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Fourth House

Fourth House - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Fourth House In a Nativity: Its cusp, the Northern end of the meridian that passes through the birthplace, is the degree of Integration. Although it is the weakest of the four Angles, it nevertheless exercises a decisive influence throughout the entire Figure. It is the drain through which everything that is to be sloughed off, merges and passes away. Through it the Ego becomes concrete, as the operational base of the physical entity, the seat of the desire-nature - the emotions and the passions. It is an index to the home and all domestic affairs; the imaginative faculty; receptivity of mood; treasured recollections. It counsels him whether to remain in or to leave his birthplace, and the advantages consequent thereon. Thus it defines the nature of one's residence, while the Ascendant indicates in what direction it should lie. It has been called the "grave" because it is so often concerned with hidden things: private affairs, old age, the ultimate end and aim of terrestrial existence.

Considered in connection with the Ascendant, it affords an insight into the nature of the native's early life, his childhood upbringing, the character of his home environment; his domestic concerns throughout life, and their conspicuousness or obscurity; the nature of the termination of every earthly concern: the last illness and demise, the ultimate disposition of the body, the nature of the burial, and the general location of the grave.

It summarizes matters relating to lands, houses, estates, cities, mines, concealed treasures, intimate concerns, curious personal secrets, things accumulated and stored up, leases, rentals, real estate transactions, and similar matters.

In the Figure of a woman it generally characterizes the first child, and a heavily tenanted Fourth House is often an indication that he will pursue a scientific career.

The Fourth House produces changes of environment within the disposition of the native, wherein he can alter or upset his home conditions and those of such as are intimately related to him. Only through this House can he build his reputation and lay the foundation of a successful career, to find expression later through the Tenth House. While one cannot directly control his fortunes insofar as they depend upon the good will of others, by laying a proper Fourth House foundation in obscure beginnings, he can build toward a secure end.

To it is commonly assigned the native's father, his life, disposition and fortunes; and from it are derived inferences relative to cousins on the mother's side. Which parent to assign to the Tenth, its Ruler, and the planets therein, is, however, a moot question: and divergent opinions variously assign (1) the mother to the Tenth in a day-birth, the Fourth in a night-birth - the father represented by the opposite ends of the meridian; (2) to the Tenth the parent of the same sex as the native, and to the Fourth the parent of the opposite sex; (3) to the Tenth the father in a female, and the mother in a male Nativity; (4) on the basis that Cancer represents the womb the Hindus assign to the Fourth the mother, and to the Tenth the father since Capricorn indicates conservatism, repression and firmness; while yet other authorities contend (5) that the determination of the House selected as the parent's significator is dependent upon which parent has most authority over the native. Thus there is need for extended documentation on the subject.

In a Mundane Figure: Circumstances and events affecting real estate values, mines and their products, buildings, crops, produce and all agricultural interests, including those of the owners of and workers on the land; miners, builders, the housing and living conditions of the people, and their patriotic inclinations; the land as a locality wherein people are subject to natural forces - terrestrial as distinguished from atmospheric - hence property damages resulting from floods, earthquakes, and mining disasters; the interests of the people as distinguished from those of the government and of the governing class; and democratic as against autocratic tendencies in government, and between governments.

In a National Figure: the Opposition Party, and those individuals who cooperate with or oppose the Chief Executive; the characteristics of any governmental opposition, and the time such opposition may be expected to culminate.

In Ingress, Lunation and Full Moon Figures a planet close to the cusp of this House will affect the weather according to its nature and aspects; and if it be a malefic and powerfully aspected, it will profoundly affect the government.

In a Court of Law: the Jury.

In a Contest: the arena of action; the judges as distinguished from the referee; the end of the contest.

In an Organization: its real estate investments and holdings; its base of operations or field of activity; the location and condition of factory or office buildings it owns or occupies.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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