197. Mars Energy
  198. Breast augmentation surgery during Mercury retrograde - please advise!
  199. Number of kids from lover and their health in own natal chart
  200. Fertility in my chart
  201. Childrens after marriage and health of couple
  202. Venus/Mars and Health
  203. Could I be making myself sick?
  204. Want to concieve
  205. Mental Illness and Astrology
  206. Surgery during RX?
  207. Astrology of Pollution & Health
  208. Any Hints To Infertility In My Chart?
  209. Mental health problems
  210. Low thyroid count in blood
  211. Childs Health and Uranus 6th
  212. When to begin extensive Dental Work?
  213. Processed Food linked to Autoimmune disease - 6th house issue
  214. Past few months have been insane
  215. Many Health problems!!!Please help
  216. Strange Symptoms
  217. brain state :)
  218. skin problem cold urticaria
  219. Future Children
  220. Cold hands
  221. Current chart for medical assessment plz
  222. Will I have better luck with my next pregnancy ?
  223. astrology and children
  224. Uranus conjunct Mercury t-square Transit
  225. will I have another baby or get pregnant soon? if so when?
  226. Pregnancy? Miscarriage?
  227. When I will become MOM? Please Reply
  228. Friends serious Accident
  229. Safe to have dental surgery under these transits?
  230. Seeing Cancer, Terminal?
  231. Bone tumor - Saturn lessons
  232. Will i get good or bad news?
  233. source of my health issues
  234. Will i get pregnant ever ? Am i infertile? Please help me please !
  235. do transits affect growth?
  236. Why is she always ill?
  237. Arabic part/lot midpoints calculation
  238. Stomach disorder and frail
  239. Plastic Surgery during a mercury retrograde
  240. Lupus/Rhuematoid Arthritis
  241. communicating to a native with a mental disorder
  242. regain eyesight naturally
  243. What do I look for?
  244. My Left Foot
  245. Do you see pancreatitis in my chart?
  246. indicators/aspects and healing methods
  247. Aging & Health Vulnerabilities
  248. Predict children for us
  249. Nephew with liver issues, sister in denial. Insight needed, please.
  250. Prostrate and heart