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Planetary Significators - Horary

Planetary Significators - Horary - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Planetary Significators - Horary In Horary Astrology the solar system bodies are subject to the following interpretations:

Sun: The querent - if a man. Rich and powerful relations; the person in authority, from whom an honor or favor is desired; the one capable of saving the querent from embarrassment; goldsmiths, jewelers, reformers, educators.

Moon: The querent - if a woman. The mother, or the woman in the case; servants, sailors, navigators, and those in contact with fluids or liquids.

Mercury: The bringer of tidings; news of that which is lost; artificers, thieves, ingenious and clever persons, who live by their wits; mathematicians, secretaries, merchants, travelers, teachers, orators, ambassadors.

Venus: The person in whom the querent may be interested, particularly if a young woman; embroiderers, perfumers, entertainers, artists, dealers in ornamentation, designers of clothing, interior decorators, lovers of pleasure, managers of places of amusement.

Mars: If favorably aspected, a strong and aggressive friend; if unfavorably aspected, a revengeful enemy; surgeons, chemists, soldiers, munition manufacturers; all who use sharp instruments; rough and uncultured persons; thieves, and such as live by violence.

Jupiter: The wise friend of the querent upon whom he depends for protection or assistance; a person of advanced years noted for integrity; rich and generous friends or relations; clothiers and dealers in essential commodities; mountebanks, dissipated relatives or friends; the black sheep of the family; counsellors, ecclesiastical dignitaries, judges, lawyers.

Saturn: Persons who, through narrowness of outlook, endanger the success of querent; aged and conservative or indigent friends or relatives; day laborers, religious recluses, those engaged in agriculture and mining, paupers, beggars, clowns; sometimes prudent counsellors; if unfavorably aspected, a person with ulterior motive.

Uranus: The querent's friend in an emergency; unexpected elements, persons from afar, inventors, electricians, indicators of change; astrologers, humanitarians, psychologists, mental specialists. If favorably aspected, a person bringing new and important propositions. If unfavorably aspected, losses through impostors or unwise speculation.

Neptune: Those concerned with the investigation of scientific or metaphysical secrets; profoundly wise and eccentric individuals geniuses, prophets, spiritual counsellors; persons of mysterious origin; those engaged in water pursuits.

Pluto. The leader of an organization waging a strike, boycott or lockout, to establish a precedent for some principle; the writer who instigates a reform movement or mass reaction.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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