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Lunar Declination

Lunar Declination - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Lunar Declination The moon's declination varies from year to year. A maximum (18+) occurred in March 1932 and in 1941. The reason for the variation is the regression of the Moon's nodes. The ecliptic is inclined to the celestial equator by 2327'. The moon's apparent path on the celestial sphere is inclined to the ecliptic on an average of 58', but the intersection points, the nodes, move relatively fast, covering 360 in about 19 years. When the Moon's ascending node lies at the Vernal equinox, the angle between the Moon's apparent path and the equator is at the greatest, for 2327' must be added to 58' making 2835'. Half a revolution later, or about 9 years, the descending node is at the Vernal equinox, and the angle between the moon's path and the equator is at the least, and 58' is subtracted from 2327', giving 1819'. The more the moon's path is inclined to the equator, the greater is the declination.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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