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Seventh House

Seventh House - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Seventh House In a Nativity: The Seventh cusp, the Angle of Relationship, at the western end of the line of Particular Being, depicts the subjective side of the Nature, the Individuality, as opposed to the Personality that is revealed objectively in the. First House; the correlation of exterior agencies and forces. of the four Angles, it ranks third in importance. Here human relations are on a give-and-take basis, by the interchange of ideas. It has to do with the outcome of all contentions, oppositions, strife, enmities, pleas, and fines. Since it defines the native's reaction to law, it becomes the House of the Public, showing the relation of the native to others; particularly his open adversaries; lawsuits and contracts; one's personal agents and representatives; men's grandfathers or women's grandmothers; nephews and nieces; and every manner of cooperative arrangement or partnership, legal or otherwise - including marriage and the effects thereof upon the native. In an astrological sense marriage is any state of cohabitation prompted by love and attended by a condition of sympathetic understanding, whether or not recognized by civil or ecclesiastical law. Furthermore, when any state of cohabitation, however legalized it may be, ceases to produce a blending of two horoscopes through a condition of mutual regard and understanding harmoniousness, marriage ceases to exist and becomes merely a legalized form of prostitution; as evidenced by laws governing "common law" marriage, divorce, and the support of offspring after divorce. The more profoundly the constructive influence of cohabita- tion affects the lives of the participants, the more it can properly be termed a marriage.

In a Mundane Figure. The public as an organized social unit, the social consciousness of the people, the relative status of the nation among the nations of the world, and conditions, circumstances and events affecting its social evolution; those who cooperate with or oppose the people in a national sense, such as anti-social organizations or activities, crime, organized crime and criminals, particularly those who assume the status of a public enemy; anything that contributes to or interferes with public harmony, or tends to build or disintegrate social identities; public support of the nation's foreign policy, friendly or hostile, political or commercial, and the reactions of foreign nations thereto. It is therefore the domain of international disputes, of war and peace; public relations, public gatherings, and meetings between and dealings with strangers. It also indicates the status of women in the nation, particularly the public attitude toward marriage and divorce, and the fluctuations of the marriage and divorce rate as determined by the planet posited there, and its relation to the Fifth House.

In a Contest: the challenger; the decision of the judges.

In a Court of Law: the plaintiff and the lawyers; the point of arbitration where evidence and the rights of opposing factions are weighed; also the verdict of the jury.

In an Organization: its relation to other organizations through contracts, trade agreements, mergers, cartels, or reciprocal arrangements; its lawsuits and legal affairs. Here originate all forces that oppose the growth and free action of the organization as an individual entity, such as competitors and their activities.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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