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Individual Degree Tables

Individual Degree Tables - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Individual Degree Tables The stars listed in these tables of Individual Degrees are located as of 1925. To adjust them to other dates add 5O 1/3" of longitude for each year later, or subtract for each year earlier. (Apolo's Note: for 2003, 78 years later, this gives an addition to make of 65.4333', ie 15', or approx. 1.1.)

The ancients ascribed names to the various stars, and many of these names are still in use. In 16O3 Bayer devised a more scientific system whereby the stars in a constellation are known by the name of the constellation to which they belong, the individual stars within the constellation known by Greek letter prefixes, according to size, beginning with the largest as Alpha, and continuing downward to Omega. The system is still in use, except for the telescopic stars, of which a million have been classified, and these are identified by a catalogue number.

The sequence of the data on the Fixed Stars, supplied in the following lists, is as follows:

Longitude, Latitude (magnitude) (where specified - for the fixed stars etc.), popular name, astronomical designation, description (Nature according to Ptolemy - with additions by Alvidas - and others) and its astrological significance.

The interpretations given are mostly from ancient authorities, who apparently were inclined to place undue stress upon the direful.

To see these tables, v. Degrees, Individual, Aries; Degrees, Individual, Taurus, etc. etc.....

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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