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Third House

Third House - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Third House In a Nativity: The synthetizing powers of the mind and its ability to form sense impressions and mold destiny within one's social environment; dexterity, cleverness, duality, restlessness; the rational mind and its adaptability to education; short journeys; brothers, sisters and near blood relationships, and their attitude toward the native; acquaintances and neighbors, their character and reputation; writings and communications, news and rumors; changes and removals; daily comings and goings; accidents; memory, perception, speech; personal advertising and publicity.

In a Mundane Figure: Inland transit, traffic and communications by land, air or water; the nature of the public demands upon and the degree of public patronage accorded to the nation's transportation and communication facilities; the postal, telegraph and telephone systems, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines and ephemeral publications; the people's inclination to travel, move about, make changes and communicate with one another within the nation; the nation's intellectual activities and its relations with neighboring nations; the reading public, and its tendency to patronize the newspapers and other periodicals; indications relative to rumors, public opinion, the mental and psychological attitude of the masses; emigration as distinct from immigration; and the effects of storms, temperature changes and atmospheric conditions within the country.

In a Court of Law: the Court reporter.

In an Organization: first-hand contacts of the Organization with the general public, the traffic, transit, transportation and communication departments; interoffice communications; specific information disseminated within the organization, and departments having to do with the dissemination of such information; public statements of a relatively private nature.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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