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First House

First House - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of First House In a Nativity: The cusp of the Ascendant, the first and most important of the four Angles of any Figure, marks the Eastern end of the Line of Particular Being; the Irrational Axis, or culminating point of the eastern hemisphere - a Line of Awareness of Self and of Others. Hence, it becomes the Point of Dualism of Consciousness, and the Angle of Fulfillment.

Representing Selfhood, its primary significance is Action: Destiny in the making. It defines and particularizes the native, his personal appearance, disposition and manner, moral and subjective viewpoint and motivating impulses- Personality as distinguished from Individuality; and is an index to his birth, environment in early childhood, outlook upon life, and will to manifest; personal power over himself and others; carriage, mein, walk, and manner of approach; complexion, skin, head, face, brain, and the shape and size of his body; opinion of himself and of others, their opinion of him, and the impression he makes upon them; habits, desires and personal interests; capacity for self-development; vitality, health in consequence of personal habits, the inherent strength of his physical constitution; mental and emotional qualities and attitudes; worldly outlook, and the quality, bent and direction of his cravings and their gratification; attitude toward his possessions, and other things that affect the ego; circumstances and situations that result from his acts; consciousness of the future.

The First House has to do with a man's grandmother, or a woman's grandfather. (v. Fourth House.) The Ruler of the Rising Sign indicates the influences that were at work previous to birth.

When the Lord of the First also rules the sign on the cusp of the Twelfth, it becomes an index to his Destiny or Fate.

As the Ascendant provides a key to the native's mentality and the quality of his will power, the Sixth House, its Ruler and occupants, portrays what use he makes of them.

In a Mundane Figure: The body politic. The country and its inhabitants as a whole: the people, the masses; their prosperity and health, or the reverse; their national traits and habits; the country's interior affairs; the public consciousness and collective expression; the psychology of the masses, their reactions and conditions.

In a Political Campaign: the majority.

In a Contest: the public favorite; the holder of the title; the one who is challenged; the decision or decisions of the referee.

In a Lawsuit: the defendant; also the decision or sentence of the Court.

In an Organization: its personnel - including the stockholders and all who work for the company in any capacity; the company's morale and its attitude toward its competitors.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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