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Leo Individual Degrees

Leo Individual Degrees - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Leo Individual Degrees accurate 1925; add 1║ 5' for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: neb, nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.)




5░.....Homicide, aviation accidents.


6░7' 1░33' N (cl) Presaepe, 44m Cancri. The manger of the Aselli: a nebulous cluster. (Mars Moon) Adventure, wantonness, brutality; at other times fortunate, though liable to loss through others; industry, order and fecundity; large business. Rising, or conjunction an afflicted Moon: blindness, especially of left eye; ophthalmia; facial injuries; fevers, wounds. If Sun oppose Mars or Asc.: violent death. If culminating: disgrace, ruin, violent death.

6░25' 3░11'N (5) North Asellus, Gamma Cancri. Identified with Balaam's ass. The Aselli represent the asses ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan in the war between the Gods and the Titans. (Mars Sun - Sun sextile Mars) Patience, beneficence, courage; sometimes marital preferment; heroic and defiant leaders.

7░36' 0░4'N (4) South Asellus, Delta Cancri. (Mars Sun - Sun > Mars) Fevers, quarrels, slander.

8░.....Cusp of Eleventh Lunar Mansion; a critical degree; Anaemia; hearing.

9░.....Bladder afflictions; alcoholism; Army and Navy.

9░31'..Mars-Pluto conj.: May 12, 1946.

11░10'.Neptune North Node.

12░....A degree of beauty.

12░31' 5░5'S (4) Acubens, Alpha Cancri. (Saturn Mercury) Activity, malevolence, prevarication.

13░....Degree of literature.

15░....First point of Affection: The Lion point.

17░....Degree of aviation; of air and gas.

18░....Medical ability (18░-22░).

19░....The back.

19░35' 9░43'N (3) Algenubi, Epsilon Leonis. (Saturn Mars) Cold, heartless, bombastic, destructive; but with artistic perceptions and facility of expression.

20░....Cusp of Twelfth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree. A degree of Faith.

20║-24║Degrees of homicide.



23░....The stage.

25░....Alcoholic (25░-26░); astrology (25░-29░).

26░....Mars-Jupiter conj.: July 5, 1944.

26░10' 22░23'S (2) Alphard, Alpha Hydrae; often called the Heart of the Hydra. (Saturn Venus - Sun sextile Jupiter) Wisdom, artistic appreciation; knowledge of human nature; yet immoral, uncontrolled, and subject to tragedy.

26░27' 11░52' N (3) Adhafera, Zeta Leonis. (Saturn Mercury) Associated with criminal tendencies, poisons, suicide. If rising: military preferment and riches.

26░47' 4░52' N (3) Al Jabhah, Eta Leonis. Violent and intemperate nature; a military officer in danger of mutiny.

28░43' 0░28'N (i) Regulus, Alpha Leonis. A triple star; called the Lion's Heart; one of the Royal stars of the Persians, as Watcher of the North, marking the Summer solstice about 3000 B.C. (Mars Jupiter - Mars - Sun trine Uranus) Destructiveness; military honors, with ultimate failure; magnanimity, liberality, generosity; independent and high-spirited. If rising: honor and wealth, but subject to ill health. If culminating: high office under government; military success. If conj. Sun, Moon or Jupiter: honors and ample fortune.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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