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Sign: Taurus

Sign: Taurus - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Sign: Taurus The Bull. The second sign of the zodiac. Its symbol represents the head and horns of a bull. The sacred Apis was presumed to be the incarnation of the god Osiris - hence a symbol of a sepulchre or tomb. The Sun's entry into Taurus was celebrated as a Feast of Maya (Maia) - our May Day - the Sun represented by a white bull with a golden disc between his horns, followed by a procession of virgins, exemplifying the fecundity of Nature in Spring. The Sun is in Taurus annually from April 21 to May 20. Astrologically and astronomically it is in the second thirty-degree arc from the Spring Equinox, from 30 to 60 along the Ecliptic. It is the Fixed quality of the Earth element, conferring external will power that, ordinarily passive, and negative, becomes obstinate and unbending when aroused. Negative, nocturnal, cold, dry and melancholy. Ruler: Venus. Exaltation: Moon. Detriment: Mars. Fall: Uranus.

........Headstrong Taurus

...Who smiles through life - except when crossed?

...Who knows, or thinks he knows, the most?

...Who loves good things: baked, boiled or roast?

......Oh, Taurus.

Symbolic interpretation: The head and horns of a bull; the sacred Apis in whom the god Osiris was incarnate; a sepulchre or tomb.

Taurus represents the manifestations of the Self, hence his basic possessions, and inherited tendencies.

...........The mighty Bull trudges the stellar lanes. - Aratus

First Decan: Determination, the soul's exaltation; materialistic and mediumistic tendencies.

Second Decan: Struggle, the conflict for supremacy.

Third Decan: Mastership, triumph over physical limitations and environment; utilizing physical things for spiritual progress.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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