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Friendly planets

Friendly planets - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Friendly planets Ptolemy appeared to believe that those planets which have rulership, exaltation or triplicity in each other's Signs should be classed as friendly planets. Other authorities class them as follows:

Sun - unfriendly only to Saturn.

Moon - unfriendly only to Mars and Saturn.

Venus - unfriendly only to Saturn.

Mars - friendly with Venus only.

Jupiter - unfriendly only to Mars.

Saturn - friendly only to the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.

Just how Saturn can be friendly to the Sun when the latter is unfriendly to him is nowhere explained, and James Wilson says the entire concept is nonsense. However, a little thought will discern its basic truth when the qualities of the various vibrations are considered, and as regards the Sun-Saturn objection what Ptolemy probably meant was Saturn's application in beneficent aspect to the solar orb, for no one can deny that a sextile or trine from Saturn to the Sun mightily strengthens the latter and agrees with its purpose.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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