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Signs and the Disciples

Signs and the Disciples - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Signs and the Disciples It is commonly considered from the many New Testament pronouncements of astrological doctrine, that the Twelve Disciples were chosen, each to represent a different one of the twelve fundamental types and qualities with a ruling Trinity of the central Sun (the Father) whose spiritual and intellectual light (the Holy Spirit) reflected by the Moon (the Son) flowed out through these twelve apostles into all the world-representing humanity divided into its twelve basic types. The disciples considered this order so important that after Judas's betrayal Mathias took his place as one of the twelve.

Aries: Peter, the fiery, impulsive, changeable, pioneering leader, who eventually became the rock upon which was founded the New Church "of the Lamb." (Initiating: inspirational)

Taurus: Simon Zelotes, the dogmatic, determined zealot; who was concerned with property and finances, rebelled against the payment of taxes, and received from Jesus the admonition - "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's." (Fixed: materialistic)

Gemini: James, "the lesser." Slow to accept the authenticity of the Messiah, but became the eloquent preacher of the church in Jerusalem, and an active evangelist and exhorter. (Mutable: intellectual)

Cancer: Andrew, the sympathetic homebody, a follower of John the Baptist, whose first thought when he discovered the Messiah was to run quickly and fetch his brother Simon. (Initiating: sympathetic)

Leo: John, the most beloved apostle. (Fixed: inspirational)

Virgo: Philip, always precise, calculating, enquiring, and practical. (Mutable: materialistic)

Libra: Bartholomew-Nathaniel, the innocently pure one "in whom there is no guile." The tactful, persuasive evangelist. (Initiating: intellectual)

Scorpio: Thomas, the doubting skeptic, yet bold and courageous. (Fixed: sympathetic)

Sagittarius: James, the great teacher, who with Peter and John became the spiritual leaders of the early church: the three fire sign types cooperating. (Mutable: inspirational)

Capricorn: Matthew, the tax gatherer, the politician, the one in authority in the governing seat in Rome. (Initiating: materialistic)

Aquarius: Thaddeus-Jude, who considered the lot of the peasant, and sought to better the living and working conditions of the masses; and who interrogated Jesus at the Last Supper as to how he would manifest himself. (Fixed: intellectual)

Pisces: Judas Iscariot, who when he succumbed to temptation suf- fered severe pangs of remorse. (Mutable: sympathetic)

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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