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Taurus Individual Degrees

Taurus Individual Degrees - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Taurus Individual Degrees (accurate 1925; add 1 5' for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: neb, nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.)


0.....Powerful in combining old principles in new applications.


2.....Degree of plot and strategy. Important degree in nativities of great military generals.

25' 8 29'N (3) Sharatan, beta Arietis. A pearly white star on the Ram's North Horn. (Mars Saturn) Unscrupulous; defeat; destruction by war, fire or earthquake.

3.....Exaltation of the Moon; a fortunate degree. One accustomed to the exercise of authority.

4.....Founder of a sect; the seat of law.

5.....Occultist, healer; hermit.

6.....Degree of many enemies.

632' 9 58'N (2) Hamal. Alpha Arictis. A yellow star in the Ram's forehead -- the "following horn." (Mars Saturn - Venus Saturn) Cruelty; premeditated crime.

7.....Determined and resourceful.

8.....Cusp of Fourth Lunar Mansion. A critical degree.


96'...Jupiter-Saturn conj.; February 15, 1941.

10....Architecture (10 - 12).

11....Experimental scientist.

12....Air pressure and gravitation.

1230'.Jupiter-Saturn conj.: October 20, 1941.

13....Circulation of money: unfortunate for marriage.

137' 27 48'N (2) Almach, Gamma Andromedae. An orange, emerald and blue binary or ternary star in left foot of Andromeda. (Venus) Eminence; artistic ability.

1312' 1235'S (2V2) Menkar, alpha Ceti. An orange star in the Whale's jaw. (Saturn - Venus Moon - Mars) Injury from wild beasts; loss of fortune.

14....First point of stabilization; a fortunate degree; religious nature.

1427'.Jupiter-Saturn conj.: August 8, 1940.

15....Growth; music.

16....Painting; influential in organizations.


1714'.Mercury North Node.

18....Leader of a party.

19....Self-made man.

198'..Mars North Node.

20....Cusp of Fifth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree; oratorical.

21....Water travel.

22....Success at any cost.

2218'.Mars-Saturn conj.: February 22, 1942.

23....Patient in toil.

235' 40 22'N (cl) Capulus, 33 Uranus vi Persei. A double cluster in the sword-hand of Perseus. (Mars Mercury) Defective eyesight.

24....Poet and recluse.

25....Autocratic and unscrupulous; death of partner; a bad reputation.

253' 22 25'N (v) Algol, Beta Persei. A white binary and variable star, marking the Medusa's head held in the hand of Perseus. (Saturn) Said to be of a violent nature, the M.C. directed to this position arousing mob violence and murderous tendencies, which dispose toward a tragic end. It is reputed to be the most malefic of the stars. Conjunct the Sun, Moon or Jupiter it gives victory in war.

2534'.Jupiter-Uranus conj.: May 8, 1941.

26....Fortune by marriage.

2638'.Mars-Uranus conj.: March 1, 1942.

27....A fortunate degree; steadfast; fortune through employment

28....Literature; powerful will, and organizing ability.

2852 4 2'N (3) Alcyone, Eta Tauri. A greenish yellow star; the brightest of the Pleiades, representing one of the seven daughters of the nymph Pleione, by Atlas, who by Neptune became the mother of Hyreus. The names of the other six are Maia, Electra, Taygeta, Sterope (or Asterope), Celano, and the invisible, or "lost" one, Merope, who concealed herself from shame at having loved a mortal. That Alcyone was at one time presumed to be the center of the Milky Way Galaxy indicates that the ancients may have visualized Atlas as resting on this point while supporting the Earth on his shoulders. (Mars Moon) Eminence; if conjoining Sun or Moon - accidents to face, or blindness from smallpox; a strong love nature.

29....Degree of fate; favored by fortune; a dramatic area; a famous actors' degree.

2919'.Saturn-Uranus conj.: May 3, 1942.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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