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Second House

Second House - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Second House In a Nativity: Repository of the native's strongest desires, it determines the quality of the life-substance used by the Ego - that which the Life is dedicated to redeem; the heredity and social background with which the native is equipped for the pursuit of his destiny, and the bodily chemistry of metabolism; secret thoughts and desires; financial standing, money, moveable property and possessions, the gain or loss and the income derived therefrom; earning and spending capacities, personal debts; the manner in which he meets his obligations.

In a Mundane Figure: The nation's wealth; taxation revenue, stocks, bonds, shares, and all places and activities connected in any way with money, such as banks, stock exchanges, trade and commerce; the national exports; taxing power, as distinct from the manner in which the taxes affect the people; the purchasing power of the nation, its national expenditures and receipts, currency and its circulation and liquid assets; hence the wealth and prosperity of the people as measured by their collective earning and buying power; investors and their investments, and those who buy stocks and bonds for investment rather than for speculation.

In a National Figure: the Treasury.

In an Organization: its liquid assets and voluntary expenditures; the ability of the Company to earn profits; its disposition toward investments.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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