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Definition of Profections A term used by Ptolemy to indicate the successional rising of the Signs, hence of the Sun and other Significators, at the rate of one Sign per year, or 230' per month. First study the rules for determining the Hyleg, or hylegiacal degree. With that located advance it 30 for each year. Bearing in mind that the year from your third to your fourth birthday is your fourth year, proceed as follows: Assume a Protectional Figure for the year beginning on your 27th birthday with the Hyleg at Pisces 15. 28 Signs minus 24 - two circles - equals 4 Signs, hence the annual Profection extends from Cancer 15 to Leo 15. The Moon and the Sun thus become the chronocrators for the 28th year. v. Directions.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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