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Planetary Pathology, or physical ailments

Planetary Pathology, or physical ailments - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Planetary Pathology, or physical ailments Associated with planetary influences are the ailments affecting the portion of the body represented by the Sign position of the planet - at birth, in transit, or by direction; and by the Signs and Houses ruled by the planet.

Sun: Ailments of heart and upper spinal region; fevers and breaking down of tissues; organic ailments; fainting spells; diseases of the spleen.

Moon: Endocrine imbalance resulting in inflamed glands and defective eyesight; functional ailments and irregularities; allergies; mental instabilities; female disorders; emotional depression that impairs normal functioning; dropsy and excess fluidity; catarrhal infection of the mucous membranes.

In matters of health it is generally the significator of the bodily afflictions of its Sign position, as follows:

Aries, head

Taurus, neck

Gemini, arms

Cancer, chest

Leo, back and heart

Virgo, abdomen

Libra, loins, kidneys

Scorpio, organs of generation

Sagittarius, thighs

Capricorn, knees

Aquarius, legs

Pisces, feet

Mercury: Nervous disorders or debility from excitement, stress, overwork or worry; headaches; losses of memory; salivation; goitre; impaired respiration and sluggish elimination.

Venus: Blood impurities that poison the system, resulting in tonsilitis; pustural diseases, as measles or smallpox; sloughing sores and susceptibility to contagion; kidney disease; venereal diseases; poisoning; impaired functioning, resulting from uncontrolled eroticism.

Mars: Infectious, contagious and cruptive diseases; fevers, high blood pressure, internal hemorrhages, inflammations producing sharp pains; burns, scalds; inflammatory conditions requiring surgical treatment; hysterical outbursts producing violent reactions due to high temperatures.

Jupiter: Maladies arising from surfeit; congestion; chronic acidity and hyperfluidity of functional activity; subnormal blood pressure; apoplexy.

Saturn: Inhibited functioning due to fears and morbid conditions; debilities due to accidental falls or subnormal temperatures; depressed vital activity or impaired circulation due to inhibited emotions; rheumatism; melancholia; decayed and abscessed teeth; malnutrition, often from sheer miserliness; skin diseases; atrophy; spinal ailments.

Uranus: Inflammations resulting from deposit of precipitated min- erals; fractures, ruptures, lesions, spasmodic disorders.

Neptune: Oxygen deficiency; glandular imbalance from unexplainable causes; energy depletion and wasting diseases; anaemia; neuroses; catalepsy, often the result of undirected or undisciplined psychic activity; hypochrondriasis; drug addiction.

Pluto. Ailments resulting from deposits of precipitated mineral products in consequence of chronic acidosis; arthritic and arteriosclerotic afflictions.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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