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Definition of Geoarc A term applied by some modern authorities to one of the house divisions of a map erected for a given moment, when there is under consideration the effect upon an individual, at a given point on the Earth's periphery, of his motion around the Earth's center - in the Earth's daily rotation. The same subdivision of the same map is called a heliarc, when there is under consideration effects based on the actual motions in orbit around the Sun, of all the planets - including the Earth. In other words, Geoarc is synonymous with House, and Heliarc with Solar House, emphasizing the character of the motion to which the subdivisions apply. A geoarc considers the Earth as a rotating body, imparting an appar- ent motion to celestial points and objects. A heliarc views the Earth as a fixed point from which one considers the effects of the actual motions of celestial objects. The heliarcs are 30 arcs measured from the Sun's position on the day for which the Figure is erected.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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