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Planetary Objects and Substances

Planetary Objects and Substances - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Planetary Objects and Substances Sun: Precious metals, diamonds-things valuable and scarce; glistening substances.

Moon: Utensils in common use in the laundry; or in the silversmith's trade. Soft, smooth substances.

Mercury: Papers connected with money; legal documents; books, pictures, writing materials, anything connected with education and communications. Flowing and veined substances.

Venus: Jewelry and ornaments; women's wearing apparel; bed linens; polished reflecting substances.

Mars: Steel; cutlery, and anything that is sharp; instruments of war; sparkling substances.

Jupiter: Men's wearing apparel, merchandisable sweets; horses, domestic pets; common and useful substances, cloth, paper.

Saturn: Land, minerals, agriculture and garden implements; heavy materials; dull and heavy substances; dross.

Uranus: Machinery, old coins and antiques, baths, public institutions; everything uncommon and unusual; radioactive and magnetic substances.

Neptune: Poison, liquids, habit-forming drugs; mysterious and unidentifiable substances.

Pluto. Synthetics, through splitting and recondensing processes; plastics; atomic fission.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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