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Individual Degrees

Individual Degrees - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Individual Degrees Several works, symbolical, speculative and statistical, treat of influences presumed to repose in certain individual degrees. Maurice Wemyss in the four volumes of his "Wheel of Life" even introduces some hypothetical and as yet undiscovered planets to account for certain qualities and effects. It is probable that many of the qualities ascribed to individual degrees have to do with sensitive points created by Eclipses, major conjunctions, or a close conjunction in both longitude and latitude between a solar system body and a fixed star, which points are accented by the transit of another planet at a later date. For ready reference a list of such points is arranged in a zodiacal sequence, which includes: (1) the degrees created by important stars, nebulae and clusters; (2) the planets' Nodes; (3) the points of the planets' Exaltation and Fall; (4) the major planetary conjunctions from 1940 to 1946 inclusive; to which others can be added at will from the Ephemerides; (5) Solar Eclipses, from 1940 to 1946, inclusive; and (6) such other degrees which from experience appear to exert a decisive influence.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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