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Planetary Significators - Mundane

Planetary Significators - Mundane - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Planetary Significators - Mundane In Mundane Astrology, the significance of the solar system bodies is as follows:

In a consideration of world affairs, the planets supply the initiating factor, whether personalities or environment; the aspects, its favorable or unfavorable action; the signs, the geographical divisions of the earth's surface to be affected; and the houses, the economic or political conditions of the people to be affected or activated.

Sun: Executive heads; governmental and legislative.

Moon: The proletariat, particularly the women; crowds; subjects or objects of popular interest; water transport conditions and occupations; land and crops.

Mercury: The intelligentsia, the literary world; the transportation and communications industry; the press, educators, speakers, news commentators; change.

Venus: Ambassadors of good will and preservers of the peace; artists, musicians; theatres and festivals; births, children; courtship and marriage. Unfavoring aspects bring plagues and pestilences.

Mars: Military leaders; surgeons; persons liable to die; engineers; agitators, incendiaries, criminals and crimes of violence; epidemics of infectious and contagious diseases; wars. Commotions are stirred up by Mars aspects to the Sun.

Jupiter: judiciary; ecclesiastical heads; industrialists and capitalists; philanthropists and philanthropic movements; influences in support of order; peace, prosperity and plenty. If afflicted, over-production.

Saturn: The minor state executives and law enforcement authorities; Civil Service employees; land owners and mine operators; elderly persons; public buildings, national calamities, scarcities.

Uranus: Air and rail transport; labor organizations, strikes and riots; civic organizations; anarchy, explosions, inventions; the electrical and radio industry.

Neptune: The little people; social movements; socialized medicine and hospitalization; charities; seditions; socialistic political movements; widespread unrest.

Pluto. Organized labor; chain store syndicates; group activities; mob psychology - whether the mob be capitalists drunk with power or unemployed crazed by hunger.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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