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Planetary Vocations and Avocations

Planetary Vocations and Avocations - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Planetary Vocations and Avocations The ruling planet, and the signs in which posited, considered with reference to occupational aptitude, gives the following testimony.

Sun: Positions of power, dignity, authority and responsibility, judges, magistrates, law observance authorities; superintendents and directors of public utilities, banks and businesses where huge sums of money are handled; goldsmiths, money lenders, writers, makers of ornaments, as luxuries and for display.

Moon: All common employments; persons dealing with public commodities, or holding.inferior positions chiefly in the transit industry; women officials and female occupations, as maids, children's nurses, midwives; those having to do with water, as seamen, fishermen, beavers, longshoremen; dealers in liquids; bath attendants; traveling salesmen, tradesmen, purveyors of food.

Mercury: Authors, actors, orators, teachers, inventors, men of science, journalists and those engaged in gathering and disseminating information and in basing of judgment thereon; merchants, book sellers, postal workers, telegraph operators and messengers, or clerks engaged in the communications industry; artisans who exercise skill and intelligence; accountants, civil engineers, lawyers.

Venus: All professions connected with music and the fine arts; jewellers, embroiderers, perfumers, botanists; all businesses connected with women and their adornment: domestic servants, dancers and actors who impersonate beauty or grace, apart from skill or intelligence; painters, clothing designers, makers and dealers in toilet accessories.

Mars: All military professions; surgeons, chemists, blacksmiths, engineers, merchants, butchers, barbers, carpenters, and those who use cutlery or sharp instruments; workers in iron and steel, and those who make implements of war; bakers, dyers, and au common employments.

Jupiter: All professions connected with religion and the law; legislators, physicians, bankers, philanthropists, clothiers and businesses connected with woollen clothing; restaurant workers.

Saturn: All conservative businesses and all who deal in land, or in commodities produced by or taken out of the earth; those having to do with places of confinement, or of the dead; common laborers, and those who undertake laborious tasks, or who work underground, or by night. Employments where much labor is necessary to acquire gain. Builders, bridge makers, potters, plumbers, bricklayers, dyers, cattlemen, policemen, scavengers.

Uranus: Public figures, not holding office; travelers, inventors, pioneers, discoverers, original thinkers, lecturers; aviators, and those in the development of air transport; electricians, radio technicians, astrologists, scientists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, physical researchers and all new and uncommon occupations.

Neptune: Artistic and literary geniuses, philosophers, occultists, occupations connected with water, or liquids.

Pluto. Leaders in large organizations and movements, whether socialistic or capitalistic. Writers along sociological lines, or of works in which sociological doctrines are disguised; activities conducted anonymously or under a pseudonym.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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