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My charts
My charts
The devil's composite with the single Angel by Sarah Maclachlin 
The astrological influences of the star Sabik 
Wastefulness, lost energy,...
astro 61gw 286 202 jesus the crucifixion.81523.8584
Jesus dies on cross pose
Composite of Jesus and The Cruxifixion 
Composite chart of Jesus and "the crucifixion". 
M.C. Conjunct Haumea: 
Orbital Period: 285.31 yr.,...
The Crucifixion
astro 621gw 328 137 will the psycho be brought to justice might is right by ragnar redbeard.49973.50176
Composite of Jesus and the single Sad but True by Metallica: 
Notice the Moon conjunct the Fifth house cusp / Conjunct the fixed star Asellus...
astro 621gw 286 136 jesus malignant selflove narcissism revisited.57851.32143
astro 2gw 342 hero of the day single.68396.22651
astro 2gw 328 will the psycho be brought to justice.64801.31214
astro 621gw 328 205 will the psycho be brought to justice who prays for satan.85705.28422
astro 621gw 286 285 jesus captive hearts captive minds.69617.26948
astro 621gw 141 285 the passion of the christ captive hearts captive minds.68823.23172
astro 621gw 286 310 jesus king nothing.85341.17401 
Galactic Centre 
Galactic Core 	Vast supermassive Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy,...
astro 2gw 137 might is right by ragnar redbeard.10414.2665
astro 621gw 286 137 jesus might is right by ragnar redbeard.6483.45969
Composite of Jesus and The single The Unforgiven by Metallica 
Alpha Serpentis * 
Unukalhai 	Success followed by fall, suicide, insanity,...
astro 2gw 286 jesus.52001.55661
astro 2gw 347 the aquarian gospel of jesus the christ.50991.16382
Composite of Jesus and the single Hero of the day by Metallica: 
Wastefulness and lost energy, perverted morals, success in evil deeds 
astro 621gw 286 345 jesus current.62283.3698
Composite of Jesus and the psychological book Guilty by Reason of Insanity. 
Jupiter conjunct Algol: 
Primitive female sexuality; strangulation,...
Composite of Jesus and the latest King James bible. 
Like The book of Mormon and The Luciferian Goetia, 9th house cusp is directly over Spiculum: 
The Devil's composite with an episode of Law and Order S.V.U. 
Episode is called branded.
Composite of the U.S. Bill of Rights and The Satanic Bible: 
Sun/Pluto conjunction over the fixed star Sabik: 
Wastefulness and lost energy,...

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