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Definition of Meridian A circle of longitude passing from the South point of the horizon, through the zenith to the North point of the horizon. It coincides with geographical longitude - a great circle crossing the equator and passing through the poles. Every point on the Earth's surface has its own meridian or circle of longitude, which passes through its zenith. The point on the heavens where the projection of this circle intersects the ecliptic, marks the midheaven (MC) or the cusp of the Tenth House. The Sun's place at noon is on this meridian, and the distance from this point to the horizon in either direction constitutes the Sun's semi-diurnal arc. The same is true of any celestial body. (v. Semi-arc.) The term is loosely and incorrectly applied to the midheaven, to the degree of the zodiac thereon, and even to the whole of the X' house. On an astrological map, it is approximated in the vertical line passing from the cusp of the Tenth House, at the top of the map, to the cusp of the Fourth House, at the bottom.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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