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Planetary Physiology

Planetary Physiology - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Planetary Physiology Consideration of the ruling planet, the Ruler of the ascending Decanate and its aspects, assists at arriving at a judgment as to sub-active and hyper-active functioning, as follows:

Sun: Generation of vital force, circulation, physical growth, expansion of areas of sensitivity.

Moon: Impregnation, generation, flow of secretions.

Mercury: Nerve functions, nerve reflexes, volition, coordination of motivity.

Venus: Exosmosis, filtration, venereal functions.

Mars: Rapid energy combustion under stress, bodily distribution of metallic elements.

Jupiter: Cell nutrition and development, flesh building, formation of hemoglobin and red corpuscles.

Saturn: Calcification, congestion, conditions affecting tendons, cartilages and articulation of bones.

Uranus: Electro-magnetic forces, growth of long bones.

Neptune: Functioning of telepathic, psychic or occult faculties; formation of white corpuscles.

Pluto. Balance between the anabolistic and katabolistic phases of metabolism.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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