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Definition of Rectification The process of verification or correction of the birth moment or ascendant degree of the map, by reference to known events or characteristics pertaining to the native. This may be necessitated by the inaccuracy of time-pieces; the carelessness of those whose business it should be to make a careful record of the correct moment of birth; or it may consist of a hypothetical determination of a birth-hour wholly unknown to the native. The entire subject is a matter of controversy. Some contend that it is unscientific to prove a thesis by altering the premise to fit the conclusion. Among numerous methods are: (1) the Prenatal Epoch, the Arc of the Moon's travel from its birth position to the point where it forms its first aspect, converted into time and compared with the circumstances which attended, is presumed to afford an indication of the Native's exact age, whereby to rectify the degree of the Ascendant; (2) comparisons between the house positions of the planets, and the Native's circumstances and disposition; and (3) the computing of the directions attending the first accident or illness, the death of a parent, the conferring of an honor, marriage, the birth of a child.

Argol and Morinus used a method of rectification by directions timed to an important event. Hermes observed a certain relationship between the place of the Moon at birth and the Ascendant at conception, and vice versa, out of which developed the Prenatal Epoch, as advanced by E. H. Bailey in the 'Prenatal Epoch" and Sepharial in "The Solar Epoch." Various other methods have been advanced but none has received universal acceptance.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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